What Color Should I Paint My Nails?

Every girl loves makeup because each of us wants to look beautiful. Nail art can make you look more personal. So you have to choose the right nail polish. The girls often have difficulty in choosing the right nail polish. They asked, “What color should I paint my nails?”

We shake hands with others, pass food, eat and drink, etc. We use our hands every day. Therefore, we must not forget to take care of our own hands. The hand is the part of our body and when we communicate with others, the hand is most often used. When we go out, we can only confidently communicate with others when there is no doubt about our appearance.

So every girl wants her hands to look beautiful. We have tried nail painting, but for the hand to add color, we should paint beautiful nails.

What color should I draw on my nails?

Here we will discuss nail polish according to skin:

White skin

If your hands are light in color, then you can try a dark or light nail polish. It can be red, pink, purple, chestnut, brown or springflower, etc.

Normal skin

If you have medium skin tones, try red, orange, or blue.

Dark skin

For people with dark skin, a variety of nail polish colors are suitable.

Paint your nails according to your skin tone

White skin

Most girls like the color pink. Blush, pale pink or natural blush is the best fit for you.

Light skin

If your skin color is light, but not too white, then lavender color is best for you.

Normal skin

Orange or coral looks great on medium skin tones.

Strawberry skin

If your skin color is olive, then lilac nail polish is perfect for you.

Deep skin

If you want fashionable and interesting nail polish, blue, mint or green will go well with this color. In addition,
it will make your hands look younger. Purple and pink will help your hands look better.

Undertones warm

Mixed pink or orange tones create magic for warm tones. If you have a warm background, pink peach will be one of the perfect colors for nail art.

Undertones interesting

If your background color is cool, then a bright pink nail polish is great. Various cold-toned nail polishes are available in the market.

Neutral background

It contains the properties of warm and cool colors. Orange red is the best shade of this tone.


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