You should eat anything after surgery to recover quickly? -

You should eat anything after surgery to recover quickly?

Whether you eat anything after surgery may influence the recovery process and healing wounds. Eating the right foods can prevent complications such as constipation and high blood sugar, provide protein necessary help quickly recover.

The following article will introduce you to a few suitable diets and tell you need to avoid eating anything after surgery.

Re-evaluate eating habits

One of the best thing to improve nutrition is to focus on problems what to eat after surgery. You need to eat the food contains all the nutrients, i.e. the food or food unprocessed. For example, orange is a food “whole” compared with orange juice processed with spices. A baked potato is a food “whole,” while French fries is the dish has to be processed, less healthy than. A number of other cases could be mentioned such as chicken better fried chicken wings, onion better than round cakes of the onion.

So let’s try to absorb most of the nutrients from the food raw, this really is a method of healthy eating not only for people just surgery.

Processed foods containing fat, sugar, fat, salt, chemical additives higher, but less fiber and vitamins than raw food quality. An easy way to you can focus on the food “whole” is to go shopping in the booth fresh instead of attention to the area semi-processed foods such as bread, butter, milk…

When choosing the freshest foods, the body will absorbs a lot of natural fiber. This is an important quality need to supplement into the diet after surgery.

Why is fiber necessary?

Fiber plays a major role in preventing constipation, a common complication usually occurs after surgery. Constipation not only cause discomfort for patients after surgery, but also increase the pain and potentially cause you to have to enter hospital again.

Instead of using the functional food supplement high in fiber, you should consider changing your diet to absorb as much fiber, more natural. Food supplements are still effective, but high in fiber from fresh foods tend to work better to prevent constipation when combined with the amount of water you drink daily.

The fiber rich foods include:

  • Bread grain: you find and eat the bread made from the whole grain cereals, there are often darker than normal. The loaf of white bread has been refined, too much is not good source of fiber good.
  • Whole grains: such as corn, oatmeal and other grains.
  • Fruit: fresh fruit is a source of vitamins and fiber great.
  • Vegetables: Vegetables are an excellent sources of fiber, you can buy and use fresh or stored frozen.
  • Cereals: Not all cereals have high fiber content. You need to check food labels to avoid sugary cereals or low in fiber.

Avoid the foods that cause constipation

Constipation usually appear after surgery is due to side effects from unwanted pain medication prescribing group opioids, they decrease the intestinal motility.

While some food can help prevent or treat constipation, many other foods can make constipation more likely to occur, including:

  • Dry food or fried dried: dried fruit (except prunes can help reduce the constipation), dried beef, French fries…
  • The processed foods
  • Cheese
  • Milk and dairy products
  • Red meat
  • Sweets: cake, candy and other sugary foods

Focus on lean protein

Lean Protein can be found in lean meats such as chicken, turkey and pork. The species of seafood, including fish, is also a source of lean protein great. However, red meat is not recommended because it contains saturated fat and can cause constipation.

Protein can also come from many foods other than meat. Nuts, tofu, beans or vegetarian foods also help supplement protein needs for the body. Dairy products are also a source of protein, but they can cause constipation, so you need to use in moderation.

If you are having difficulty in eating and drinking, take a supplement to diet protein powder by adding it to smoothies.

Whole grains instead of cereals was refined

Whole grains are a source of vitamins and minerals including fiber incredibly awesome. You should add whole grains into the diet instead of eating rice, white rice, some type of rice is refined, only the nutrient content to a minimum. To ensure nutrition as well as fiber, choose brown rice or the rice is not refined, avoid eating rice was bleached.

Breakfast is the ideal time to supplement grain and fiber into the diet. You need to skip bacon and eggs and, instead, choose oatmeal or whole-grain cereal, whole grain bread and fresh fruit for breakfast.

If you perform intestinal surgery, make sure doctor allows you to eat whole grains in the recovery process. You also need to pay special attention to discharge instructions about what to eat after surgery to the healing process of wounds be quick.

Fruits and vegetables fresh

Fruits and fresh vegetables contain many nutrients and fiber necessary for the process of recovery after surgery. However, you can use the product frozen or canned if there are no conditions buy fresh food daily. Note, you still should not choose the canned food such as fruits pickled vegetable soup noodle…

A side effect occurs when you eat too many fruits and vegetables is more gas than normal. This can be kind of annoying or make you feel ashamed, but they will reduce in 1-2 days. If you feel gas in abdomen cause discomfort, increase the pressure stomach or abdominal cramps, you should reduce intake of fruits and vegetables when to eat or use a few medicines to reduce bloating.

Dairy products

Milk and dairy products are sources of protein extremely abundant, very fine to supplement after surgery. However, a number of people when using dairy products often suffer from constipation after surgery. Some evidence that dairy products increase excretion in the lungs, so if you have a chronic cough please avoid these products in short time.

In case you can use dairy products without experiencing constipation, use low-fat products such as skim milk, cottage cheese, low-fat yogurt.

Hard to eat after surgery

You can feel the anorexia in a few days after surgery. Once there, you very need to use of food supplement during the recovery period. Not eat enough after surgery can slow the healing process. Besides, your body needs protein and other nutrients to build new tissue healthy, helps to heal the damaged tissue caused by surgery.

If you still feel bored to eat, you can consider taking foods that contain more calories such as smoothies, milk, fruit or even protein powder. You have to eat the food contains more calories whenever possible.

Case you are still missing the amount of calories needed, you should remove the food little or no calories out of your diet every day. You can use salad dressings often with the vegetables rich in nutrients such as butter, avoid products with labels have the inscription as “without sugar” (sugar-free), “no calories” (calorie-free), “lite”…

Additional calories into the diet

Here are some tips to help you add calories to the diet without the need to use more food. This eating will not support weight loss and reserved only for those who are lacking calories in the recovery process after surgery. So, this is not the mode proper nutrition long-term.

When you can return to diet more healthy, get rid of the saturated fat, sugar and increase your intake of fruits, vegetables and lean proteins back.

Adding calories to diet you can refer to:

  • Use whipped cream instead for the kind of skim milk
  • Adding sugar instead of sugar substitutes
  • Use butter, animal or vegetable, do not use the type of butter less calories
  • Use oil, grease when cooking
  • Selection of processed foods with calories full
  • Eat cake sweets
  • Dishes are high in calories most first
  • Drink the calorie rich drinks (water, juice, soda…) whenever possible
  • Add the food supplements to the diet such as protein bars
  • Have light meals between the main meals
  • The snacks have as many calories as the fruit and seeds
  • Always thinking of eating first
  • Eat root vegetables have as many calories as butter, potatoes…
  • Add a snack before bedtime.

The article of Hello Health Group and Hello Doctor only for reference, not a substitute for the diagnosis or treatment of medical.

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