How To Cut Long Layered Bangs

Cut Long Layered Bangs not only fits many styles, it also helps her look more lovely. If you want this hairstyle to help you change your look, remember to look at these 5 long bangs that are not picky and extremely trendy.

How To Cut Long Layered Bangs

1. Long bangs with curly hairstyles

Long bangs with curly hair are very popular with girls because it can suit many styles ranging from light, feminine to luxurious, stylish. In particular, this is also an extremely suitable hairstyle for long bangs, so it is preferred by many idols. Depending on your length or personal preference, you can choose a natural curly style, big curls or small curls, but make sure it fits your face.

In addition to not being too picky and can be transformed with many different styles and styles, long bangs with curly hair styles are also very suitable for you with a big, round face. The long roof and the curls bobbing close to the cheek will create a slim effect for the face. However, to help your face be more balanced, remember to choose a moderate length (about shoulder length or slightly longer) or light hair colors to look younger and more prominent.

2. Long bangs with straight hair

Straight hair is one of the most casual hairstyles but has a great appeal, especially when they are combined with long bangs. Although not very prominent, long bangs with straight hair naturally can give girls a soft, seductive look.

In addition, the great advantage of this hairstyle is that you do not need to spend too much styling or care time and can change the hairstyle easily. Therefore, if you are a busy girl, do not ignore this hairstyle.

If you want to create accents for this hairstyle, you can choose how to trim the layer or dye light tones such as golden brown, dark brown. In addition, natural long straight hair with long bangs with natural black tones is a trend that is popular with girls because of its charisma and personality so you can try it if you feel like it and is suitable for you. Dear.

3.Long bangs with curly hair

Similar to long curly hair, long bangs are also suitable for water wave hairstyle. Not only does it help you hide your full face, this hairstyle is especially suitable for those who have long but thin hair, because the curls will help the hair look thicker and more fluffy.

If you like short hair, you can choose long bangs with short wave curly style (shoulder length), if you prefer feminine or long hair, try a gentle, natural wave with long waist length or slightly. In addition, you remember to add a little bright color to your hair can make skin more trendy and trendy.

4. Long bangs with a curled hairstyle

Long bangs can be considered to be extremely easy-going bangs when they can suit most hairstyles, including "national" curls. This continues to be an ideal suggestion for those who have a big face or want to hide their cheeks.

If you want to overcome the disadvantages of the face, you should choose a shoulder length so that the long bangs and hair after curling will hug close to the ears. Then they will help the lines become more delicate and tidy. If you do not like short hair, you can leave it long and only slightly curl the tail. However, the roof should still be slightly curled to create a homogeneous and natural hair.

5. Long bangs are dislocated

If you do not like the usual middle style of long bangs, you can choose a new long bangs with a different twist to be more attractive and personality. For any hairstyle, you only need to divide the throne 6: 4 or 7: 3 and then gently bend the roof to make them more fluffy. This hairstyle will create a bulge so that you have thin hair that cheats quite quite the thickness of the hair.

Long bangs are one of the hairstyles that help you cover the disadvantages of your face to become more beautiful and sexy. When deciding to choose a hairstyle to refresh yourself in the image of an elegant lady, do not be afraid to try it with long bangs, it will be as gentle as possible!


Above are some ways to Cut Long Layered Bangs easily done at home. It only takes a little time to get a new hairstyle right away without having to go to a hair salon. I wish you success and have beautiful hair as you wish.

How To Do Short Curly Hair

For girls who like to curl hair, they must want to try all kinds of abc, xyz types of curling hair. However, not all styles are suitable and do not damage their beloved hair.

Therefore, I will tell you a secret to becoming a gentle girl just like the natural Do Short Curly Hair , and it can be easily done at home. Is that love?

How To Do Short Curly Hair

1. How to make naturally curly hair wave form

This is a natural curly hairstyle that many girls like because it brings feminine tenderness to the face. After shampooing, do not rush to dry your hair, but use a towel to dry until the hair is still slightly damp.

Then, divide your hair into two or four equal parts and then braid the hair. Now go to sleep. Next morning, let your hair loose, gently comb with your fingers. And so you have a long curly hair bobbing naturally. If you want to have big curls, just loosen your hair.

