Training emotional intelligence to your life more balanced! -

Training emotional intelligence to your life more balanced!

Practicing emotional intelligence will help you maintain the personal relationships and achieving things desired in learning, work and life. When you get the skills necessary to build emotional intelligence good, you will find life more balanced.

Emotional intelligence, emotional intelligence EQ, or emotional intelligence is the ability to understand, use, and manage emotions of yourself in a positive manner, aimed at reducing stress. When training is high emotional intelligence, you will perceive much change, remarkable from themselves as communicate effectively, to empathize with others, persevere through the challenge, calm, conflict resolution…

The role of emotional intelligence

Emotional intelligence helps you build the relationship better, to bring success in school and work, reach personal goals as well as career. This is also a factor to help you connect better with his emotions, turning intention into action to make informed decisions with regard to the important things in your life.

Intellectual ability or also known as iq (IQ) is not enough to help you achieve success in life. The smartest person is not necessarily who is successful in life. Who have academic excellence, but still find it difficult when not able to mingle with people around or not able to maintain the relationship.

IQ and EQ to bring positive impact to you when you exist in parallel and supplement each other. Such as IQ can get you into university, but the main index EQ will help you control stress and emotions when facing final exam. The role of emotional intelligence can affect many aspects in your life such as:

• Ability to study, work: high emotional intelligence helps you to balance while feeling the surrounding environment become more complex. You’ll form the ability to lead and motivate others to the same you reach success. Many companies reviews high emotional intelligence is also equivalent with the skills, professional expertise, should the test EQ is often used to recruit suitable candidates.

• Physical health: If you can’t manage your emotions well, meaning you can’t control is stress effective. This will lead to a series of health problems as serious as increases blood pressure, suppresses the immune system, increasing the risk of heart attack, stroke, accelerate the aging process…

• Mental health: emotions and stress is not controlled can also affect mental health that you are prone to anxiety and depression. In the long run, this will make you feel lonely and worsen the health problems other mental.

• Create relationships: By understanding and controlling emotions, you will easily share with the feelings of others more. This allows you to better communicate and make the relationships more long-term, both in work and personal life.

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How to practice emotional intelligence

Let’s learn the 4 skills that help you hone your emotional intelligence here to help with life balance than me.

1. Self-control yourself to practice emotional intelligence

When it becomes excessive stress, you will easily lose the control of emotion and action thorough. That point it is easy for you to think clearly or make rational decisions? To develop indicators EQ, you need to learn how to use emotions to make decisions not one time.

To get the ability to manage stress and maintain feelings, you learn to receive things made me uncomfortable without being overwhelmed by emotion. When you meet problems, you can choose to avoid expressing attitudes and negative behavior by keeping silent, drink coffee, find an empty space, share with others…

Practicing emotional intelligence will help you manage emotions, impulsive behavior a proactive, positive, and adapt well to the change of circumstances.

2. Self-awareness to practice emotional intelligence

Tension control is only the first step to practice emotional intelligence. Science indicates that current feelings of you are likely to be formed from experience life when you still a child.

The ability to manage the core emotion such as anger, sadness, fear and fun often depend on feelings in the first year of life. However, as an adult, you still have the ability to recognize your own emotions and how they affect thoughts and behavior. You need to identify the strengths, weaknesses, beliefs and desires of themselves.

To practice emotional intelligence, you need to reconnect with the core emotion inside yourself and become comfortable with them through practice of mindfulness is derived from Buddhism.

Real practice mindfulness to help you live in harmony with yourself and the world around you. You will look back at his conception of life and aware of the meaning of each moment in life.

3. Relationship management to forge emotional intelligence

Ability to work harmoniously with others is a whole process starting from the awareness of his feelings and understanding for others. When the catch is these things, you will develop effective skills needed to build the relationship nice social sustainability.

• Use non-verbal communication: non-verbal Communication is sending a message in the communication process through the parts of the body such as gestures, facial expressions, eye contact, smile, tone of voice… the Way this message is transmitted quickly and significantly improve the relationship.

• Enhanced humor: A little humor, fresh funny will help for nervous system balance, reduce stress, help you calm down when the mind is stress. People who have high EQ tend to use humor and fun to make myself and others feel happier than those at the need to overcome the difficult period.

• Taking advantage of the conflict: but, of course, contradiction is the case, you can’t avoid in life. However, conflict does not always mean bad that this is your chance to understand more the people around. It is important that you choose how to resolve conflict in healthy, constructive, to strengthen trust between people.

• Express true feelings: Let others open up to you, you need honesty with his own feelings. You can’t protect yourself with funny faces scowl, annoyed that try to express true feelings to the opponent to understand you more clearly. However, you must express emotion in a subtle and wise in order to avoid causing discomfort, hurt others.

Practicing emotional intelligence will help you know how to develop and maintain good relationships, inspirational impact on others, effective team work and control conflict well.

4. Awareness around to practice emotional intelligence

Social awareness helps you have the ability to feel and catch the rhythm well with other people’s feelings. To practice emotional intelligence, you try:

• Sociable, open: index low EQ often is expressed through the mind, narrow-minded, not open. When you have more comprehensive view, you also resolved the conflict easily and more thorough. Such as a person who does not like you, do not rush to express attitudes hostile to that let’s first find out why and open yourself out to understand the cause from the perspective of them.

• Know how to sympathize: You should be a person listen actively and pay close attention to what the enemy are said to perceive clearly about how they feel. You put yourself in the position of others to see what I would do when in such a situation to seek sympathy.

• Read the body language: In the process of communication, you try to feel the real feelings behind by observing facial expression and body language of the enemy. Just a little bit is that you can also feel the smile express the meaning, what is hidden inside. Happy smile will express the elasticity on the face in a comfortable way, sad smile will be very awkward accompanied by light eyes melancholy.

Intellectual capacity, however, is important factor to work, learning, but still need to have emotional intelligence in parallel. High emotional intelligence will help you have the lasting relationship, good career opportunities and a more balanced life.

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Only the number of EQ’s elements can improve is if you practice, take the trouble to change ourselves to feel the positive change. If you are person who has high emotional intelligence, you continue to exert in order to perceive life balance and better each day.

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