Who surgery for gallstones what to eat to avoid digestive disorders?This is a sponsored posts. For more information about Advertising policies and our funding, please read more here. - ecobeautyguide.com

Who surgery for gallstones what to eat to avoid digestive disorders?This is a sponsored posts. For more information about Advertising policies and our funding, please read more here.

Health and the digestive system will be affected if you surgery and gallstones, so many people worried about surgery for gallstones what to eat. If there are nutrition healthy, you not only avoid complications but also recover quickly.

The majority of people after the surgery, the gallstones are usually suffer from digestive disorders such as abdominal pain, full of flatulence, indigestion, dyspepsia or diarrhea leads to the abstinence excessive. So after surgery gallstones what to eat, to the disease just avoid complications you recover health? Take along Hello Doctor find out what food people surgery gallstones should be eating to avoid complications and disorders of digestive okay!

The influence of surgery gallstones

According to the theory, people suffer from gallstones can surgery take the gravel at any time, but if the gravel has not cause symptoms what is not need surgery. Surgery is only really necessary when gallstones large size, causing complications often.

Even so, patients also need to understand the effects of surgery to health and the digestive system to cope with the complications that can occur after the surgery, the gallstones.

• Complications following surgery: patients are likely to experience a number of complications after surgery to remove calculi, such as damage to the biliary tract, residual gravel, pain, incisions, risk of infection… However, doctors are highly professional, will help minimize these complications if you perform surgery in a reputable hospital.

Surgery cholecystectomy can cause diarrhea lasts

• Affects the digestive system: Surgical remove the stones or cholecystectomy can cause disturbance of the functioning of the bile, thereby affect the digestive tract. You to meet a number of digestive disorders such as constipation, prolonged diarrhea, pain due to full distention, bile reflux up the esophagus, stomach… The digestive disorders can also be aggravated if the patient does not have a diet of abstinence justified.

Nutrition will be factor plays a crucial role in helping patients recover quickly and prevent complications affect the gastrointestinal tract, such as abdominal pain, indigestion, diarrhea…

Nutrition diet after surgery gallstones

Eat more fruits help to support the digestive system, strengthens the immune system

To have a proper diet after the surgery, the gallstones is not something so difficult that only need your attention and perseverance. When to have surgery for gallstones what to eat, you will avoid the symptoms such as abdominal pain, slow or full expansion.

How to eat after surgery gallstones

The following note will help you know what food I should eat and how to eat right after the surgery, the gallstones.

• Split a meal: You will not be able to digest too much food right after a cholecystectomy should avoid eating too satiety.

• Additional polyunsaturated fats: basically, you should limit your fat intake after the surgery. However, the body still needs fat to stimulate the liver secretion of bile, increase circulation, bile, and power supply to operate. So, instead of fat not good fat or fat no, you should choose the good fats from olive oil, avocado or fish. These fats just provide enough nutrition just does not increase the risk of forming gallstones.

• Increase in fiber content: adding dietary fiber to help curb diarrhea and reduce the full distention due to food not being digested. You take additional soluble fiber from green vegetables, oats, beans… to increased activity the digestive system, preventing constipation, diarrhea and slow down the absorption of fat after eating. However, you should not eat too much fiber to avoid indigestion that should increase fiber intake slowly to let the body adapt gradually.

• Food supplement multi vitamin: Ability to absorb vitamin A, D, E, K usually is reduced after the cholecystectomy by the digestion of fats is disturbed. Therefore, you need to add the above vitamin from fatty fish, vegetables, dark green or red fruits… in Addition, you need to supplement vitamin C also help the body strengthen resistance, help the incisions heal.

The habit of eating a healthy diet can limit the complications of the gastrointestinal tract, but not enough to deal with the consequences after cholecystectomy, and prevention of the risk of recurrence of stones. You also need to avoid some foods are not beneficial for the digestive system to recover more quickly.

Foods to avoid after surgery gallstones

You should avoid the processed food, or the cuisine, indigestion

Besides the food should be eaten there the food, the food you need to avoid because can cause harm to your digestive system.

• Greasy food and cholesterol: You need to avoid fatty meats, fried foods, animal organs… These foods contain so much fat that the body can not metabolize be should can cause indigestion and increase the risk of recurrent stones.

• Foods that contain a lot of sugar and refined flour: pastries, snacks, fresh water… often contain lots of sugar should cause an increased risk of obesity, diabetes mellitus, cardiovascular disease.

• Processed foods: canned Meats, bacon, fast food… usually contains many bad fats, salt and preservatives but the nutrient content is low so it is easy to cause abdominal pain, indigestion.

• Foods that cause indigestion: Milk fat, butter milk, cheese or dairy products fat… can cause bloating, so you need to restrict. If you want to use milk you should switch to yogurt or soy milk.

• Food or spices, easy to irritate: You need to limit your use of garlic, chili, vegetables, salt, sour cream, coffee or alcohol. The food is not good for the digestive system are in the process of recovery after surgery.

Although you should avoid eating some types of food, but also should not completely eliminate the type of fat. A diet of too little or no fat, which can lead to the formation of gallstones.

These herbs help post pebbles

Currently there are 8 herbs that are proven effective can help you gravel, stimulate digestion, increase advocacy the policy, benefits policy and strengthen liver function of bile. What kind of this herbal is Kim money seminar is the, Ho ho, Hoang ba, Hebei kim, Chi e, Diep ha chau tran.

Food, health protection, Needle Đởm Khang is formulated from 8 the precious medicinal herbs for effects, comprehensive system liver bile helps stones, reduce abdominal pain, full of meteorism, indigestion. In addition, functional foods also improve complications after surgery and recurrence gravel.

He Has. Q. Bao, ho chi minh CITY. Ho Chi Minh in the hospital because of gall stones cause complications, but not want surgery, so he steadfastly look for other solutions. Incidentally, he knew to and trial food health protection Metal Đởm Khang(*): “through a combination of diet, exercise and use products, support, gallstones 4.5 mm in my gallbladder was no longer, 2 – 3 years now has not relapse again.”

Food, health protection, Needle Đởm Khang support help soften the hotels gravel and the gallstones for the patient is gallstones as well as support reduce the risk of stone formation for after surgery. The product is also suitable for those who suffer from cholangitis, cholecystitis, elevated liver enzymes, hepatitis, indigestion due to bile stasis, liver steatosis…

Surgery gallstones however can cause a number of complications up the digestive system but you can completely control the complications of this subject to find out surgery for gallstones what to eat good new. A diet suit will help you quickly recovery and prevent gallstones recurrence. Be combined with healthy lifestyle habits, you will soon recover health!

(*) This product is not a medicine and no effective alternative medicines

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