2. How to make curly hair naturally in the tail

With this hairstyle, you only need 1 spray bottle to find easily. Gently spray the ends of your hair to wet. Then wipe off the water with a soft towel and gently comb to prevent the hair from tangling. Then divide your hair into two sections, and then twist into a round bun overnight. This way, you will have a lovely long curly hair tomorrow without the expensive salon.

3. How to make naturally curly hair with a pencil

You don't have to pay for an expensive salon styling, just with a pencil on your desk, you have an amazingly simple way to naturally curl your hair. Use a smooth comb and divide the hair into sections. Take small, tense parts, and place the pencil in.

Take the spray candy, spray it quickly through hair to make it easier to curl. Roll the hair around the pencil once, if the hair is too smooth, you can use a rubber band to hold it close to the roots and hold it for about 3 minutes, then remove the hair and continue to apply glue to keep curly. Just like that until the end of the hair, at this time it is not as glamorous as you desire. 

Finally, after letting the hair braid for 15 minutes, you remove it, the hair will be very fluffy and the waves are extremely beautiful. This hair is very suitable for thin-haired people and wants their hair to look thicker.

4. Making curly hair with a toothpick

Clip toothpicks are inherently one of the indispensable "weapons" in the styling process. Indeed, with only small toothpicks you can completely turn your straight hair into vividly wavy.

To do this natural curly hair, after shampooing clean, use a towel to dry hair gently with a towel. When the hair is relatively dry, divide it into small curls and apply a little styling gel to each strand. Use two fingers to wrap around each strand of hair until the length you want.

Finally, use a toothpick to fix the curled hair. Do the same with the rest of the curls and you will definitely have a naturally curly hair in the morning with no extra effort.

5. Make curly hair with curler

The famous hair curler is one of the most effective hair curlers. In addition to the cylindrical hair curlers you often find at hair salons, the market also sells curling irons and a hook.

Because the traditional cylindrical style does not hold long curly hair. So, try using curls when your hair is still damp. You roll the coil up near the hook, hold and pull the hook gently. After a night of waking up remove the roller and spray a little glue to keep it sticky longer. So you have a curly hair bobbing as if having just come to the salon.

6.How to make curly hair with straighteners?

While a curling iron is only capable of curling, straighteners in addition to straightening also help you in case you need curly hair. This natural curly hair style is suitable for girls who want to save money.


Above are ways to make Do Short Curly Hair delicious and cheap at home. You can completely get a beautiful hair curling by yourself without having to go to the salon. Moreover, the natural style of curly hair also helps your hair into natural folds, keeping hair healthy.

How To Braid Long Hair – 3 Steps

Everyone should change themselves in a positive way, starting from the simplest of which is your appearance. Forget long high hair or neat bun, try How To Braid Long Hair super nice below.

If you are asking yourself the question: "How do you change yourself?" So these are our very effective suggestions for long hair. These braids are not only simple, easy to perform, but also make them more feminine and extremely attractive.

How To Braid Long Hair

1. How to braid fishtail

Braided fishtail hair is one of the best ways to braid long hair. The longer the hair, the more beautiful the fishtail braid.

There are many ways to celebrate the fishtail, but the easiest way is to comb your hair smoothly and start Tet 3 or Tet 5 from the top of the head down.

- When braiding your hair, you divide the hair into 2 parts. Then divide these two sections into 4 strands and pull the rightmost curl to the left and pull the outermost curl to the right, repeating it all the way to the end and tying it with a rubber band.

- Finally, pull the braids loose to make the tied hair look softer and more feminine.

2. Chignon hairstyle deviated to the side

To braid the braid to the side you braid it from the right or left hair low to the opposite side, then roll the hair into a bun and use a fixed pin.

Looks simple but very beautiful.

3. Long braided bangs

Instead of spreading your hair out long, try changing your style with a bit of mischief in your hair. Long bangs can be like a fishbone or waterfall, but take less and simpler offline.

The girls face oval, slender V or plump lovely to be able to confidently shine with graceful bangs. Choose the right style of long bangs suitable for hair, not only helps your hair neat, comfortable to work, study but also helps you younger, more lovely every day.

How To Braid Front Hair – 4 Steps

The beautiful Tet holiday looks like a simple but also tricky thing that can make your face stand out and be more suitable for your outfit. Each How To Braid Front Hair is different giving us a unique look.

