Things you should know when belching chuaĐây is a sponsored posts. For more information about Advertising policies and our funding, please read more here. -

Things you should know when belching chuaĐây is a sponsored posts. For more information about Advertising policies and our funding, please read more here.

Though heartburn is quite common but not everyone knows where is the cause or severity of this condition. If you soon learn about heartburn, it will be very much limited the risk of health is disturbing.

Heartburn will usually appear after a meal, in the evening when you lie down or bend over. If the heartburn occurs less than 2 times/week, you need not worry but if is more often then you should go to see a doctor.

Let’s learn some more essential information around the phenomenon heartburn popular this.

Heartburn is what?

Heartburn is a physiological response of the body when you make a diet deficient in science, not necessarily a pathological condition. In many cases, heartburn is a sign of the pathology of the stomach, the gastroesophageal reflux disease of the esophagus.

The symptoms in people suffering from heartburn are often quite clear in which the most common are burning sensation in the throat, sometimes burning pain in the chest and throat, due to the characteristics of stomach acid. Because the fluid is pushed up containing old food has been fermented, so the patient will feel a sour taste after burping up.

The heartburn is also vulnerable to a number of other signs such as:

  • Burning sensation in the middle of the chest
  • Pain spreading to the jaw
  • Burning pain and sensation of indigestion
  • There is astringency in the mouth

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Causes heartburn

Signs of heartburn common can be due to many causes stem from lifestyle, diet, or pathological cause. Here are the common causes of heartburn that you should know.

1. Phenomenon bacterial vaginosis

Intestinal bacteria if is balanced, will play an important role helping to maintain and protect health. However, if the beneficial bacteria weakened, harmful bacteria stronger or harmful elements that stimulates bacteria development opportunities, you will be predisposed to gastrointestinal disorders.

Digestive disorder causing direct influence on the digestive capacity of the intestinal tract. Then, if the nutrients taken in is not digested all that is fermented, bio-gas, will cause bloating, bloating. At the same time, the body will push the amount of this gas to the outside, the appearance phenomenon heartburn.

2. Status intestinal motility disorders

Peristalsis is a series of movements of contraction and relaxation, spread a rhythmic way and the continuity of the smooth muscles in the gastrointestinal tract. Normal peristalsis is the peristaltic type, roll waves or contractions push food from the top down, making the process of absorption and digestion of food easier.

When functional intestinal disorders, peristalsis will motor in reverse, push the reverse feed back into the esophagus and mouth, causing heartburn. Causes of intestinal motility disorders is usually due to when you eat the right foods irritate the intestinal tract or due to irritable bowel syndrome or gastroesophageal reflux disease esophagus.

3. Diets high in fat and starch indigestion

Group unhealthy fats as fats from the food packaging and starch indigestion as sticky rice will create tension for the digestive apparatus, especially when you consume large quantities. Two groups this substance requires a large amount of digestive enzymes to make active cut small, then the new is absorbed into the blood.

When the body secretes insufficient digestive enzymes, the food contains more fat and starch indigestion will be backlog cause feelings of bloating, discomfort. Case fat and starch indigestion is fermented or irritation of the intestinal tract will cause intestinal motility disorders.

To balance the pressure in the digestive tract at this time, the body will do the burp. Phenomenon burp when pulling according to the translation in the stomach or the intestinal reflux up to the mouth will cause feeling sour in the mouth.

4. Stress condition

Psychological stress, instability that causes direct effect to the operation of the system, vegetative nervous system, govern the activity of the stomach. When the nervous system is irritated, the stomach will increase acid secretion, and motility disorders contractions to digest food.

These two factors combined will increase the pressure in the stomach, stimulates the opening of the valve center position and the lower esophageal sphincter. The consequence is the contained in the stomach, which has the form of fermented reflux up the esophagus and mouth, causing the phenomenon of heartburn.

