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What you need to know when treating laryngeal cancer

Treating laryngeal cancer is long-term process and should have the cumulation of all factors, mental and physical. Treatment of throat cancer at stage 1 or stage 2 will improve the effectiveness of treatment and reduce much cost. In 2 this stage, the tumor still has not pinched up system, lymph nodes, and metastasis to the way other parts should be the process of treatment will be more favorable.

Throat cancer can it be fixed?

Throat cancer has 4 stages of development include:

♣ Stage incubation

In this stage, the signs of the disease almost very faint. Occasionally the patient may feel sore throat, hard to swallow, but nothing serious. So, most of us are often confused between the signs of throat cancer with symptoms of sore throat usually. Also because of this that very few cases of patients treated with throat cancer at the stage of incubation.

♣ The stage of disease progression

At the stage of the disease progresses, the tumor grew gradually up should the disease reveal multiple symptoms more clearly. At this time, the most common signs are sore throat, intense, bloody sputum or patients with difficulty swallowing food in a long time (from 2 weeks seamlessly back up).

Though the disease is in the development phase, but the magnitude of the tumor is still not enough to attack the lymph node system. Therefore, patients still have much hope when treating laryngeal cancer in this stage.

♣ Stage tumor spread

The process of treatment of throat cancer when tumors spread would be strenuous and expensive than the 2 stage head. Meanwhile, tumors are more likely to insert into the lymph and break system this makes the patient increasingly depleted.

♣ The stage of metastasis

Treatment of laryngeal cancer in the metastatic stage is almost hopeless. The tumor in the nasopharynx has spread to other areas on the body that the treatment process does not bring results as expected.

The treatments for throat cancer

The choice of treatment is based on many factors such as location, stage of disease, health conditions, ability to pay of the patient or treatment form diseases…

After discussion, maybe the doctor will help you choose one of the methods of treatment of laryngeal cancer or simultaneous combination of many different methods to enhance effective treatment. Those methods include:

♣ Radiation therapy

 Radiation therapy for cancer is how to use beam radiation-high energy projector straight into the cancer cells to destroy them.

For patients with laryngeal cancer the early stages, radiation therapy is method is recommended to eliminate the risk of disease happenings to the other stages. On the other hand, in patients with advanced stages and spread, radiation therapy can reduce symptoms and the pain due to tumors raging to help them more pleasant.

♣ Surgery

During the procedure removal of the tumor, the doctor will be based on the location and stage of disease of the patient to base the choice form of surgery. The popular options include:

Surgery throat cancer early stage: Patients have signs of the disease appear in the surface of the throat or vocal cords can be treated by laparoscopic surgery. Once there, the doctor will insert an endoscope into your throat, and then use surgical instrument or laser removal of the tumor.

Surgery of the larynx: For those patients whose tumor is small, doctors can use this method to remove them. By the way, the doctor will try to preserve the ability to speak and breathing your normal after surgery.

Resection of the lymph nodes (dissection of the neck): If throat cancer has spread deep in the neck the patient, the doctor will suggest surgical dissection to remove part or all of the lymph nodes to prolong the life for patients.

In general, surgical methods have more risk of causing your bleeding, infection and other complications.

♣ Chemotherapy

Chemotherapy is using drugs to kill cancer cells. In many cases, chemotherapy is often used with radiation therapy to treat cancer. This combination will increase therapeutic effect but also increase the side effects of the 2 methods.

♣ Treatment of laryngeal cancer by smoking

This treatment will take advantage of the defect of cells carrying the disease to promote the development of the healthy cells. Popular drugs most often used in this treatment is cetuximab.

Cetuximab is the drug specialized to treat cancer of the colon, head and neck cancer, in which cancer of the nasopharynx. The drug works to slow or prevent the development and spread of cancer cells.

With cancer patients who are in severe stage (3 or 4), treatment with medication can be combined with chemotherapy, radiation, or even 2 to enhance effective treatment.

Cost of treatment of throat cancer

Many people believe that cancer in general and cancer in particular, is the “disease of the rich”. This is because the process of treatment is quite expensive.

The treatment is expensive is partly due to patients have to conduct many stitches tests, biopsy to diagnose the disease accurately. The costs are not the same in the medical facility but usually ranged from 400,000 to 700,000 vnd/time.

When entering the treatment phase, the cost also depends on many factors such as stage of disease, health clinics, the health status of patient treatment form…

According to find out the average amount that each patient must pay throughout the duration of the treatment throat cancer is from 100 million to 500 million. When the disease is treated the sooner the cost as low and vice versa. That is also the reason why many medical facilities and doctor recommended we should take seriously in the health check periodically to promptly detect the risk of causing throat cancer as well as the pathological other dangers when they’re in the early stages.

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