But all highlight the youthful and feminine, stylized style of the girls. Let's go to the beauty section of young women to refer to the hairstyle of young, beautiful bangs below to be able to find a suitable hairstyle for you.

How To Braid Front Hair

1. Chinese New Year with ponytail

The style of braiding the ponytail is a popular style nowadays.

How to do it: First you need to comb your hair neatly and work your bangs more forward. Then tie the back of the hair high into a ponytail.

- Tet holiday cross-hair part back gradually until the end. Pay attention to tighten your hair to make the braid look better.

- When braiding runs out of hair, you wrap braided hair around the ponytail behind, ring multiple times to wrap all braids. Then fix your hair with a pin, so you've finished this hairstyle already.

- Simple steps braiding bangs

2. Braiding bangs combined with feminine wave

This is one of the cute How To Braid Front Hair that helps create curly hair for very feminine braids.

How to do it: Comb your hair smoothly and only take part of the hair from the bangs to the ears. The rest of the hair is tossed aside and pinned to the back of neck by pin

- Tet holiday part of the hair was separated from the roof, just plaited just took the hair gradually toward the nape, plaited close to the scalp and use elastic to tie once braided through the ears. Use fixed pins to plait braids.

- Finally, you release the hair tied now and curling the tail you have a beautiful hairstyle right there.

3. Braided hairstyle with links

With a little dexterity, you have a beautiful bang hairstyle with a braided hairstyle.

How to do it: Smoothly comb your hair and spray a little glue to keep it in place.

- Take two small strands of hair from the roof and tie them together in a single knot to form the first link.

- Then you continue to take more hair and tie in turn hugging the head toward the nape and fix them with pins.

4. Feminine braided hairstyles

How To Braid Hair Front only need to perform a few simple steps is given.

How to do it: You comb your hair smoothly and take 3 small curls from your bangs. After that, braiding hair will gradually come back, while braiding will take more hair from above. Finally, when taking more hair at the top of the head, stop, use elastic to fix the braids.

How To Braid Curly Hair To The Side

How To Braid Curly Hair To The Side is a need that many women are interested in. Braided hair is very suitable when going out, going to school. In parties, braided hair also helps highlight the elegance and elegance for girls.

Today, just going to the beauty salon is the female friend will be dedicated service to get a hair like that. To get that, the cost to pay is not small. So, knowing how to do some simple braided hairstyles will help girls save you money for themselves. Moreover, it also helps to score many points in the eyes of the people around them.

How To Braid Curly Hair To The Side

1. How to teach beautiful braided hair: braided waterfall hair

The first 6 steps to make a waterfall hairstyle

Steps to make waterfall haircuts and finish after done

Braided waterfall hair is a hairstyle that always brings a sense of tenderness. Implementation of this hairstyle is not difficult at all. For that reason, waterfall styles often "fascinate" a lot of girls.

Once tied, there will be curls flowing from the top down like a waterfall looks very nice. When going out or attending a party, this hairstyle is also suitable. Ladies, don't miss this girly hairstyle through the following guided images.

2. How to teach beautiful braided hair: braided hair is tilted to one side

Another way to do beautiful hair simple but not lose the femininity of your girlfriend. This hairstyle is a variation of 3-strand hairstyle. But instead of tying 3 straight strands from the top of the head to the back of the neck, this hairstyle is tied in a oblique direction. The ends of the hair are braided, deviating to a shoulder that looks very melodious.

The high bun, low bun looks luxurious but makes the girlfriend become "more" than. Therefore, a braided bun hairstyle deviated to one side will be an alternative to the above hairstyle.

With this hairstyle, the steps are the same with the 2nd hairstyle. After the hair is done, the braid will be pulled back, deviating to one side. Thus, with just a few simple steps, you have a luxurious but equally youthful hairstyle for the party. Girlfriend can add a few flowers to create accents to look more attractive.

3. How to teach beautiful braided fish hair braided style

If one day, you feel tired of losing your hair or tying your hair every time you go to school or work, then herringbone braid is an interesting option. Just with a braid tied in a fishbone style, naturally tangled will definitely make your appearance become more fresh.

4. High ponytail variations with a purple braided hair

Take a few hairs on one side of your temple and tie it into a 3-strand braid

Tie the pigtails you have just finished with the hair on the back. Take a small strand of hair, tie it around the elastic to tie the hair to cover the knot.

