TV viewing distance how to avoid harmful to the eye? -

TV viewing distance how to avoid harmful to the eye?

You can enjoy TV program (tv) love without worrying about eyestrain if you choose to be a TV viewing distance reasonable. You already know how to adjust this distance as how to protect the eyes always bright health?

Tv has many interesting programs, there are highly entertaining or even help you additional knowledge. But if you watch TV for too long then you will be more prone to eye fatigue or dry eye. However, you can still remedy this situation by adjusting the TV viewing distance of her.

The influence of TV screens on the eyes

Exposure to the TV screen for too long can cause some negative impact on the health of the eye. Some eye problems you encounter when watching TV for too long can be listed as follows.

Condition eye fatigue

The eye will be more prone to fatigue when you perform these activities require the eyes to too much activity such as watching TV in distance, near, reading books, working on the computer. When you focus on an object near in a long time, the eye strain and cause symptoms such as:

  • Difficulty concentrating
  • Eye pain and discomfort
  • Pain, neck, shoulder or back
  • Dry or watery eyes
  • Blurred vision or look at a bill of two
  • Increased sensitivity to light

In addition to cause looking at a close in long time condition, eye fatigue can also occur because you blink less while watching TV or look at computer screen. Normally, you blink about 18 times a minute, to help the eyes always full of moisture. However, a number of studies have shown that you can only blink half the number of times on while looking at TV screen or computer. This can make eyes dry, tired, itching and burning.

Dry eye syndrome

Besides eye strain, a common condition when viewing the TV screen or the computer for too long is dry eye syndrome. This is a syndrome that you don’t have enough tears to lubricate and nourish the eye. Some commonly found symptoms of dry eye syndrome are:

  • Red eyes and hot flashes.
  • Two eyelids stick together when waking up.
  • Eye dryness, pain, or soreness. The situation is increasingly aggravated.
  • Blurred vision temporary and usually back to your old self after you blink for a moment.

Some people may also experience watery eyes. The cause is due to the eyes trying to alleviate the irritation by creating more tears than.

Select TV viewing distance reasonable

Most ophthalmologists would agree that TV viewing distance proper is the distance you see clearly the screen but still feel comfortable. You can refer to the TV viewing distance is the expert recommendation is 2.5 m – 3m. This distance will vary depending on the type of TV you are using.

The general rule when watching TV is that you need to keep in distance watch TV fold, at least 5 times the width of the TV screen. For example if you have a TV 32 inches (about 0.8 m), then TV viewing distance optimal is 160 inches (4m).

Besides TV viewing distance, TV position also affects your comfort. You should put a TV and chairs to sit his stars for vision eye always equal or higher than the screen. If you leave the TV higher than eye level, you will constantly have to look up leads to eye strain and weary neck.

Many people tend to look at the screen of electronic devices such as ipads and smartphones more than watching TV. However, these devices can also cause eye fatigue or dry eye like TV.

You can remedy this situation by holding your device’s screen the way the eyes a distance equal to one arm. In addition, you should also place the screen at horizontal or below his eyes. If possible, please enlarge the text or images on electronic devices of his own to be able to see more comfortable and doesn’t make eye muscles get tired.

How to care for healthy eyes

Besides adjusting the TV viewing distance reasonable, you also need to pay attention protect healthy eyes to prevent vision problems.

Perform exercises for the eyes

If you want to prevent eye fatigue when watching TV or computer for too long, you take a pause look at the screen a little to exercise for the eye by exercises look near and far. This is one of the exercises for the eyes help the ophthalmologist recommendations. How exercises look near and far to this is that you see a near in a few seconds and then shifting the gaze to an object at a distance about 6m.

A number of exercises for the eyes gently else you can also try is:

• Exercises warm eyes: You massage hands together until the hands warm up, and then use hand pressure light on the eyes.

• Exercises blink: You sit comfortably, then blink fast from 10 – 15 times. Then, you close your eyes and relax for 20 seconds.

• Exercises draw the number eight: You sit up straight, put your thumb up in front, and then use the thumb of this drawing figure 8. You focus move the eye in the thumb.

You can find out more: exercises for The eyes help you relax gently

Improve the condition of fatigue eye

When is eye strain due to staring at the screen too long, then you can practice a number of ways to ease the discomfort:

  • Gently massage the eye
  • Apply a warm cloth around the eyes
  • Enough sleep at night so the eye has time to recover
  • Blink often to avoid eyes drying out
  • Use bigger TV to reduce eye fatigue when having to focus on a small point

Treatment of dry eye syndrome

Dry eye syndrome may be unpleasant but not a serious condition. If feel dry eyes after watching TV or working on the computer, you can use eye drops to help lubricate the eye. However, if the condition dry eye lasting that does not improve after you have stopped looking at the screen, then you need to see a doctor for advice. Your doctor will help you find the cause and cure correctly.

The habit of tracking the tv shows his favourite at a distance watching TV, reasonable will help you to avoid many irritating problems about the eyes. However, you should also limit the time looking at the screen and get enough sleep to eyes have time to recover, okay!

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