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What you should do after yoga that you may have missed

What do you usually do after each yoga session to always feel healthy, supple and energetic for a long day? You know there are things should do after yoga to be able to get great benefits from this?

Today, yoga is no longer strange. Many people prefer yoga because this brings a lot of benefits for health such as helps to prevent osteoarthritis, protect the spine, making healthy bones, muscle development, helps to better blood circulation, strengthen the immune system, relieve stress, reduce blood pressure, blood sugar, protect the heart… so, there is nothing more wonderful to start your day off with yoga movements. However, to achieve these benefits, after yoga, you can’t ignore 4 the need to do that Hello Doctor mentioned below.

Do not skip postures relaxation after each yoga session

Nearly as the yoga teacher stated that Savasana is the posture most important in the whole process of practicing yoga. Once in the posture, relaxation your body has the opportunity sensuality is the whole of what was learned as well as recover the muscle. Posture relaxing Savasana also helps reduce heart rate, lower blood pressure, improve ability to focus.

To perform the pose Savasana, you lie on your back, legs outstretched, hands outstretched slightly opened 45 degrees from body, palm up, to loosen the organs of the body, breathing steadily. If you often skip on ahead and does not perform this posture, you think again.

Cleaning yoga mats

In the process of practicing yoga, your sweat often stick up mats. If not cleaning the carpet periodically and properly, this is not only causes unpleasant odors but also can become a source of infection of harmful microorganisms to make you sick than.

With yoga mats in cotton, you can wash the carpet after every 2 workout. With carpet set with foam, you can wash once/2 weeks. To clean the carpet, you can give soap to the sponge and rub clean. Then you use the shower spray to drift away soap. Another way to clean the yoga mats that you carpeted the floor, also for soap up the sponge, rub clean, use wet towel wipe again to clean.

Hygiene clean body

Please always go to the bath or toilet clean body with a fluffy towel after school hours yoga 30 minutes, especially if you just exercise more movements Bikram (hot yoga, yoga in hot room having a temperature of about 35 – 38°C). The body releases toxins through the process of excreted sweat. If you do not hygiene body clean after school hours, the poison that will cling on the skin surface, causing damage to the body.

In the process, your pores also dilate, creating conditions for dirt and bacteria to cling to, from which cause acne. Therefore, the toilet body clean is one of the things to do after yoga.

Drink rehydration and energy recharge full

The make up water after yoga is very important. However, you should not take carbonated drinks or juice that uses only filtered water or coconut water to add electrolytes to the body.

In addition, you will probably feel hungry after every workout. If learning yoga in the morning, you can eat 2 eggs fried with tomatoes and lettuce or chicken, bacon and fruit. Also learn the evening, you can eat grilled salmon with stir-fried vegetables to ensure that you have enough necessary amount of protein during the day helps muscles can repair and grow. Note that you should eat before and after exercise from 30 minutes upwards.

Try to perform 4 things that Hello Doctor suggestions above, you will feel refreshed and energetic after yoga sessions.

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