You will how if saying no to alcohol within 1 month? -

You will how if saying no to alcohol within 1 month?

The habit of drinking alcohol regularly will cause negative effects to health, especially for people addicted to alcohol. But if you’re determined to say no to alcohol within 1 month, they will realize a lot of different, you know!

An adult not addicted to alcohol, on average, will consume about 9.5 liters of alcohol per year. The experiments were conducted on a few volunteers to find out whether there are any changes in the health and appearance if you stop drinking alcohol throughout the 4 weeks or not. Let Hello Doctor looking for answers under this post, okay!

The harmful effects of alcohol health

Wine, beer or other alcoholic beverage if used regularly will cause the bad effect to your health like:

  • Diarrhea
  • Renal
  • Stomach ulcers
  • Heart rhythm disorders
  • Affect sleep
  • Diabetes, cancer
  • Target muscle, osteoporosis
  • Liver damage, pancreas

Alcohol is harmful elements for health. Therefore, you should limit alcohol intake and to increase participation of physical activities to help mental comfort, or planning to say no to alcohol.

You can learn more: alcohol Abuse and the harm incalculable.

The body changes when quit drinking beer

Plan to quit drinking beer within 1 month can beneficial changes to your health according to each of the following stages:

The first week

Step into the first week to say no to alcohol, you will experience sugar cravings, sleep quality declined, and have the feeling of headache.

• Sugar cravings: The wine has a sweet taste that can increase the amount of sugar in the blood, so after not drinking will easily cause sugar cravings. In each will have the response and various measures to remove the cravings. However, this is especially dangerous for those who already have a history of diabetes from ago.

• Sleep quality: sleep quality can decline after quit drinking beer. This usually occurs for people with the habit of drinking a glass of wine or beer before bed to sleep more. Despite this, in some cases, alcohol can also reduce the quality of sleep, cause sleep is not deep, and even some people will have nightmares.

• Feeling headache: This is one of the big changes of the body when don’t drink beer. Alcohol also has the ability to affect the liver and even cause high blood pressure. In this first stage, your body will encounter a number of reactions reverse and eliminate pain.

In the first week to say no to alcohol, you can choose the healthy drink such as juice, fruit smoothies good for health.

Week Monday

In the stage of week Monday say no to alcohol, the liver begins to recover. When you drink regular beer, process, the liver cells will die, and recovery will be very slow. So, when not drinking, the liver will recover more quickly.

Besides, the withdrawal of alcohol may lead to change in skin color. Due to alcohol disrupt blood circulation leads to lack of oxygen in the skin, causing the phenomenon of dry skin, appearance of pigment spots and premature formation of wrinkles. At the same time, the digestive process in the stomach is also improved.

Week Tuesday

Coming week Tuesday, the obvious signs of addiction to alcohol completely disappear, such as dark circles under the eyes and puffy face.

This is due to the urinary system was able to operate normally. Alcohol has the ability to cause sleep disturbance, so when the amount of alcohol in the blood has subsided, the sleep cycle will back naturally and this helps us wake up in the morning easier.

The habit of drinking alcohol reduces the ability to produce saliva affect the condition of the teeth. If you don’t drink beer, you will limit the risk of suffering from caries, and the enamel of the teeth also become stronger.

Alcohol also can paralyze the sense of smell and taste. Therefore, after detox alcohol for some time, the ability to smell and taste will improve.

The fourth week

Body weight will reduce significantly if you say no to alcohol to the fourth week. Especially if you stop drinking in time as long, you will lose weight more effectively if combined with mode healthy lifestyle. From there, you will also significantly reduce the risk of other cardiovascular diseases.

Your skin at this time also becomes smooth and brighter. The acne and skin irritation, will gradually disappear due to the water balance in the body has returned to normal state, and the blood circulation is also improved.

Research results showed that when drink alcohol regularly, the brain will be swelling a little and millions of brain cells will die from lack of oxygen. So, after detox will help you mentally awake and work performance increase.

Plan alcohol detox will bring the positive effects to physical health and your spirit. So let’s start the challenge no alcohol within 1 month from now to improve the quality of life okay!

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