The high ponytail must be very familiar to all girls. However, to keep this hairstyle from being boring, try changing it with a braided braid in the temple and tied it into a ponytail. This hairstyle will definitely suit very energetic, liberal girls.

5. New style braids wig

Long hair will be ideal for doing these beautiful braided hair braids. To achieve this hairstyle, does not require girlfriends to be very skillful or have special skills at all. Just tie two braids on the sides and then turn the two braids up to the top of the head, you will have a lovely hairstyle.

6. Braided hair with ribbon

In addition to the usual beautiful braided hair styles, the use of ribbon when braiding hair also brings unexpected beauty effects. The colorful ribbon will make your hairstyle stand out. If skillful, girlfriends can also use the ribbon to combine the hairstyles introduced above.

7. New Year hair with a pony tail

From the simplest hairstyles such as 3-strand braids and ponytails, you can create a variety of different hairstyles. The following unique braided ponytail hairstyle is an example. Just tie two braids on both sides of the temple, then tie them with the ponytail at the back, you have an extremely elegant hairstyle for partying or going to work or play.

8. Twisty ponytail

If you are a follower of a ponytail, then try variations of this simple hairstyle by doing the following:

  • You take a few hairs on the sides of the temple and twist your hair.
  • Use elastic bands to tie the two hairs together, aligning the ties so that they are in the middle of the head.
  • Then, take a little hair on either side of the ear, roll this hair into the twisted hairs above.
  • The final step is to tie the rest of the hair into a ponytail.

9. How to make a braid

The combination of braiding and tufts has been used by many people for a long time. Depending on the different creative style will give different hairstyles. In particular, how to use two braids to create a bun is still quite strange. If you are not afraid to be creative, try this new way to teach beautiful braided hair.

  • Step 1: You divide your hair into two equal parts and tie the back of the neck
  • Step 2: Tie one side of hair in a three-strand style.
  • Step 3: Use your fingers to pull each strand of hair so that it spreads like petals
  • Step 4: Do the same with the rest of the hair.
  • Step 5: Tuck one strand of hair in a circular motion, using a fixed clip behind the head.
  • Step 6: Use the remaining hair to wrap the bun just tied above.

10. French New Year hair

This French braided hairstyle is one of many hairstyle girls should not ignore. With this hairstyle, your braids will be tied from the back of the neck to the top of the head. The rest of the hair will be neatly tied up into a ponytail. This hairstyle will definitely suit girls who have strong and liberal personalities.


Above are 11 How To Braid Curly Hair To The Side extremely simple and fast that any female can do. The hairstyles are mostly based on the basic 3-strand braid method, which is then created into other new beautiful hairstyles. So, learning to tie all these hairstyles will definitely be at your fingertips.

How To Blow Out Short Hair

The beautiful short hairstyles hello summer  is a very hot trend today. The outstanding advantage of short hair is both stylish and fresh. Those of you who are looking to switch from a trendy, feminine haircut to a dynamic, stylish short hair but are thinking about options, this article will help you.

Today Blog will share with girls  beautiful short hairstyles hello summer . These hairstyles are leading the trend and at the same time helping to “age hack” for women. So why don’t you try to refresh yourself right away.

1. Bad Hair

Short hair is often said to be suitable only for her personality, in a tomboy style, but not really. A proper haircut will help you become more luxurious. You do not need to spend a lot of time to care or create sophisticated designs you still have a beautiful charm.

The advantage of this hairstyle is that you will show the maximum facial beauty with a jealous high neck. You can also combine with accessories, earrings stand out at the party. This stylish hairstyle is suitable for office, just can go out, party. This hairstyle is suitable for girls with long faces, hearts.

2. Thin bangs

Also helps show off the delicate contours of the face. The thin roof helps cover the high forehead, which is detrimental to many girls, helping the face to be more balanced. This hairstyle is especially suitable for her personality or dirt cake.

3. Curly hair

The floating disorder helps the girlfriend look mature, more luxurious. With short hair is no exception. You can try this hairstyle by curling with the machine when going to parties. The curly hair is sophisticated and will definitely bring you a different beauty.

4. Bob’s hair

With only the length of the chin, bob hair will be an ideal choice for girls who own the perfect oval face to square or round, want to borrow the right hairstyle to cover up the shortcomings on the face. .

