The way the dishes delicious tea heat summer days -

The way the dishes delicious tea heat summer days

Summer days, our bodies seem to lose more water, so the rehydration is very necessary. If you feel bored with the bland of the glass water filter, learn how the delicious tea to blow away the summer heat.

Not wrong, when people see summer as the season most hated of the year, sunny, hot, dry, muggy, uncomfortable are words that can describe about this season. Weather, the heat makes us tired and sometimes don’t want to eat anything but drink water.

If the dish of vegetables or drink from the fruit still has enough heat for you, let Hello Doctor learn how the dishes delicious tea that have health benefits.

Nutrition from the tea is delicious

Depending on the tea you will use that nutritional elements it brings is different, just like saying “eat what supplements every man” so. Talking about tea, then, not to mention antioxidants in the “nutritional profile” of them, and the nutrients remaining will depend on the source of teas that can be fruit tea, herb tea or tea from vegetables. Types of tea the basic usually will give you a amount of potassium, manganese, flavonoids certain.

A cup of tea, cool, not only to quench your muggy in you but also bring the specific benefits the following:

1. Water supply to the body

Dehydration affects both physical and mental and the best way to prevent that from happening is to drink plenty of water. Instead of white water does not taste bland, the drink several cups of cold tea a day to change the is also a good way. A more information with you as water helps to remove toxins, tighten the skin, strengthen the immune as well as weight control well.

2. Contains many antioxidants

The high magic this will protect the organs in the body from oxidation damage by free radicals. Besides, tea also helps prevent cancer as well as reduce the risk of chronic diseases. According to studies, polyphenols – an antioxidant present in tea, have higher concentrations than 8 times fruits and vegetables. This is so great, right? Let that not make some delicious tea to enjoy!

3. Tea no sugar

You know, sugar is the culprit causing obesity, increased cholesterol levels bad for the body and lead to the risk of diabetes type 2. But you rest assured because tea does not contain sugar and even when you have drink up to 350ml of tea away, this also just to add for you 2 calories only. Tea, no sugar, no calories should be consumption of tea helps you do not have to burden add up weight how.

4. Increase metabolism

Good metabolism is very necessary, especially with case you are want to lose weight. The increased metabolism will help you have higher energy levels, reduced calories easier, but it does not increase weight. A process good metabolism occurring in the body also helps maintain your weight. Therefore, work should have the gift of delicious tea in the kitchen is opinion not bad with the you are wanting to lose weight.

5. Teeth, goodbye cavities

According to some researchers, the tea incredibly good for your teeth because help balance pH as well as prevent tooth decay extremely effective.

6. Tea is a supply of manganese good

Manganese is a trace elements needed to increase bone density, heal wounds more quickly and maintain the metabolism of the body. Iced tea offering this and help meet the demand for nutrition recommendations (RDA) of you easily.

7. Good for cardiovascular health

Tea reduces bad cholesterol as well as contribute to regulate your cholesterol levels, this should help reduce the risk of heart attack and stroke in some cases.

8. Want to relax take a look to tea

Drinking a cup of cold tea there used to stabilize the spirit, relieve stress and relax at the end of the day. Tea helps reduce cortisol, a hormone produced by the adrenal glands when you are in a state of stress, worry or fear and the end is the body you will feel relaxed, more pleasant. The fact is who would not want to enjoy it, right?

Tell you how to make dishes tasty tea helps release heat summer days

Here are the dishes delicious tea is hint to you have more ideas for the menu this summer:

1. Lemon tea pomegranate red color fresh for summer days, brilliant

A cup of tea and cool lemon add color pomegranate red playful will help you purify the body very tired. You can refer to mixed drinks, drink cool and fresh this for all the family as follows:


  • 8 cups boiling water
  • 8 wrapped tea filter bags
  • 2 cups pomegranate juice
  • 3 lemons were sliced small
  • 1/4 cup of sugar.

Preparation time:

15 minutes

Number of cups can be brewed be:

12 cups

How to perform:

Coated profile teapot with boiling water and let the tea bag filter in. Pour boiling water into the jar and soak the tea bags about 10 minutes. Then you take the tea bags out. You can use grounds the tea has cooled to fertilize crops.

