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Wardrobe for baby: Mother should prepare something for your baby?

Right from when the news got baby, love, mom, was eagerly prepared wardrobe with plenty of colors and different sizes. However, I also need to learn how to buy clothes that are cute but still brings comfortable feeling for baby, too!

Because inexperienced prone to “sudden heart” by the suit, super cute for the newborn baby so many young mother was excitedly prepared a lot of clothes for the baby. However, after that you have to struggle up for the baby because the suit is too difficult to wear or prematurely remove away the costumes just buy for the baby too fast or many cases is not enough for baby.

If you want to prepare the baby for a wardrobe just full re-fit according to age and bring the most comfortable feeling for the baby, you can refer to the tips below!

How to prepare wardrobe for baby

Depending on each age different development that the baby will need the how to prepare the wardrobe itself accordingly.

1. Wardrobe for baby from 0 – 3 months old

The mom usually starts preparing wardrobe for baby from 0 – 2 months old from when the baby is not yet born, usually in 3rd trimesters of pregnancy. Wardrobe for baby from 1 – 3 months of age will continue to be prepared according to the time after the baby is born.

When preparing a wardrobe for baby 0 – 3 months old, you should keep in mind:

• Weather conditions: If it is cold, damp, clothes dry long dry then you should buy more toys, no more room for baby to the baby is not lack of clothing.

• Weight and length of baby: For new born baby, you need to pay attention weight and height of baby to choose the suitable. Shirt worn should be a little wider because the baby was dressed inside. Length jumpsuits so counting a little extra because baby still wear diaper, diaper should be able to be the crotch if the suit is too short.

• Material: Baby 0 – 3 month old has very sensitive skin, so you need to choose clothes made of cotton material, soft, airy and quick-drying.

Newborn 0 – 3 months of age usually spend most of the time during the day to sleep, breastfeeding. Baby also has looked to be far and clear, not yet active limbs much. So when preparing the wardrobe for your baby, you should prioritize what kind of clothes, towels, diapers, sleeping bags… the most comfortable for your baby’s sleep in the supine position or tilted.

You should also note in stage 0 – 3 months old + young big very fast, you should buy according to each time period and avoid buying in bulk.

• Type of clothing: Wardrobe for baby 0 – 3 months need varied enough types of clothes, but mom should choose filter types suitable for baby:

– Should buy bibs for baby and when baby bottle feeding (breast milk or formula) to avoid milk stain on your shirt wet and that baby is cold.

– Should buy clothing in the form of jumpsuits, lingerie, medium easy to wear again just help baby fixed diaper, diaper, and comfort when lying.

– Should buy white or light color for the baby because the baby only breast milk or formula should not dirty.

– Should choose jumpsuits can open the buttons at the bottom to be able to change a diaper, diaper for baby easily without having to undress all of the baby.

The following are some types of clothes that you should not buy:

– Should not buy that hooded, zipper because when sleeping, your baby will lie on capped or locked rub into the skin cause discomfort.

– Should not buy clothes with a collar for collar easy-to-make baby uncomfortable and easy to touch the chin, cheeks, babe, blowjob reflex requires sucking and make the baby cry, require feeding continuously, though not hungry.

– Should not buy pullovers because will be very difficult to dress for because in age from 0 – 3 months baby, very immature, and the bones of the baby are weak. Instead, you should select the type of coat has two layers, open buttons or set buttons on the side to just stay warm the breasts for your baby back just easy to wear.

– Don’t purchase trousers, blouses have the buttons, daisies, ropes, because that baby is uncomfortable when lying or lights on when you carry for your baby.

– Should not buy too much of hand, of foot, because when the baby is very easy to do fall. You should buy these pants connected with covering the legs for the baby.

Should additional 1 – 2 set out in the closet of the baby because the baby will usually have to go to health clinics or travel vaccination periodically. Sets out in addition to include hats, clothes, towels… even in winter.

2. Wardrobe for baby from 3 – 6 months of age

Baby from 3 – 6 months of age was stiffer and quite hyperactive. Baby love maneuvering of limbs, like holding, grasping things, sucking on hands, and occasionally made movements as flip, tumblers, slithering…

When preparing a wardrobe for baby 3 – 6 months of age, you need to note:

• Weather conditions: Baby still wear diaper or diapers and should be changed regularly, should buy jumpsuits for baby would be better separate. Jumpsuits can open the buttons from the chest down is still the most perfect choice for baby 3 – 6 months when the weather becomes cold. If you want to wear skirt for girls, especially in the cold season it is necessary to prepare the stockings for the baby.

• Material: Mother should choose the clothes made of soft fabric and help your child comfortable when lying down. Favorite baby movement at this point in time should your baby’s clothes need scalable, convenient, not to limit your baby’s movements.

• Type of clothing: Outdoor wear in the wardrobe of the baby should also be additional set out with the right size for baby out for a walk, sun-bathing, vaccination… Baby begins to prepare grows teeth should can or drooling. You prepare bibs and for baby to avoid getting wet clothes feel cold and unsanitary okay.

Baby stage 3 – 6 months is not gaining weight as fast as boy in stage 0 – 3 months, so baby can wear the suit in the closet of the baby longer. You can invest the just comfortable just fashion to represent the baby.

