Use the drug when exercise can be dangerous! -

Use the drug when exercise can be dangerous!

Though the use of drugs of any kind, then you still have to always be careful with the side effects. Especially, if you are in the process of sports training, then the greater the need to be careful by a number of drugs combined with exercise can be dangerous.

Exercise will keep your body healthy, but if the workout is not the right time when drug use will occur drug interactions, prevents the body from danger. The accidents that can happen when you are sleepy, do not control their activities or risk dehydration, increased blood pressure… all can happen.

Let Hello Doctor points through 7 case, the use of drugs combined with exercise can be dangerous that you should know to avoid!

1. Use beta blockers

Beta blockers or also known as drug resistant beta is group of drugs used to treat the condition such as high blood pressure, glaucoma, migraine, or cardiac pathologies. Beta blockers that lower heart rate, whereas the regular exercise will increase the heart rate. This will cause the body disorders and make you tire quickly.

In many cases, the use of beta blockers is not the only solution, you please consult your doctor to be prescribed other drugs alternative uses equivalent.

2. Use of painkillers

Pain is the manifestation of the body – usually tissue damage, so the abuse of painkillers can cause many problems. If you sprain that still try to use pain medication to continue training, it is very harmful for the sprain still not healed thoroughly and very easy to relapse.

In case you suffer from ankle sprains it is best to let the body rest and have time to heal instead of taking painkillers to continue to workout and may cause more risk.

If the pain is not too intense, you can use ibuprofen or motrin but should not take pills more than a week. If you need medication for longer periods, switch to acetaminophen to reduce pain and avoid stagnant water.

3. The use of antihistamines

Drowsiness is common side effects of line of antihistamines, especially with the old drugs, such as Benadryl and Chlor-Tripolon. Antihistamines will prevent or reduce the amount of histamine that is activated when the body encounter a number of types of allergies such as pollen allergy or allergy to fur animals.

If you are a athlete and want to use antihistamines, then you may suffer from side effects of the drug is drowsiness, which leads to easy steps stumbling, falls and is injured.

A number of antihistamines the new generation such as Claritin, Alegra, and Reactin without causing excessive sleepiness. The drug histamine the older generation, it might have the effect of a shorter should only last about 4 hours and sleepiness will also disappear, at this time you can fully exercise back to normal.

You should wait after a workout, then the use of antihistamines. In particular, if the use of antihistamines, you should avoid subjects such as cycling, weightlifting, jogging on the machine…

4. Use of antidepressants

Many oral medicines can make you feel sleepy, in which types of antidepressants because they can alter the chemical balance in the brain to help improve mood. Fatigue and drowsiness is a condition often seen, especially when you use the drug in the first few weeks.

There are many types of antidepressants and different if drugs you are using make you sleepy too much, then let’s talk with the doctor to be prescribed drugs more suitable.

If possible, you make exercise early in the morning and drink drug then this can minimize the side effects of medication when exercising.

5. Use decongestant

Decongestant is a drug very commonly used to significantly reduce the symptoms nasal congestion, runny nose due to colds, sinusitis caused.

However, you need cautious because this drug can increase heart rate and blood pressure. If you frequently suffer from high blood pressure or other cardiovascular problems then the use of decongestant, especially when you motor, you may create more pressure for the heart.

It is best that you should refrain from exercise until the body feel better and not need medication anti-congestive again.

6. Using aphrodisiacs


If you exercise at the same time with the use of stimulant drugs as Adderall (prescription drug used for the treatment of hyperactivity disorder attention deficit), you will be confronted with a number of side effects not desired, such as:

  • Trembling
  • Increased heart rate
  • Hypertension
  • Excitable
  • Body temperature increased
  • Increased risk of heart attack
  • Appear the feeling of anxiety

You should workout in the morning and then use the drug after. In addition, keep track of your digital fitness regime of you to talk to your doctor whether you should reduce the dose of drugs no.

7. Use of laxatives

Laxatives are compounds acting on the small intestine or colon, has the effect of soft stool mould stool, stimulate peristalsis the colon and help defecation easier. However, laxatives can negatively affect the workout plan of you.

Some types of laxatives can cause contractions of the muscle in the intestines. Added to that, when you exercise, the blood will be less flow to the intestines, than because it must pump into the brain and the skeletal muscles, making the muscles your abdomen as prone to spasm and cause pain.

You should avoid taking laxatives too close now intends to exercise to avoid suffering from spasms of the abdomen. Instead, you can choose to take the drug in the evening before exercise schedule the following morning.

Before using the drug treat the disease that you have a workout schedule, fitness should follow, please consult your doctor to be given the dosage and duration best suited. Use pills wise, and schedule your workouts effective to ensure the best health for your body okay!

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