Thyroid tumors are less likely to be thyroid cancer -

Thyroid tumors are less likely to be thyroid cancer

U the thyroid gland is divided into 2 types: a benign tumor is not cause thyroid cancer and has the function of secreted thyroid hormone to support the operation of the other body parts. This type occupancy rate of 90%. Of the remaining 10% are malignant tumors capable of causing cancer or other thyroid disease other dangers.

U what is thyroid?

Thyroid adenoma are the tumors that the growth process slowly, starting from the surface cells lining the inside of the thyroid gland. Themselves thyroid tumors also have the ability to secrete enough thyroid hormone. Case, the excess hormones will cause hyperthyroidism disease.

Disease hyperthyroidism due to thyroid tumors can be treated by the method of surgery to remove the tumors or removal of part of thyroid.

Tumor symptoms thyroid

Most of the tumor nodules, thyroid does not cause serious symptoms. Some people may feel a little difficulty when swallowing food or drink. Feeling is most visible mild pain or pressure in the throat. Besides, some other people can see lumps in the neck when look in the mirror, but this is not common.

Common symptoms of other diseases are fast weight loss unintended, often find thrill and irregular heartbeat.

The causes of thyroid adenoma appearance

Medicine has yet to find out the cause of this tumor, but they often have the closely related with the following factors:

⇒ Lack of iodine.

⇒ Disease hyperthyroidism (thyroid activity, the production of the hormone armour more than the body needs).

⇒ Hashimoto’s disease (another form of the disease hypothyroidism or underactive thyroid effective).

⇒ Thyroid cancer.

U thyroid gland there is a manifestation of thyroid cancer without?

Usually, thyroid adenoma was discovered through the visits periodic health examination. In the other case, when you meet an obstacle health somewhere in the head, chest or neck, the doctor will ask you to perform one or several procedures for the test. Test results will help your doctor accurately diagnose the condition u armor and cause tumors to appear.

Almost patients with thyroid adenoma also interested in the question: “is That thyroid cancer is not?”. To determine this, the doctor will continue to ask you to do many different tests. One of which is the procedure of “suction tissue needle”. Once there, the doctor will take a tissue sample from your thyroid gland and examine them under a microscope to see if they are cancer cells or not. A tissue sample is taken by a needle very small as the name of the method this test.

One other test you can do is ultrasound. This procedure uses sound waves to create images of shape, the thyroid and the size of the nodules. It can also help the doctor determine whether the nodules that is u solid (hard) or cysts (is liquid).

Type of test 3rd is the thyroid scan. In this procedure, the doctor will inject a radioactive iodine harmless into a vein in your arm. The thyroid gland will absorb the iodine this then glow according to the chemical reaction to doctor take pictures using medical equipment for professional use. Through photographs, the doctor may have preliminary conclusions about the status and the dangerous nature of the nodules based on the level of iodine shown in the picture.

Not 100% case u armor is the manifestation of thyroid cancer. According to statistics, only 10% of people u have thyroid cancer. This rate is higher in those who have undergone the process of treatment of a pathology, which method radiation in the region of the head, neck or chest. However, thyroid cancer can also occur in people without any risk factors whatsoever just mentioned.

Most of the ca of thyroid cancer can be cured by the method appropriate treatment. Initially, thyroid cancer, will appear as single notes, small grainy in the thyroid gland. If nodules, which are more signs such as rapid growth, inside is solid instead of liquid, it’s very possible it was melanoma. For accurate diagnosis, doctors need to conduct more medical procedures necessary.

Can I prevent this situation in any way?

Pity that medicine has yet to find the cause of disease u armor. So, virtually we have no way to actively prevent the appearance of them. However, iodine deficiency is one of the causes why thyroid adenoma appear. So, the best thing we can do is ensure nutrition adequate iodine available in table salt, dairy products, meat, seafood…

U thyroid gland caused what difficulties in everyday life?

The majority of people with thyroid tumors are able to maintain life, living normally. However, they need to be health checks more frequently to monitor developments and the condition tumor.

In some cases, a tumor can make the patient difficult to swallow or breathe. It also has a big impact to the weight of the patient. Once there, they need to coordinate active treatment to quickly get rid of this condition.

If the tumor is symptoms of thyroid cancer are more likely to you have to do surgery. With this method, the doctor will cut away a large part or all of your thyroid. Then, you have to drink hormone thyroid replacement daily for the rest of his life.

Treatment of thyroid tumors

Most patients with thyroid adenoma benign not select treatment at hospitals that only self-observation, tracking tumors in the house. Although the tumors can disappear or stay the same size but this not a form of active treatment. Patients still need to be doctor to check health periodically about 3-6 months to monitor the development of tumors. If in a long time, the tumor is not added then you complete peace of mind.

The form of treatment of benign thyroid other consists of taking the hormone, radioactive iodine injection, ethyl (ethanol) to shrink and destroy notes u gradually. If the above drugs still not remove the tumor, you may need to proceed with surgery.

Foods beneficial for patients with thyroid adenoma

Not only u the thyroid gland, these and other issues related to thyroid health can be resolved thanks to the foods you use every day. You can refer to and frequently supplements the following foods:

♥ Seaweed: This is one of the foods rich in iodine to support thyroid activity. You can use seaweed as salad, cook soup or make salad eating 1 time/week.

♥ Eggs: in Addition to iodine, eggs, there are many high content of selenium. This is a nutrient that is beneficial for the thyroid gland.

♥ Yogurt and other dairy products: calcium, iodine and other nutrients in yogurt or other dairy products will help your thyroid more healthy.

♥ Chicken or beef: Meat is supply zinc abundantly. Zinc is one of the important nutrients for the functioning of the thyroid gland.

♥ The berries: antioxidants contained in the berries, such as strawberries, black berries, grapes, blueberries, plums, acerola ability against the free radicals damage. In people with problems of thyroid, free radicals works quite strong.

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