The signs that you are suffering from disease of thyroid -

The signs that you are suffering from disease of thyroid

Disease of the thyroid gland, also called hypothyroidism, hypothyroidism is one of the pathologies belonging to the group of thyroid. The body of patients with impaired thyroid will be reduced by a series of physiological functions cause a lot of difficulties in active daily life.

The thyroid is the butterfly-shaped gland located low in the front of the neck. With men, the thyroid gland is located below the “Adam’s apple”, along the front of the trachea.

The thyroid gland has 2 lobes armour connected with each other. Most people can feel the thyroid gland by palpation in his neck.

In the normal state, the thyroid gland is brownish-red and contains many blood vessels. This is also important parts to decide the quality of voice of each person.

The thyroid secretes several hormones, collectively called thyroid hormones. In it, the most important hormone is thyroxine, also called T4. Thyroid Hormone acts throughout the body to impact to temperature, process development and metabolism. In young children, thyroid hormone full and function properly functions will make an important contribution to brain development of the baby.

Disease of the thyroid gland is what?

Disease of the thyroid also known as hypothyroidism disease. This is a form of thyroid pathology from poor performance due to many causes such as inflammation, cancer, tumor… When the thyroid gland is impaired, we do not have enough strength to take on the role regulates the process of metabolism, maintaining body temperature stable and support functions for the other body parts.

Thyroid activity weak seriously affect health and disease. It disturbs the physiological functions of many organs on the body. Disease of thyroid can be fatal in a short time.

Causes and clinical symptoms of the disease of thyroid

There are 3 main causes of disease of the thyroid gland. In which atrophy of the thyroid gland is the most common cause. Causative factors Monday is due to autoimmune thyroiditis Hashimoto. This cause is explained by a mechanism of self-destruction of the immune system inside the body. The final cause disease causing hypothyroidism is due to secondary after treatment of hyperthyroidism by surgery or chemotherapy.

Because the thyroid gland is the endocrine organ most important of the body should be when it has the unusual hypothyroidism symptoms will also manifest very clearly. That is the syndrome that happens in most of the parts do affect the functioning of them. Symptoms underactive thyroid gland most common is reduced metabolism, edema of the mucosa, skin, tongue big out 2 sides, slow heart rate, low blood pressure, cardiac arrhythmia, anorexia, slow digestion, reduce physiological needs.

Method of diagnosis disease of thyroid

To diagnose hypothyroidism, your doctor must be based on manifested clinical examination and conduct the necessary tests.

Clinical diagnosis

Patients with hypothyroidism are women in the age 40-50, symptoms usually appear slowly, so it is easily confused with the signs of menopause.

The clinical signs most characteristic is skin lesions and mucous membranes with the expression as:

♦ Facial deformity: the patient’s Face more rounded at the usual time, appeared many wrinkles, and “red,” little expressed emotion.

♦ Lip and cheek cyanosis, eyelids swelling up.

♦ Blade to out the 2 sides and have color penetration browned.

♦ Bradycardia, often with angina or heart failure.

♦ Regular body fatigue, long-term constipation, deterioration of the physical activity and sexual desire.

♦ In women, disease of the thyroid gland also can cause patients suffering from menorrhagia, menstrual disorder or impaired adrenal function.

Diagnosis of the disease hypothyroidism by test results

With this diagnostic method, scintigraphy thyroid is very useful procedure to evaluate the thyroid function in pictures. Medical techniques modern this has been present in Vietnam and is a number of hospital application in the process of diagnosis, treatment, disease of the thyroid gland.

Disease of the thyroid dangerous?

In general, the underactive thyroid gland is disease dangerous because it entailed the decline in function of the other internal organs. If not treated in time, disease of the thyroid can create these complications permanently without recovery or life-threatening patients in a short time.

The audience is predisposed to disease of the thyroid gland

The proportion of the risk of disease of the thyroid gland in both men and women are equal. The disease can occur at any age but more common in middle-aged women and above. These factors increase the risk of disease underactive thyroid gland include:

♦ Women aged 50 years and older.

♦ People suffering from diseases of the autoimmune disorders.

♦ The family has grandparents, parents or siblings suffering from autoimmune diseases.

♦ Have had surgery thyroid or partial thyroid.

♦ Taking drugs that inhibit the thyroid gland or radiotherapy treatment iodine.

♦ Women used pregnancy and childbirth.

How to prevent disease of the thyroid gland

Medicine has not yet figured out how to prevent get rid of for disease of the thyroid gland. However, these objects have a high risk of infection can apply some precautions as follows:

♦ Periodic health examination to promptly detect the initial symptoms of the disease hypothyroidism.

♦ Women of childbearing age need to do screening for hypothyroidism. The cause is because in the first 3 months of pregnancy, the fetus has not formed the thyroid gland. At this time, the fetus needs a lot of thyroid hormone from the mother to the developing nervous system. If the mother is disease hypothyroidism, babies born are more at risk of cretinism, and mental retardation.

Treatment of hypothyroidism disease

If the disease hypothyroidism occurs due to drug resistance armor or anti-inflammatory drugs hypothyroidism, the disease can self-recover after patients stop the medication. The remaining cases, the patients must drug treatment hormone replacement armour.

Drug hormone replacement thyroid commonly used is levothyroxine. Patients need to use daily to supply the hormone armour need every day for stay tuned can.

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