5. How to eat teen science

Lifestyle and way of eating, teen, science in first time only causing the phenomenon of heartburn, physiological, and not too dangerous. However, if this condition is repeated in long time and continuous, it will cause the intestinal pathology such as gastroesophageal reflux or increased secretion of gastric acid.

In addition to heartburn, then when the incidence of this pathology, the disease also may encounter many other unpleasant symptoms such as pain, i.e. stomach epigastric, nausea, burning stomach…

6. Gastroesophageal reflux disease of the esophagus

In many causes are pathological gastroesophageal reflux esophagus is the leading factor causing the phenomenon of belching, heartburn. Gastroesophageal reflux disease of the esophagus occurs when acid in the stomach reflux up the esophagus (the digestive tube connecting mouth with the stomach).

Mechanism causing gastroesophageal reflux disease of the esophagus based on 3 main factors include: increased gastric acid secretion, intestinal motility disorders, gastric and impairment of function the lower esophageal sphincter. Acid gastric the excess will inhibit the process of digesting food in the stomach, at the same time making fermented food. This causes motility disorders, co, massage the stomach, instead of putting food down the intestinal tract at the bottom, then push back up the esophagus.

In addition, if combined more factors impaired function of the lower esophageal sphincter will cause translation contained in the stomach, including acid, enzymes and food prone to reflux. When the acid is pushed up the esophagus will cause the condition belching, heartburn or heartburn.

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Diet when suffering from heartburn

To help reduce the discomfort due to heartburn causes, patients need to plan for what foods should I eat and should not eat.

Heartburn should eat?

Diet plays an important role in the control condition, heartburn in pathological reflux of the stomach to the esophagus. Patients should choose the foods good for stomach and easy to digest.

Bread: bread can absorb, support, good control of excess acid in the stomach. However, you should only eat this type of bread is prepared from whole grain, because this kind of bread will help neutralize gastric effective. In addition, you should avoid eating sweet bread, cheese bread or bread too dry because it will make the stomach acid secretion more.

Oatmeal: Advantages of oats are contain large amount of fiber and carbohydrates, which help to remove reduce the amount of acid gastric excess, limiting the burden of digestion for the stomach and reduce heartburn. According to nutrition experts, then oats suitable food especially in the morning.

• Ginger tea: Ginger is spicy and warm, so drink a cup of ginger tea about 30 minutes after meals will promote the blood circulation to the stomach better. Warm ginger water also air conditioned-air circulation in the stomach, avoiding the phenomenon of gas and food being pushed back up, prevent bouts of belching appear.

• Watermelon: watermelon is classified as alkaline foods with high lycopene. Lycopene helps to neutralize the amount of acid gastric excess in the stomach, thereby prevent the condition from heartburn effectively.

• Papaya: In papaya, September contains a large amount of digestive enzymes papain support the digestion of the stomach. When digestive activity takes place smoothly, it will no longer condition the stagnant steam generator to create pressure for the stomach.

Heartburn should abstain from what?

People who suffer heartburn should pay attention to some foods should be avoided in daily diet to condition heartburn from becoming more severe.

• Food too sour: The dish has a sour taste more often also have more acid. Meanwhile, the amount of acid gastric in the heartburn was excess. So, if you continue to provide more acid condition, heartburn will be increasingly worse. You should avoid sour fruits (toad, mango, orange, lemon…) or pickled (pickles, tomato salt, onion salt…)

• Drinks stimulate the stomach: The types of freshwater has gas or alcoholic drinks like wine, beer will irritate the stomach, causing the stomach to increase acid secretion. What kind of beverages containing caffeine such as coffee or the energy drink will also do the frequency and level of heartburn becomes more severe.

• The spices irritate: some spices help create the hot and spicy is not good for your stomach health, especially those who suffer from heartburn due to gastroesophageal reflux. The stomach will increase acid secretion, do intestinal motility disorders, hinder the process of digestion accompanied by heartburn if you eat spices such as pepper, chili, mustard…

• Greasy food: fast foods, fried fry much grease will cause you are always in a state of flatulence due to muscle tone and pressure in the stomach increases. This situation lasts will increase the frequency of appearance symptoms heartburn.

