Wondering fear because ambulance constantly due to heart palpitations of unknown causes nhânĐây is a sponsored posts. For more information about Advertising policies and our funding, please read more here. - ecobeautyguide.com

Wondering fear because ambulance constantly due to heart palpitations of unknown causes nhânĐây is a sponsored posts. For more information about Advertising policies and our funding, please read more here.

From when my husband who suffers from heart palpitations of unknown causes, his wife, Glory, keep low aromatic anxiety every time her husband left the house. Each witness husband facial cyanosis with rapid heartbeat up to 140 – 150 beats/min, she was afraid he fainted middle of the road no one or…

Mr. Luu Van Vinh (commune, Hoang Kim commune, me Linh district, ho chi minh CITY. Hanoi) is heart palpitations of unknown etiology for over 2 years with symptoms of fatigue, palpitations, palpitations. Experiencing how many times hospitalized wife, his children feel insecure extremely every time he steps foot out of the house…

My wife is fidgety because of fear, I fainted middle of the road due to heart palpitations

Throughout the 2 years 2016 and 2017, mr. Vinh also don’t remember I had to lie in an ambulance many times because of the tachycardia. Months, how many it 7 – 8 times, months less than range 2 – 3 times well make wife, daughter, hot, natural like sitting on the fire when in a hospital waiting room.

“I suffer from heart palpitations of unknown causes, to the doctor also did not find out the disease. But, when home, then the tachycardia just appear suddenly…

My heart rate is normal health, then suddenly arrhythmia at any time or not. Heart rate can be up to more than 100 beats/min accompanied by feelings of palpitations, shortness of breath made me very scared. Many when the heart beats too fast, I just want to lie down immediately despite I’m in the middle of the road, between the market… I even dare not move because as movements, heart rate will beat fast and strong, trying to stand, standing still is falling”.

Is the wife always stood by her husband’s side, the sickness, heart Lan also want to bottom out every time he saw his Glory, the hands embrace chest went down… She luýnh beat, run and get pills, after 5 – 10 minutes that heart still pounding, it must call the emergency now!

She shared: “There once beat the heart he soared to 140 – 150 beats/minute, face cyanosis… He hug the chest for shortness of breath, fainting, like going to the place. Sitting on an ambulance, I just have to constantly put your hand up the nose to see him alive. Husband sick so I didn’t want to let him go far for fear one day he fainted middle of the road without anyone or…

Returned breadwinner thanks to the charming, precious

Health mr. Vinh now has much improved than before (illustrations)

Suffering from heart palpitations, cause unknown, mr. Vinh sorrow because of illness part of me mercy, wife, daughter, to ten parts. Any men back reassuring when to let his wife worry shouldering everything in such a house?

“In times of pessimism because not find the disease to cure, a chance run risk, how is it that I see is videos share of a patient like yourself has improved disease thanks to use more food to protect the health, Security, Center United. I also half-skeptical, but think my wife and children too and also hope can early cured of the disease should decided to buy on trial.

I am also so surprised to see tachycardia gradually improve a little each day. I used to box no. 3, then find the pleasant, heart rate stable and eat and sleep more delicious. Take the time to drink a few more months, I no longer see the empty chest, palpitations, anxiety, and more. Arrhythmia almost all really makes me feel cheery dished out”.

Put both hands on his chest, his Glory, mused: “I can charm you with Security, Mind the Kingdom which I had to enter the hospital any time in the past 2 years”. Then he turned to looked at his wife, eyes sparkling with joy when came back as head of the family, with a healthy heart over old times.

Still know we always have the ones adjacent are sick, but no one wants to become the burden of his love at all. If there is no chance you’ll improve the heart palpitations of unknown causes, his Honor would have been much more tormented. But from now on, his wife was able to feel more secure every time he goes out!

(*) This product is not a medicine and no effective alternative medicines.

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