Using a humidifier is good for health -

Using a humidifier is good for health

On the days hot and dry or cold that moisture in the room, a humidifier will be the savior to help you protect your skin soft and healthy respiratory system. Do you know how to choose the type of humidifier is best suited for yourself?

Humidifier helps you to replenish moisture to the air to avoid dry skin and irritation, so can be very effective in treating dry skin, nose, throat, and lips. This kind of machine can also help alleviate some of the symptoms of flu or common cold.

However, routine use of a humidifier can worsen respiratory problems. You let Hello Doctor find out the type of humidifier air use and how to use video!

The type of humidifier

Humidifier the air very variety of designs and each type of machine has works differently.

• Humidifier nebulizer (nebulizer humidifier): nebulizer humidifier use fan to blow the steam off through a filter and then diffuse into the air. This kind of machine, but affordable, but can be dispersed too much moisture into the air, increases the likelihood of developing mold affect the asthma.

• Humidifier impeller: humidifier rotor operates with the aid of the rotating disk running at high speed to diffuse the steam. This type of machine is child-friendly because most machine-generated moisture, cool to avoid the risk of burns to the baby. However, the humidifier rotor are likely to cause breathing difficulties for people with allergies and asthma if used excessively.

• Humidifier: steam humidifier steam using the heated water to create steam. Then the vapor is cooled before diffusing into the air. Due to the mechanism of action of this humidifier steam can cause burns and is not safe for kids.

• Humidifier ultrasonic: humidifier ultrasonic generating steam humidifier cool by vibrating ultrasonic waves. This machine also allows you to adjust the temperature of the steam if desired. This can be a suitable option if your house has kids.

The effect of humidifier

When the air around is too dry causes the skin and nose irritating, you can turn the humidifier up to enjoy the following benefits.

1. Humidifier help prevent the flu

A study suggests that humidifier can reduce the risk of getting the flu. After bringing the flu virus into the air, the researchers discovered that the air humidity on 40% has to prevent operation of the virus quickly. This will make the virus less likely to infect more from there help you prevent the flu.

2. Humidifier help remove phlegm

Dry air can make you cough that does not push the phlegm stick in out. You can add moisture into the air to moisten the respiratory system, from which to push the phlegm out easier when you cough.

3. Humidifier help reduce snoring

Condition increase humidity in the air can also help you reduce snoring when sleeping. If the air is dry, your airway is usually not enough moisture and this can make snoring worse. So, you can use a humidifier the air at night to reduce snoring.

4. Humidifier moisturizes the skin and hair

Skin, lips and hair often becomes dry and more vulnerable than when it’s cold. Cold air will make the skin easy to dry, itchy and peeling flakes. You can add moisture to the air in the home to improve the condition of dry and chapped skin.

5. Humidifier allergy relief and asthma

Use a humidifier the right way can also help you reduce the symptoms of allergies and asthma very well. So, you can consider this machine if you see sinus or airway drying.

A humidifier can add water vapor to the air is very good, but also brings a number of side effects if you use the wrong way.

The side effects of the humidifier can be listed as:

• A humidifier may contain bacteria: a humidifier turns water into moisture in the air you breathe. If the amount of water in the device, dirt, moisture air diffuser will also be dirty. Moreover, the cavity contains water, dark and humid, so the environment is easy to accumulate bacteria. But, you can clean your machine regularly to prevent this risk.

You note always hygienic humidifier thoroughly according to the instructions of the manufacturer and change the water in the machine regularly. If humidifier have a filter, please change the filters regularly.

• Humidifier diffuser too much steam: However, the air humidity is good but too much moisture can leave you breathless and do some allergy symptoms worse. The last cause of allergies as common as mites, dust and mold will thrive in a moist environment. According to the Department of Environmental protection United States (EPA), indoor humidity should only be located in the range from 30 to 50%. Humidity above 60% is too high.

You can buy moisture meter to check moisture levels in your home are located in the range, ideal not. In addition, you can also find buy a humidifier and integrated hygrometer to more convenient.

• Use of unclean water in humidifier: You should only use pure water or distilled water in the humidifier because tap water has not been filtered can contain a lot of minerals. Minerals from tap water can accumulate in a humidifier, cause the machine to wear out quickly. In addition, the machine also can diffuse the mineral this substance into the air or make the mineral sediment of dust in the house and cause health effects for you.

A number of other risks related to the use of humidifier air, including burns, water vapor from the air and mildew buildup in areas where more moisture on the walls and ceiling.

How to use humidifier

When you have options is humidifier air you want, please perform the following steps to start the machine:

– Remove and wash the cavity contains water to remove dirt before use.

– Pour pure water or distilled water into the water reservoir of the machine. Often on the compartment containing the water has the barcode number for you know you should pour much water. You to pour the right amount of water needed this.

– Mounting membrane filter if necessary.

– Plug the power and start the machine. On the often it a number of buttons or knob for you to adjust, please read the manual to know how to adjust as you want.

– Turn off machine when not in use.

When using the device, please note the following points:

  • Avoid sitting too near the machine.
  • Cleaning regularly.
  • Change the water in the machine regularly.
  • Place the apparatus on flat and high and dry.
  • Change the filter in the machine according to instructions.
  • Compliance manual of the manufacturer.
  • Caution when using the machine in the room with children.
  • Use only distilled water or purified water contains no minerals in the air.
  • Always monitor the level of humidity in the room to adjust in time when the humidity is too high.
  • Do not place the machine close to the wall as well as the easy to infuse water, such as books, clothing or curtains.

When the weather is too dry or if you turn on the air conditioning in the room, the air will suffer from lack of moisture and affect the skin, hair and respiratory system very much. So, decided to equip a humidifier the air in the house will help you protect the health of yourself better!

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