Throat cancer early stage is not scary -

Throat cancer early stage is not scary

Throat cancer the early stages is the concept used when the disease can manifestations are very small and potentially high cure by surgical methods, radiation therapy or a combination of the 2 way on.

Treatment of throat cancer may include one of many methods such as surgery, radiation therapy, chemotherapy, medication or a combination of many methods together in the curing process.

Depending on the specific situation of each patient that the doctor will find out the form of suitable treatment. Meanwhile, the potential benefits of each method must be carefully weighed with the risks that may occur throughout the process of treatment for patients with throat cancer the early stages.

Subjects predisposed to throat cancer

In South-East Asia in general and Vietnam in particular, the incidence of throat cancer is quite high. According to statistics, 70% of patients detect cancer when the disease has moved to stage spread and metastasis. The majority of patients with laryngeal cancer are men from 30-50 years old. But that does not mean that women do not have the possibility of contracting throat cancer. A study in Singapore indicated that laryngeal cancer is a common disease 7th in men and 12th in women.

A few cases of throat cancer due to genetic factors. The majority of patients remaining causes comes from the living habits, smoking, the environment and exercise regimen imbalance. As such, both men and women are objects is predisposed to throat cancer if regular smoking, working in hazardous environments, there are nutrition diet not science and do not exercise in a long time.

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Things to do when you know yourself suffering from throat cancer early stages

You probably will feel desperate when you know yourself suffering from throat cancer. But as analyzed, patients with throat cancer early stages have cure rates are very high if you have certain knowledge about this disease. The first thing you should do when you know his disease is to be truly calm.

♥ You can conduct the test or biopsy in 2, 3 other health facilities to see the diagnostic results are coincide or not. If diagnostic information in the premises is the conclusion you have throat cancer, please inform relatives to go to “war with cancer”.

♥ When treatment throat cancer early stage, the doctor will consider the patient there should be radiation therapy or surgery to remove the lymph nodes or not. The reason is because after what the cancer cells will also spread throughout the system, the lymph nodes in the neck patient. When this happens, even though you’ve cured completely, but the likelihood of recurrence of the disease is also very high. There have been many medical evidence that removing lymph nodes is the wise choice to enhance effective treatment throat cancer early stages.

♥ A necessity else you have to do to know yourself is throat cancer is absolute follow treatment guidelines from your doctor. This can include both mental therapy, nutrition, duration of visit, disease… In which mental factors for patients with cancer is that both the patient and the patient must note.

Doctors recommend that cheerfulness, optimism are important factors that help the body are more likely to respond to the therapy.

♥ Besides, nutrition is also something that deserve attention. Patients with laryngeal cancer absolutely not be smoking, drinking beer and eating these fermented foods, food containing much salt and too hot in the process of treatment. Many scientific studies prove tobacco, alcoholic beverages and foods containing much salt will create more damage on the surface of both healthy cells and cancer cells. That is why they will cause throat cancer the early stages moving faster and difficult to treat definitively over.

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