3. Wardrobe for baby from 6 – 9 months old

Baby from 6 – 9 months old, quite hyperactive and can sit in this stage. Baby athletes foot hands constantly when formula and some baby teething and can start exercises in standing and walking.

When preparing a wardrobe for baby 6 – 9 months of age, you need to note:

• Type of clothing: Baby can wear the kind of tops, skirts, pullovers easy at this point. When choosing clothes, you should note select the save motor. You can choose not to connected with tights, pants with chun soft, flexible jacket has armpit shirt is not too tight to the limbs of the baby can movement freely.

Baby can going out for a walk more, some babies start going to mom went back to work. So you add more a number of wear out of uniform nursery for the baby and prepare for her change in class.

• Activity of the baby: When the baby can sit, you can leave for the baby, not necessarily to buy jumpsuits underwear (onesie) as before. You should also buy it and some types of soft shoes for toddlers, note select the type of shoes friction to prevent slippery, may cause falls.

• Color: Baby from 6 – 9 months of age are in the stage of learning to eat miles should be very easy to make dirty clothes. You should choose outerwear for baby with the matching color and should not buy too many toys, white, yellow…

4. Wardrobe for baby from 9 – 12 months old

At this point, the baby has the ability to move and use your hands skillfully. Baby can easily grab some button buttons or accessories on the clothes into their mouths, so parents need to be careful to not stuck the harness.

When preparing a wardrobe for baby 9 – 12 months of age, you need to note:

• Color: Baby start love handle, food to eat and very easy to smear out clothes. Baby could also be sitting or crawling on the floor should clothes are dirty, stains. Therefore, parents should take note do not choose the color as white for the baby. Instead, you can choose the dark color or the color as pink, blue, purple…

• Type of clothing: You should buy bibs for baby to toddler use bibs when eating. Very easy to make fall food, drinks out clothes, so you should choose the clothes easy to clean laundry, food. Baby can going out for a walk more, some babies start going to mom went back to work, so you add more a number of wear out of uniform nursery for the baby and prepare for her change in class.

• Activities: If your baby has started crawling on his knees instead of crawling, then you can buy shirts for baby. This stage, the suit jacket and pants left together will be better because the baby is very hyperactive and this causes you trouble when installing each of the buttons in the jumpsuits of baby while baby is crawling on the floor.

Young stages 9-12 months are often curious and or put objects into the mouth, thus you should give priority to select the clothes do not have the kind of buttons that baby can grip, take out and put in the mouth chewing.

Children are learning to walk and you will be very need the shoes soft, have good friction to help baby keep warm and clean feet when learning to walk as well as secure to avoid falls.

How to arrange a wardrobe for baby

Right after buying clothes, you should lay the test on the baby to determine the length and width. Moms need to check each of the buttons, cufflinks, accessories on the shirt to make sure they are mounted solid and can’t use hands to pull out to put in the mouth. Before each washing or folding, you should note carefully check the just excess and daisy… to ensure safety for the baby.

1. Arrange by type of clothing

Depending on the type of clothing such as sleeveless dress up in jumpsuits, lingerie, jumpsuits, shirts, pants, outerwear, hats, socks,… that mother should be carefully folded and sorted into the cabinets under each category to be easy to find when changing your baby. The type of sweater, jacket… mom can hang them and put in the cabinets if the cabinets have enough space.

2. Own classification each type of

You need to separate ready not used to, baby no longer fits me and the room.

• The standard is available: For baby 0 – 1 year olds grow fast so parents always need to prepare are wider than in the wardrobe of the baby. These should be cleaned and checked thoroughly after buying it to own.

• Baby don’t wear went: as For the suit I was wearing pantyhose, parents need to separate, wash and fold neatly into a bag or to enter the cabinet compartment own. After this parents can give it to the baby born after or donated to charity. Should avoid both to and baby wear pantyhose with baby are taking because you are easily confused and after a moment of struggling for new baby discovered this child did not fit anymore.

• Map the room: Children from 0 – 1 big very fast, so baby will need to change change clothes constantly. Baby also easy to get wet due to the breastmilk, milk, do the dirty… so need more clothes to wear change turns. Young usually only wear a few times should take priority wear the best suit for children. The suit you buy or please is that not like you should to own make the room for the baby to wear when not promptly dried.

If you have relatives or close friends, you should please some old furniture for the baby. Old furniture has the advantages of were dry 1 few times, usually soft, made of good material and many people believe will bring good luck and health for your baby.

3. Choose the type of wardrobe

Depending on your preferences and the space, you can choose the pattern wardrobe for baby different like:

• Dresser: The dresser will help sort are many more types of clothes, back often there are many designs and varied colors to help your baby love more.

• Bar to hang clothes: The bar hangers will keep clothes always smoothness, help easy-to-observe and to choose toys for your baby quickly.

• Bags: These bags have features that can made from fabric material or plastic easily washable and hygienic. For families with small space, versatile bag will help save considerably space and have the flexibility to move into many positions in the house.

To love always is available dresses needed to wear at home or out in the city, you let’s start with steps to prepare the wardrobe for the baby. When a wardrobe is arranged, logical and scientific, you will save quite a lot of time when choosing clothes for the baby, helps baby stay comfortable but still always lovely!

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