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What should you do to avoid sunstroke?

Summer occasion is ideal for you to enjoy the trip, but this is also the moment you risk getting sunstroke highest in years. Even you just step out into the street at midday may also suffer from dizziness, vertigo because of sunstroke, you know!

Heatstroke is a condition that occurs when your body overheats, usually due to prolonged exposure to hot sun or strenuous activity excessive at high temperature. This is a form of thermal injury the most serious, heatstroke can occur if body temperature increases to 40 degrees C or higher. Status heatstroke usually occurs in summer, especially in the hot sunny day, high point.

When sunstroke, then the sick person not only fatigue, dizziness, headache, nausea, vomiting… that can also cause a stroke. If the patient is not treated promptly can leave the neurological sequelae not recovered, and death.

Summer with the weather hot and sunny with low air humidity, duration of sunshine back stretching makes your body to lose more water, causing fatigue and the consequence is sunstroke. You let Hello Doctor better learn to protect themselves with the family through the heatstroke, okay.

The risk of sunstroke you should know

People are likely to suffer from heatstroke, however, the possibility she may be higher for some subjects.

1. Objects often suffer from sunstroke

Ability to deal with high temperature of your depends on the strength of the nervous system central. System, central nervous system of children has not fully developed the ability to regulate body temperature is not complete, causing children to slowly adapt to the heat than adults.

In contrast, adults over the age of 65, the central nervous system begins to deteriorate, so the likelihood of disease when the hot sun is very easy to happen. In addition, people suffering from chronic diseases such as heart disease, lung disease, kidney, hypertension, diabetes are also at higher risk for heatstroke.

These objects have the stamina poor as small children, the old, weak or those who work in contact with the environment the hot sun without protective conditions is not good, will be vulnerable to heatstroke.

2. Cause you sunstroke

You can suffer from heatstroke if exposed to hot sun for long time. Especially in the hot summer days, the air temperature increase it if you stay outdoor for long will be very easy to fall into this situation. Under the effect of constant sunlight harshly, conditioning center body temperature the body will be shaken disturbs the air conditioning temperature with a dehydration level of body.

In addition, you can suffer heatstroke when physical activity excessive as play the sport, high intensity, or working in environmental conditions hot. Not only that, nutrition is not as good as the lack of water and other nutrients also increase the risk of heatstroke. The signs that the patient may encounter is body temperature rising, red face, headache, dizziness, light-headedness, shortness of breath, even fainting.

How to prevent sunstroke effective

Way against sunstroke effective is that you need to avoid the causes that can cause you sunstroke as exposure the sun for too long, overwork, poor nutrition…

1. Avoid direct sunlight

You should stay out of the sun at the heat of the sun in peak hours. If possible, you should limit the period of time from 12 hours to 15 hours per day. When out on the street, you should wear dresses discreetly sunshade with mask, shawl, jacket, skirt, sunscreen…

In addition, you need more hats, wide-brimmed hat or umbrella to shade the sun better. You also need to apply sunscreen often to protect the body against direct sunlight.

For people who often have to do heavy work should always fully equipped with sunscreen device dedicated when labor, working in the sun, such as clothing, workwear, headwear, eyewear.

2. Proper rest

You need to avoid overwork, especially under high temperature. You should only perform the operation gently into the hottest time of the day. If you can’t avoid strenuous activity in hot weather, then be sure to drink water and during workouts should be alternated the rest frequently in a cool place.

You can exercise in the afternoon when the weather is cool rather than workout at noon, hot summer, if can not change the workout schedule, you should choose the room, have the air cool and pleasant.

3. Drink plenty of water


Water will help your body sweat and maintain the body temperature normal. Besides, you get to eat more food contributing to the prevention of heatstroke as vegetables green, especially when hot and dry weather in the heat. You don’t forget to take compensation, the amount of water that the body loses due to excessive heat or too much activity cause.

You should create for yourself a regular habit to drink water even not thirsty. In particular, you can drink a lot of water salt water or drink a solution oresol, water, juices to increase effective rehydration for the body.

4. Caution when using the drug

Be wary of the problems related to the heat if you take drugs that can affect water-holding capacity and heat dissipation of the body. Some medications can also make users have a higher risk of sunstroke as inhibitors of the beta, diuretics and some types are used to treat depression, psychosis, or syndrome of hyperactivity disorder attention deficit.

If you are suffering from sunstroke, it also has a number of certain medications not be resorted to as only make the condition become worse, for example as antipyretics aspirin or acetaminophen.

5. Not stay long in parked cars

On the media has noted that there are many cases of death when children are left in cars are being parked because the temperature of car can rise quite high. When parking under the sun, the temperature in your car can increase more than 6.7 degrees C in 10 minutes. When running the car, you typically turn on air conditioning to maintain temperature stability should avoid this situation.

You should not stay in parked cars in warm weather or hot, even when windows are cracked or the car is parked in the shade. When your car is parked, please lock it up to prevent young kids can step on in.

6. Keep a cool environment

Work environment cool, especially the workshop, tunnel kiln means a lot in the prevention of heatstroke, sunstroke. When she, you not only feel comfortable, pleasant to work more efficiently but also to avoid the increase in body temperature, excessive lead to sunstroke.

Please apply more measures to help the environment around you more cool as using blower, misting fan, air-conditioning, open windows for ventilation.

You can see that anyone at risk of heatstroke if you don’t know how carefully. Special conditions hot weather dry and even the wind also brought the heat as now the more that you risk getting sunstroke higher. So, you should pay attention how to prevent heatstroke to be able to protect the health of themselves better when entering the hot summer season, okay!

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