You will turn out if using cinnamon powder too much? -

You will turn out if using cinnamon powder too much?

You need to note about dose of cinnamon powder daily use to avoid experiencing these side effects should not be.

Cinnamon powder is a spice made from the inner bark of the trees belonging to the genus Cinnamomum, a genus of evergreen plants belonging to the laurel. Cinnamon powder is used from a long time thanks to the health benefits impressive, including reduced risk of diabetes, cancer and pathologies of the cardiovascular.

Two types of cinnamon comprises:

  • Cassia: this is the kind of cinnamon normally, is many people use the most.
  • Ceylon (cinnamomum verum , or cinnamon ceylon): is considered “real ground cinnamon,” often taste milder and less bitter than.

Cassia is usually available in the supermarket, because the price of it is much cheaper than Ceylon.

Although cinnamon Cassia has been tested as safe for human consumption, but use large amounts of cinnamon can cause serious problems of health. The cause is due to cinnamon, Cassia contains a large amount of compound coumarin, harmful agents for the liver as well as increased risk of cancer if the body hoard too much.

On the other hand, a number of studies also indicate that cinnamon powder Cassia has relationships with many other side effects.

After this, Hello Doctor will help you learn some of the adverse effects likely to occur if you use too much powder cinnamon Cassia.

1. The risk of causing liver damage

Cassia or cinnamon is usually a source of coumarin rich. With each morning glory coffee (2g) cinnamon powder Cassia, it contains about 5mg of coumarin, while this number if compared to the cinnamon of Ceylon is very little, not significant.

Limited to coumarin daily, you can absorb it is recommended to about 0.1 mg/kg for body weight or, more specifically, is 5mg per day for a person weighing 60kg. This means you can use the limit per day with 1/2–1 teaspoon of cinnamon powder Cassia.

According to experts, a high content of coumarin in the body too high will become toxins that cause damage to the liver.

2. Increased risk of cancer

Besides causing damage to the liver, the absorption of large amounts of coumarin can also increase the risk that you have a number of cancer.

For example, studies on rodents have discovered that eating too much coumarin can cause malignant tumors developed in the internal organs as important as the lungs, liver and kidneys.

To the present time, the mechanism of action of coumarins cause cell mutation has not yet been defined.

However, many scientists believe that coumarin can repeated the process of lesions in some organs. Over time, the lesions that will kill the whole healthy cells and replace them with tumors likely to develop into cancer.

However, this assumption has only been studied on animals and need more human studies to confirm whether its the same link between coumarin and cancer in people or not.

3. Characteristics cause mouth sores

Some people get mouth ulcers due to excessive use of cinnamon powder.

Cinnamon contains cinnamaldehyde, an active substance capable of causing allergy in the mouth if you eat too much. A small amount of this spice back does not cause negative reactions such as saliva has prevent them from contact with the mouth too long.

In addition to mouth sores, other symptoms of allergies cinnamaldehyde include swelling of the tongue or gums, burning sensation or itching in the oral cavity and appearance of the white patches. Although these symptoms are not serious but they may cause discomfort immensely.

However, it is important cinnamaldehyde only cause mouth sores if your body is allergic to it. You can be checked by the allergy tests.

4. Lower blood sugar

Blood sugar often is the condition serious health. If not treated timely, it can lead to many dangerous complications such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease or other health problems.

Cinnamon is known for the characteristic hypoglycemia. The research has discovered that spices this can simulate the effect of insulin. However, use cinnamon powder too much will make blood sugar too low, causing symptoms of hypoglycemia include fatigue, dizziness and potentially fainting.

5. The respiratory problems

Eating too much cinnamon powder in one time may cause shortness of breath. This is due in the form of a fine powder, spices this structure is convenient for easy inhalation. If you accidentally inhale the cinnamon, it can cause coughing, vomiting or even prevent you from respiration difficult.

In addition, cinnamaldehyde in cinnamon are substances that cause irritation to the throat. In this case, it will make your condition worse.

People with asthma or other health conditions affect breathing should be especially careful when accidentally inhaling the cinnamon.

6. Ability to interact with a number of drugs

Cinnamon powder safe if used with a little weight or just right, even when administered with the drug.

However, taking too much cinnamon powder would be a big problem, especially when you’re supposed to drink the drug treatment of diabetes, heart disease or liver disease. Cinnamon has the ability to interact with these drugs and enhance their activity. At the same time, it also increases the side effects that the drugs on bring to.

Such as, flour, cinnamon Cassia contains large amounts of coumarin can cause toxicity and liver damage when its concentration in the body too high. If you are taking the drug can affect the liver, such as paracetamol, acetaminophen and statins, too much cinnamon might increase the risk of liver damage.

In addition, cinnamon is also capable of reducing blood sugar. Therefore, taking it with medicines for diabetes risk makes blood sugar drop too low.


Cinnamon powder is a delicious spices and bring many health benefits. However, if you eat too many spices, this would have a number of side effects. The cause is mainly due to high levels of coumarin in cinnamon Cassia are related to the health condition such as liver damage and cancer.

On the other hand, cinnamon Ceylon contains only a very small amount of coumarin. It can be consumed safely in large quantities. However, cinnamon powder Ceylon back is not as common as cinnamon Cassia due to the price of expensive.

The article of Hello Health Group and Hello Doctor only for reference, not a substitute for the diagnosis or treatment of medical.

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