What is Japanese Nail Art?

When it comes to Japanese nail art, some people might still be a bit confused. What is Japanese nail art? This nail art design is made using Japanese standard operating method and service process. It is a bit complicated in style. Therefore, Japanese nail art designs are fashionable.

Today, I will introduce some super hot Japanese nail designs. Let’s take a look together.

This Japanese nail art is a pure color style with metal trim. First, coat all nails with a flesh-colored base and keep the same color.

Then, to avoid pasting too monotonous gold metal trim between the nails, you can also choose a chain connection.

This nail art design is a very sophisticated and fashionable nail style. You can try it if you like it.

Japan’s nail art is cat-eye style. The entire nail design combines a dark green cat-eye pattern, a pure burgundy style, a bronze-gold pattern with a glitter, and a multicolor smudge pattern.

And put the appropriate metallic orange color on the cat’s-eye-style nails for makeup. The overall look is very subtle and halo, I think this nail art is more suitable for mature girls. Don’t miss out if you like this nail art design.

This Japanese pink nail art is a matte style. The thumb, middle finger and little finger are all painted with pink laser gloss paint.

The other two nails have a creamy white base that uses pink to create a smudge effect between the nails, while gold leaf and white peels are used to decorate the nails.

This nail set is a more feminine style, don’t miss out if you like it.

This Japanese nail art is a style of dried flowers. Jump between the three paint colors of the entire nail. Rose red is adorned with silver sequins or gold foil; Pink nails combined with water ripples or pearly flowers; Milky white with red rose motifs.

The style of the whole nail is very novel and has a temperament, very similar to the style of Japanese cherry blossoms.

This Japanese nail art is a style of dark green polka dots. The thumb, middle and little finger are all dark green.

A transparent plaster trim ring is attached to the center of the nail of the thumb. The ring finger has a creamy white background with a dark green dot pattern.

The index finger has a creamy white background with a smudge between dark green and green, giving the illusion of a leopard. The whole style of the nail looks very mature and stable.

This Japanese nail pattern is a youthful, fresh style with green color. The index and little fingers are dark green in color. Then other nails can use gradients to create the effect.

The thumb (ring finger) is the pattern of turning dark blue from the tips of the fingers inward, with a hollow metal pentagram or other metallic oranges for added points; Create a green blur close to your fingertips, using gold leaf.

There is also a finger with creamy white background combined with a dark green leaf pattern. The entire nail looks very young, fresh and full of life.


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