How to cure heartburn effective natural

Some how to treat heartburn with natural ingredients will help you reduce the unpleasant sensation due to heartburn.

• Aloe: Aloe has a bitter taste, cool relieves the burning caused by excess stomach acid. This herb also soothes the lining of the stomach, thereby limiting the increase in gastric acid secretion and regulates peristalsis better. You can take natural aloe and then bring the puree with a little water and then drink after a meal about 30 minutes.

• Warm water honey: honey contains many enzymes and vitamins are good for the digestive process in the stomach. A glass of warm water mixed with honey before eating 20 minutes each morning will help remedy the situation fermented food is stagnant in the stomach.

• Chamomile tea: chamomile Tea is a therapy impact to the nervous system plant. When the nervous system relaxes, the process of secretion will be air-conditioned, reducing pressure on the stomach, thereby limiting condition reflux and prevent heartburn. You drink a cup of chamomile tea about 30 minutes before sleep to calm the spirit and reduce heartburn.

• Almonds soaking: High alkaline and calcium in almonds when soaked in water will form an alkaline solution that helps neutralize the acidity of gastric natural. This reaction prevent reflux from that remedy heartburn. You let the almonds in water, soak overnight and eat the next day.

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In addition, you can learn a number of herbs support digestion and help you to ease heartburn, such as Ginger, licorice, Seller north, Commercial truật, Hoang lien… Currently, these types of this herb have been combined into the category of a dietary herbal like Gastosic.

Gastosic is product contains 8 kinds of herbs specifically for gastroesophageal reflux the esophagus combined with high technology, Nano Curcumin is good research, evaluate the effectiveness and rigor at the Academy of Science and technology of Vietnam. Products help quick relief from the symptoms of gastroesophageal reflux such as belching, burping sour, burning, chest tightness, nausea… at the same time, this is also effective solution that helps to prevent recurrence, and prevent the dangerous complications of gastroesophageal reflux disease.

Food protection health Gastosic is formulated based on the principle of multi-impact along with 3 groups of herbal specialist:

• Group herbal soothe nerves, reduce stress, prevent relapse: Camomile, licorice, Trade truật. Stress is the main cause of gastroesophageal reflux, so you can use this herb to soothe the nerves, thereby reducing nausea and reflux.

• Group herbal anti-inflammation, heal ulcers, prevent complications: Nano Curcumin, celandine, liquorice, post sketches. This group helps to increase anti-inflammatory, inhibit bacteria HP, stable digestion, promote mucosal healing, reduce difficulty swallowing, painful swallowing. From there, you will prevent the dangerous complications such as esophageal ulcers or esophageal cancer.

• Group herbs help stabilize digestion: Sale ha north, Corn, sumac, post sketches, Ginger… this Group helps to reduce acid gastric, protect the mucous membranes in the stomach and intestines and stimulates digestion.

Gastosic (*) have the form of capsules handy help support treatment the cause of heartburn, belching symptoms reflux stomach esophagus poor digestion, stomach ulcers… This is the product has been many health experts recommended to support the treatment, other as medication or surgery. This product is manufactured in line with modern technology meet GMP standard-WHO.

In fact patients with gastroesophageal reflux esophagus often do not survive the cause individual diseases, which incorporate many causes on the same patient, so the treatment want to succeed also need to coordinate with multiple mechanisms. Therefore, Gastosic has been research and developed based on principles solving problems reflux stomach esophagus, the the mechanism of action aimed at limiting the condition gastroesophageal reflux esophagitis relapse back.

You can find out details about the products Gastosic HERE.

You don’t have to worry when is heartburn, but still need to find out the full information necessary to avoid bad happenings in a bad direction to go. Let’s plan for a diet combined with healthy lifestyle to protect their health in the best way you.

(*) This product is not a medicine and no effective alternative medicines. Not recommended for pregnant women.

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