To tea cool down until it reaches room temperature, you use pomegranate juice was prepared are mixed in, add the lemon already sliced and sugar, stir. Note is lemon tea pomegranate will taste better chilled for you!

2. Mint tea

In the tea delicious summer day, it would be flawed if not mentioning mint tea. Who wouldn’t be infatuated with a glass of mint tea, just the smell that back cool people.

Raw material:

  • Boiling water
  • 1 teaspoon tea
  • 5 cups boiling water
  • 2 bunches fresh mint (washed and drained)
  • 1/2 cup sugar to taste

Preparation time:

From 15 to 20 minutes

Number of cups can be brewed be:

5 cups

How to perform:

Mint pick leaves washed to remove dust, soil and then shredded mint leaves or loop lightly to the leaves secrete a scent (you can choose mint chocolate or mint leaves, typically depending on your taste). Coated yet the teapot with boiling water and then for 5 cups of boiling water into the jar to get rid of the tea within 2 to 3 minutes. Then add mint and sugar and stirring until sugar is dissolved.

When the tea was flavored as you want, you can filter out trash mint leaves. If, however, to the mint leaves in the tea, the flavor of the dish, this drink will be more fragrant very much. Tea after brewing to cool down to room temperature, then you can add to that a few stones are ready to enjoy all right.

3. Peach tea

Peach tea seems to have become drink-too-familiar with everyone. Just comeback recent years, but the peach tea was a must of any shop serves delicious tea and how. You can also do is get yourself a glass of peach tea delicious with the following formula:


  • 1 bag tea bag flavor, peach
  • Boiling water for 100ml
  • Peach syrup: 15ml
  • Peach juice soaked canned: 20ml
  • Dig the dip: 1/4 results (you can buy at the supermarket or the convenience store)
  • Mint leaves: 3 leaves.

Preparation time:

About 10 minutes

Number of cups can be mixed:


How to perform:

Soak tea bags filter bag with 100ml hot water for 3 minutes, then cut the peaches into thin pieces for in a glass of water on. Continue for peach syrup, peach juice soaked, sugar water into the jar shake. Add ice, cover and shake really well. Mint leaves used to decorate and create aroma for the water dish of your looks more attractive. Here is the recipe how to make peach tea delicious, it’s simple, right?

4. Raspberry tea

Tea fruit great can’t lack of shade in the list the tea is delicious, cooling summer day. In addition to brought to you a spirit of cheery, raspberry tea also has a lot of vitamins and minerals again. The way is also very simple:


  • 4 cups water
  • 2/3 cup sugar
  • 5 tea bags
  • 3 to 4 cups raspberries has not seasoned the
  • Few mint leaves washed to drain

Preparation time:

15 minutes

Number of cups can serve:

8 cups

How to perform:

Take 2 cups of water and pour into the pot then bring to a boil, when the water was boiling then add the sugar and stir constantly until sugar is dissolved. Turn off the heat, and then for the bag filter on to as long as about 5 to 8 minutes, then take the tea bags out.

In another paragraph you use a pan to medium and then for 2 cups of remaining water. Next, for the raspberries in the pan and mix well on a small kitchen fire, do not cover within about 3 minutes.

Filter remove the flesh raspberries and mix the mixture you have just done with the tea water on. Let the tea cool down to room temperature and place in refrigerator, when user can add ice and garnish with a few mint leaves to add an attractive okay!

Hot tea or iced tea any kind better?

The answer is hot tea, because when you soak the herbs or leaves in hot water, the antioxidants and nutrients are extracted and when used will be more effective.

Tea stone cold, the time used best is how long?

Tea when brewing is complete, you should be used within 24 hours, please. If you make cold tea, you are able to use maximum in about 3 – 4 days. With tea added sugar, you should only to the maximum highest is 2 day because these substances have a sweet taste are often prone to fermentation.

Tea with the life of Vietnamese people no stranger, from the cup of iced tea sidewalk to a glass of flavored tea, lotus fragrant. Tea is not only good for health but also cooling effect as a cloudy watered and cool for summer days. You should also refer to the opinion of medical professionals about the amount of tea should be used daily. Try the right way, the dishes delicious tea that Hello Doctor has just told above, make sure that your day will become very great.

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