4.1. Straight bob without bangs

This hairstyle is suitable for girls with round faces and gourd. This hairstyle is young but still luxurious, simple but not boring. All you need to do is dry after shampooing to create a fluffy feel.

4.2. Straight, straight bob

This hairstyle is suitable for girls with long and rough mirror faces. It helps to bring a modern, attractive and extremely feminine appearance. However, taking care of your roof is often not easy, requiring you to keep your hair dry.

The short bangs are the hottest short hairs today. This hairstyle is suitable for both round face and long face, can help you cheat a dozen years old. Short curled hair is the most popular choice for girls, they bring a youthful, feminine look.

4.3. Curly bob hair

Is the next shimmering hairstyle for girls who like the combination of personality and femininity. The curls under the tail will be styled wavy. Depending on your style, you will choose for yourself big waves or small waves. And of course, whichever you choose, your face is also covered by short locks of hair on both cheeks.

The short, curly hair is simply a slightly wavy, slightly messy look that becomes popular thanks to the dyeing of auburn.

You will look extremely personal and impressive. This short hairstyle is considered suitable for all faces. Will make the most crazy sisters is very suitable for her personality. The hair is straightened, then the tail bends inwards, the middle of the young bangs will become much younger.


It is very important to take care of your hair to keep it soft and smooth.

Above are the beautiful short hairstyles for the summer that the blog has compiled. Please quickly choose a hairstyle that suits you. Choose for yourself a new look. Wish you will have a satisfactory hair for yourself.

How To Clean Nails – 10 Steps

A ruddy, smooth hand with neat, shiny and strong nails is the desire of many people, especially women.

Lemon juice

This is a very simple and popular way to keep nails clean, strong, and fresh hands. Use a few drops of lemon juice mixed with about 200 ml of warm water to soak your hands for 5-10 minutes.

how to clean nails

how to clean nails

Iron will help bring skin, hair as well as nails, legs and health you look healthier. So don't forget to include whole grain bread and pasta with dark and leafy vegetables or legumes, meat, fish and eggs in your daily meals.

10 ways to expect your hands to shine, show off your photos 1 The acid in lemons will help clean your nails, essential oils of lemon peel will keep your hands fragrant.  Illustration

The acid in lemons will help keep your nails clean, and lemon peel oil will help cool your hands.

If you are more difficult, rub the lemon slices directly on your nails, then wash your hands with clean water.


The substances in toothpaste will help your nails overcome the yellow, brittle brittle disadvantages. Use toothpaste (preferably white) mixed with a little salt (or without salt), apply to the nails. Then use a soft brush dipped gently rubbing the nails for about 5 minutes.

Do this 2-3 times a week, you will have a beautiful nail like.

Olive oil and warm water

Soaking your hands in a mixture of warm water and a few drops of olive oil a day will help keep your nails smooth, white and pink. Every day, taking 10-15 minutes to do this way will also help your hands relax.

10 ways to keep your hands looking shiny and healthy 2 Olive oil is an excellent nourishment for skin and nails.  Illustration.

Olive oil is an excellent skin and nail nourishing ingredient.

Also with olive oil, you can pour a few drops of oil into your hands, mix with salt to massage yourself, heat your hands for 5-10 minutes. This way, in addition to making the nails strong, also helps the hand smooth and soft by being massage to help blood circulation.

Eat lots of foods rich in vitamin C and calcium

If your nails are dull, scratched and brittle, this indicates that your body is deficient in vitamin C and calcium. Add vitamin C-rich fruits and vegetables like citrus, broccoli, tomatoes, vegetables, etc. to your diet each day to improve this condition.

10 ways to expect your hands to shine, showing your images 3 Vitamin C, calcium in foods will help your nails be pink and strong.  Illustration.

Vitamin C, calcium in foods will help your nails be pink and strong. Illustration.

Calcium-rich foods like yogurt, milk, cheese, walnuts, almonds, eggs, etc. will also add calcium to your body.


10 ways to expect your hands to shine and show off your images 4 Should protect your hands every day with moisturizer.  Illustration.

Protect your hands every day with moisturizer. Illustration.

After each shower, washing, washing dishes ... you should try to apply a layer of moisturizer specifically for your hands so that your skin does not crack, nails do not dry. After applying the cream, just spend 2-3 minutes to massage your hands and fingers gently.

