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Top 6 Best Glow In The Dark Nail Polishes in 2020

Nail polish is a must for you at a rave party or any evening party. You can buy glowing nail polish in stores or on Amazon, but if you can’t find the right color or like to make your own, you can use regular nail polish to get the same effect.

There are two ways to make your nails glow in the dark paint, one of which is dangerous and you should avoid. The last method is effective if you want your nails to light up in black light.

How to make nail polish glow in the dark?

1. Real glowing homemade nail polish

It’s easy to make your nails look shiny from top to bottom. Also, this homemade nail polish looks professional and beautiful under the lights.

Nail that glow 

1, Brush the nail polish on the nail. It doesn’t matter what color you use. It is crucial to provide a foundation so that it will be easier to remove highlights in the future. If you want, you can also skip this step.

2, Next, you need to use a used nail polish brush. Unless the nail polish is clear, you may need to use nail polish remover to clean the nail polish brush so that no unpleasant colors are left.

3, Use this brush to apply any liquid that may glow in the dark onto your nails. Some of them are colored when dried, while others are colored while drying. No matter what you use, you can just apply one layer, but if you apply multiple layers, you can apply another layer after they dry completely.

4, Paint with a clear coating.

2. Glow powder to glow in dark nails

Using powder or sequins in nail polish can create a fun glow effect. Although luminescent powder is also a cosmetic, these items are easy to find in craft stores. You can try different shapes.

1. Paint your nails first.

2. Apply a transparent outer layer. Sprinkle glowing powder over the wet paint. You can use this method all over the nail or just on top of the nail.

3. Seal it with a topcoat.

Mix glowing pigments with polish

You can also mix it into nail polish with powder. But this can change the consistency of the nail
polish. If you add the powder to the color polish, the pigment partially covers the particles, so the final effect won’t be as bright as before.

3. Use a glow stick to paint the nail glow

Maybe someone on the Internet will tell you that if you develop a light-colored stick and mix it with transparent nail polish, it will light up in dark nail polish. This method is completely wrong. It destroys a perfect glow stick and gives off a stench.

4. Use a marker to make nails glow under black light

Keep the following points in mind, if you want to use a highlighter stylus to make your nails glow in the dark.

Not all highlighter pens can glow under black light. Yellow color is of course, but most blue pens do not emit light. Before applying nail polish, test your pen under black light

Highlights can damage the keratin of the nail. Primer must be applied before applying nail polish. Again, if you really like to dye your nails, then do that.

The highlight color does not need to be the same as the nail polish color

If you roughen the surface of the nail first, you will easily get a better surface color. Don’t polish too much, otherwise your nails will look very bad.

You need to paint the surface with topcoat. If not, it will fall off easily.

6 best glowing nail polish for 2020

1. FairyGlo Night Glow Gel Nail Polish

FairyGlo nail polish

FairyGlo Nail Polish is currently the most popular dark nail polish on the market.
They do not need black light to glow because they can glow naturally in the dark


1 hour long

Beautiful and popular

Easy to apply


Need UV lamp

2. ULG gel glows in the dark

ULG gel glows in the dark

ULG polishing and FairyGlo polishing are very similar.
They look more premium than FairyGlo and a bit expensive.They
are naturally grown polishes, and they glow in the dark without the need for black light.


Lasts 2-3 weeks

Apply it easily

Beautiful and popular


More expensive

3. Splashing & Spills Uv Glow Nail Polish

Nail Polish Splashing & Spills Uv Glow

Nail Glow Splash is a bright black nail polish.
This means they can only glow under ultraviolet or black light, like those colors in discos.


No UV lamp required

Extremely bright glow

Easy to apply


Only 6 colors are available

4. Nail Polish Emory Glow in Dark

Nail Polish Emory Glow in Dark

Nail Polish Emory Glow in Dark

Paint will work well if exposed to black light, (like in a club or something), otherwise you need to expose it to light (artificial or sunlight) as it’s on the nail hand and then move into the dark area so it glows. Few minute. 


Uber Glow


Pretty neat  


Packages are damaged sometimes

5. Mia Secret Glow Polish

Mia Secret Glow Polish

It is an acrylic so there is no need to mix. However, I highly recommend adding a layer of clear acrylic to the top for extra strength since these highly pigmented acrylics don’t have as much strength.


Gorgeous and bright

Beautiful colors!

Excellent acrylic powder


Does not glow in the dark. Only black light

6. Big T Ranch Top Coat Glow in the Dark Nail Polish

Big T Ranch Top Coat Glow in the Dark Nail Polish

Big T polishes are natural glow polish, meaning they can glow in the dark without the need for black light.
It prefers all natural bright nail polish. It needs to be exposed to the sun to charge it for a period of time to glow in the dark.


No need for LEDs or UV rays

No need for black light

Helps nails last longer


More expensive


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