The use of powder red beans: 5 awesome things you know as soon as possible -

The use of powder red beans: 5 awesome things you know as soon as possible

Red beans are nutritious foods. They contain protein, fiber, and vitamins abundantly bring many benefits in terms of health and beauty for users. Red beans are often processed in the form of whole grain or milled into flour red beans. To know about the use of red bean can you will be very excited to use this type of material.

Nutritional content in red beans helps to improve the overall health of person regular use. Not only that, red bean and red lentil powder can help you lose weight; stabilize blood sugar and limit risk of certain cancers.

1. Red beans contain lots of protein and many nutrients other

One of the uses of flour, red bean and red bean grain is provide the body with necessary amount of protein. Protein is the main component in the body. It is created from the amino acids to create cells, tissues, muscles and bones. Protein also has many other roles with respect to health as:

– Generate antibodies shield the body from the risk of infection.

– Create enzymes that boost metabolism, metabolism.

– Signal transmission operation to the cells, tissues and the internal organs.

According to nutrition experts, a cup of red beans cooked contains approximately 15g of protein. Meanwhile, the level of protein recommended consumption is about 0.8 g/each sign of body weight. However, this is only relative number because of the amount of protein need to consume depends on many other factors such as health status, levels of mobility…

Those who are suffering from muscle damage or are in practice mode to strengthen muscles need to be tolerated more protein than usual. Meanwhile, red beans or milk from powder, red bean is a great choice for you to use every day.

In addition to protein, the use of flour red beans or red bean grain also due to a series of other nutrients bring. In which there are 5 important nutrients. The active substance supports the physiological functions different.

♥ Fiber: This is a substance indispensable for the health of each person. Fiber is absorbed through the digestive system. A diet full of fiber will help you prevent constipation and improve heart health.

A healthy women need about 25g of fiber per day. For men, this figure is 38g. Meanwhile, a cup of red beans raw cooked grains provide approximately 11,3 g fiber. This rate is equivalent to 45% of the demand for fiber by women and 30% of the needs of men.

♥ High quality iron: If offered full, iron will is the source of positive support for the process of metabolism; growth and development of many cells and hormones in the body. A cup of red beans contains about 5mg of iron. The content of this meet about 28% of the demand of iron per day of women and 63% of demand for men.

According to the study, people whose diets lean toward food of plant origin, especially red bean and red bean are not at risk of iron deficiency.

♥ Magnesium: Along with the system for more than 300 enzyme activity in the body, magnesium plays an important role in the biochemical reactions of protein synthesis; regulate blood pressure and control the amount of sugar in the blood. Not only that, magnesium also has the function to support activities of the muscles and the circulatory system as it is the active substance necessary for the process of transport of potassium and calcium to the cells, nourishes the muscles and maintain cardiovascular health.

According to the recommendations of nutrition experts, healthy women need to consume account 320mg of magnesium per day. Men need to 420g. A cup of red beans or 1 cup of milk from red lentil powder can help you meet this demand.

♥ Phosphorus: Phosphorus has a major role in the process of formation of teeth and bones. It is also relevant to the process of production of energy and regulate the pH level in the body. When combined with vitamin B, phosphorus has good effect in supporting heart function and kidney.

♥ Folic acid: red Beans and red bean is a source of folic acid natural great for the body. For this reason, the obstetricians generally recommend that pregnant women supplement beans, red beans or red bean into the diet daily. This helps pregnant women prevent birth defects of the fetus due to lack of folic acid.

2. The use of powder, red kidney beans and red beans in weight loss

Health benefits of red beans bring can also help you lose weight safely. Fiber and protein are two nutrients important to maintain the feeling of satiety or suppressing the appetite of you.

This is also the reason why the coaches can encourage my students should add red beans into the diet. Moreover, there has been much scientific evidence to prove that those who pursue diet rich in protein usually control weight better than those who eat less protein.

So, if you want to lose weight safely, quickly, you should regularly eat red beans whole grain or take advantage of the use of pea flour to make the cake, mix skim milk.

3. Red beans reduces the likelihood of cancer

A diet healthy with the beans, especially red beans, will help you prevent many health problems worse such as obesity or cancer. Because in red kidney beans have fiber content abundant should red bean flour, red beans or preparations from red beans have more likely to prevent colorectal cancer and breast cancer.

4. Red bean and drink, from powder, red beans help your conditioning, the amount of sugar in the blood

Each cup of beverage from powdered red bean contains about 40g of carbohydrates. However natural carb in red beans is carb good, fiber-rich, not like the kind of simple carb to have in kinds of sweets and fast food. Your body tends carb consumption good from from. This means the carb will absorb into the bloodstream over time, not consumed at the same time. This is ideal conditions for the body to control the amount of sugar in the blood.

Moreover, when the carb good be consumed gradually will help your body steady energy for many hours after a meal. This prevents state of fatigue and help you feel full longer should control effective appetite. Meanwhile, carb bad in the type of fast food is often consumed quickly so will leave you hungry to return after eating.

5. The use of red lentil powder as lotion

There is a secret few people know about the use of red bean for skin. When combined powder red kidney beans with fresh milk, yogurt, honey or coconut oil, you will get a mixture of skin care, wholesome, and extremely effective.

Before the mask with one of a kind mixture on, make sure you rinse your face and ensure facial skin was exfoliating be careful. This will increase the ability to absorb nutrients from red bean to your skin becomes smooth, fresh and brighter after each use.

With the use of red bean, red bean, raw seeds, Hello Doctor hope to have more inspiration for you to additional this type of material in the process of beauty and diet daily.

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