Do not forget to use gloves

10 ways to expect your hands to shine and show off your pictures 5 Gloves help your hands avoid chemicals and dirt when working.  Illustration.

Gloves help your hands avoid chemicals and dirt when working. Illustration.

Whenever cleaning your home, washing dishes, washing clothes, gardening ... do not forget to use rubber gloves to protect hands and nails. This method is simple, but if you have this habit, your hands and nails will avoid dirt as well as avoid direct contact with chemicals.

Drink a lot of water

Dehydration will lead to the impact of your beauty and health. Your skin and eyes will be dry, wrinkled, flaky. Dry hair, losing the smooth appearance. Besides, your nails will also be dry, losing their shine.

10 ways to expect your hands to shine, show off your images 6 Drink enough water to keep your nails strong and shiny.  Illustration.

Drink enough water to keep nails strong and shiny. Illustration.

Every day, you should maintain the body's water supply about 1.5-2 liters of water through drinking, soup, fruit.

Add protein to your diet

Nails, legs and hair are made up of many layers of protein horny, so replenishing the body with protein through a daily diet can help them grow and firm.

10 ways to expect your hands to shine and show off your images 7 Add more protein to your diet.  Illustration.

Add more protein to your diet. Illustration.

Choose lean meats like chicken, turkey, cold-water fish, low-fat products and soy products to keep your nails strong.

Choose foods rich in iron and omega-3s

10 ways to expect your hands to shine and show off your images 8 Illustration.

Iron will help bring skin, hair as well as nails, legs and health you look healthier. So don't forget to include whole grain bread and pasta with dark and leafy vegetables or legumes, meat, fish and eggs in your daily meals.

Use baking soda

10 ways to expect your hands to look shiny and healthy 9 Baking soda helps to whiten nails very effectively.  Illustration.

Baking soda helps to whiten nails very effectively. 

In baking soda (baking powder) there is an ingredient that helps to whiten very effectively. Use a paste made from water and baking powder to apply to the nails and surrounding skin, then rub gently for 20-30 minutes. Each week you spend some time doing this way will help your nails pink and white.

how to apply cuticle oil

In nail care, people use cuticle oil to help nails grow fast, healthy and maintain the ability to restore nails.

How To Care Your Nail With Cuticle Oil?


Cuticle oil is a fast lubricant. It helps keep nails healthy and maintains nail resilience. However, this is one of the most natural products that have not been widely used in nail care techniques, so how does epidermal oil work? Nails had a conversation with CND chemist Dr. Dave to get an answer.

nail care

How does Cuticle Oil penetrate the nail cuticle?

David Valia: Cuticle oil is a blend of different oils by large and small molecules. Smaller molecules, such as jojoba, penetrate between the layers of the nail and can penetrate deep into the nail to nourish and soften the nail. Large almond-like molecules will be near the nail surface.

Does using Cuticle Oil help keep nail polish stable?

Nail polish is a solvent and a volatile solvent. Over time, the paint may become brittle. Cuticle Oil acts as a plasticizer and keeps the paint from becoming brittle.

600x450-avocado-oil-COMP-042300_f_fix_sick04a.jpg (Copy)

How does Cuticle Oil exert a positive effect on nails?

These oils help make nails more supple, prevent dry and brittle nails, and help moisturize and increase the elasticity of nails.

What are its specific effects?

It shrinks and tightens the epidermis to help prevent nail scratching.

url (Copy)

What is the common material used in Cuticle Oil and why?

Jojoba oil is a gentle, moisturizing oil for nails. Vitamin E of the oil is a natural anti-aging ingredient and helps and protects the skin's cells.

How should we use Cuticle Oil?

Massage Cuticle Oil on the nail cuticle and around the nail daily will give the best results.

So we took care of our nails without having to go to the nail salon.

vitamin-e-oil-for-skin (Copy)

Ingredients of Cuticle Oil Best for Nail Care:

Rice-Bran-Oil-554x260 (Copy)

  • Jojoba oil
  • Avocado oil
  • Grape seed oil
  • Vitamin E
  • Rice bran oil

cuccio-color-cuticle-oil (Copy)

Hopefully, the above information will help you to be more confident in using Cuticle Oil to have beautiful nail samples and nourish the skin around your nails, as well as effective nail treatments. Thank you for reading this article.