Throat cancer can it be fixed? -

Throat cancer can it be fixed?

One of the factors that increase the level of danger of throat cancer is the disease progresses very silently. To when symptoms outbreaks do patients with cachexia, the disease was in the severe stage. Meanwhile, if it is not treated early, these tumors will metastasize to other organs, life-threatening patients.

So, throat cancer be cured? How to detect throat cancer in the early stages?

Throat cancer can it be fixed?

As well as other types of cancer, throat cancer, not illness outbreaks that can progress silently. Want to know the throat cancer can cure is not, you learn more 4 the growing phase of the disease include:

♥ Stage 1: Incubation

In this stage, the throat cancer not have the manifest. Sometimes symptoms sore throat or cough with phlegm of it are very similar to the normal sore throat, so we are not appreciating the severity of such manifestations. Conversely, if you devote the proper attention to these signs and to hospital, screening for cancer to detect the disease, the rate of disease treatment success will be very high.

♥ Stage 2: Disease progression

After stepping through the incubation period, the tumor will grow, causing symptoms throat cancer revealed more clearly. The patient may feel sore throat violently, in bloody sputum, difficulty swallowing food or drinks…

In this stage, the tumor still has not spread to the lymph nodes should you completely have the ability to cure throat cancer at stage 2.

♥ Stage 3: tumor spread

When the tumors grow larger, they will insert into the nearby lymph nodes and spread to other areas. At this stage, doctors often have to find answers to the most skillful to answer questions “throat cancer be cured?” of the patient. Whether can cure the disease in this stage, but almost, the cure rate of very low.

♥ Stage 4: metastasis

At the stage of metastatic disease, throat cancer has destroyed a part or the whole system, lymph nodes and life-threatening patients. At this stage, the disease will not be cured.

What do you know about the method of radiation therapy for cancer of the nasopharynx?

Radiation therapy is a treatment method common applied to the cancer patients, in which cancer of the nasopharynx. With this method, your doctor will use the particle beam of high energy projector straight into the tumor to damage the DNA of them. From there, cancer cells will be destroyed.

In many cases, radiation therapy can be used as a main method to destroy tumors take root. If necessary, the doctor can specify the combination radiation therapy and chemotherapy to enhance the effectiveness of the cancer treatment.

Because radiation therapy is cancer treatment locally should the side effects of this method just place in the region of the body is radiation therapy.

Side effects most common after radiation therapy is the patient tired last long (about 2-3 months after radiation therapy). The cause is explained by the process of radiation therapy that the patient is reduced erythrocytes, tired causing loss of appetite caused energy shortage. In addition, patients also suffer from dry mouth, inflammation of the skin or vulnerable to dental problems other after radiation therapy.

Who is throat cancer what should be done to increase the survival rate?

Battle with cancer to win the life’s battle is not easy. Patients and must not only always maintain a spirit of optimism, but also must have the certain knowledge about the diseases themselves are suffering. Throat cancer has cure does not depend very much on this factor.

If detected and treated early when the disease is in stage 1 or 2, you can completely prolonged his life for another 5-10 years, or from the disease completely depending on health per person.

In most cases detect themselves is throat cancer patient and is forced to always adhere to the following care instructions and treatment regimens of doctor. Absolute do not eat the fermented foods or foods that contain a lot of salt and don’t smoke, don’t drink beer, don’t take food too spicy, such as chili, pepper or too hot to areas of the nasopharynx not be added to the external lesions.

If the patient has poor health, not enough to meet for radiation therapy, chemotherapy, or the treatment by Western medicine, others may think to 2 the Oriental medicine follows:

♥ Green virgin

According to Oriental medicine, green, virgin, has a bactericidal effect, objective inflammation and effective treatment of unusual symptoms in the nasopharynx. To use leaves the women cure throat cancer, you take fresh leaves smashed and juiced drink every day. In this process, make sure you closely monitor any progression of the body to have a plan processed in accordance with your medical condition.

♥ Nấm linh chi

The active substances in reishi mushrooms have the ability to excrete toxins and destroy the tumor. In addition, the effect of ganoderma lucidum is also medicine proven in many other areas such as beauty, tonic health. You can take ganoderma in order to cooking drinking water daily.

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