The secret life healthier for people with kidney failure level 4 -

The secret life healthier for people with kidney failure level 4

There are no less patient with kidney failure level 4 can still live healthy for many years and is the favorite work. You fret want to know the secret which helped the patient do this?

Chronic kidney disease happens if your kidneys have been hurt. The kidneys can be hurt by injury, real or pathologies such as diabetes mellitus, high blood pressure. When hurt, kidney function is severely reduced. This causes the kidneys cannot filter the blood or perform other functions to keep you healthy.

A number of important functions which the kidneys responsible for such as filter blood, balance fluid levels, body conditioning, hormones, help control blood pressure, keep bones healthy, create erythrocytes.

Chronic kidney disease, there are five 5 levels (5 stages), as follows:

  • Kidney disease levels 1 and 2: Kidney damage and not functioning at full capacity, but usually does not cause manifest health plan.
  • Kidney disease level 3: About a half of kidney function has been lost. People suffering from kidney disease level 3 can meet the health problems such as high blood pressure, the bone problems. The treatment of this complication is very important, even can help slow the loss of kidney function.
  • Kidney disease level 4: status of kidney damage serious happened. At this stage, it is important to slow the process of loss of renal function by following the treatment plan, and managing other problems like high blood pressure, heart disease.
  • Kidney disease level 5: stage renal Disease this is considered kidney failure. If kidney failure happens, you will need a kidney transplant or dialysis to sustain life.

Complications of the disease kidney failure level 4

If not properly treated, prevent complications can occur in a scientific way, the diseased kidney failure level 4 very easy to progress to end-stage renal failure. Therefore, if patients with kidney failure level 4, important things you should do is:

  • Talk to your doctor to know you should do what can to keep your medical condition wasn’t going to go bad. Please comply with the doctor’s instructions rigorously.
  • Implement the plan to manage the complications of kidney disease a most radical way with the health problems such as:
    • Heart problems and blood vessels
    • Anemia (erythrocyte count is low)
    • Bone problems
    • High blood pressure
    • Health poor nutrition: this condition occurs when you do not get enough nutrients and vital energy to the body active and healthy
    • Learn more about kidney failure and the treatment options different for your illness.

Learn about kidney failure

If you suffer from kidney failure level 4 receiving treatment and health care carefully, your condition still can develop kidney failure level 5. The doctor will diagnose you with kidney failure level 5 when:

  • 85 – 90% of kidney function has disappeared
  • GFR falls below 15
  • The kidneys are not functioning good enough to keep you alive

Currently, there are no methods to cure kidney failure, but treatment can help extend life for patients. Kidney failure is not synonymous with the “sentenced to death”, many people with kidney failure still live active life and do what I love.

Treatments for patients with kidney failure

Currently, there are two methods of treatment of renal failure are kidney transplant and dialysis. Two forms of different dialysis can be done are hemodialysis and peritoneal dialysis (peritoneal dialysis).

  • Kidney transplant: Kidney transplant may be kidney of a deceased person or a person organ donation alive. After kidney transplant, patients need to use special drugs to prevent the body rejection of the new kidney. If the rejection happens, you need dialysis to sustain life. Kidney transplant is a form of treatment is not healing methods. So, who had a kidney transplant still may suffer from chronic kidney disease and may need to maintain the use of a number of drugs used before the transplant.
  • Dialysis:

    • Hemodialysis: hemodialysis is a form of treatment that aims to remove waste and excess fluid from your blood. In the process of hemodialysis, a small amount of blood your is pumped through the hoses to the filter the blood. The blood will go through a special filter called a dialysis machine (also known as artificial kidney). The blood after the filter will be back in your body. Time for a filter the blood about 3 – 5 hours, 3 times/week. If the dialysis is performed daily, the time for dialysis will have about 1.5 – 2 hours/times.
    • Peritoneal dialysis: peritoneal dialysis is a form of user peritoneum to filter toxins and excess water in the body due to kidney failure. For this form, the patient will be surgery to put the machine peritoneal dialysis in the abdominal cavity. Aqueous dialysis is taken into the body every 4 times/day and be removed after 6 hours. Patients select a form of dialysis by appellate body peritoneal can be done at home, often little have to restrict diet and water intake. The only patient re-examination once a month. The advantage of this method is to help control control blood pressure better, the treatment continuously and gently maneuver… filter Schedule can be adjusted in accordance with schedule daily activities, the patient is not injecting should be able to filter the blood when traveling.

In the process of treatment of renal failure, patients with kidney failure level 4 can change treatments. So, if you’re treating kidney failure by a method that does it but want to try a form of treatment to another, you can exchange with the doctor about this. Most patients with renal failure are subject to change treatments. For example, you choose hemodialysis, but can still switch to peritoneal dialysis (peritoneal dialysis) at a later date. Even when choosing a kidney transplant, you still need to filter the blood for a time until the transplant the new kidney. This explains why there are people suffering from kidney failure for many years been applied many forms of different treatment.

Good management condition to stop kidney disease become even worse in patients with kidney failure level 4

The good management of the condition will help you can live a long, fulfilling life goals and continue to do the favorite work. This also can help slow or even stop kidney disease become worse, delaying the transition to kidney failure. Take good management of your condition by:

  • Control of other health problems that you have through active periodic health examination, strict adherence to the indications of the treating physician
  • Treatment complications of kidney disease in a radical way
  • Management or prevention of cardiovascular disease, blood pressure.

1. Control the problem health related

The incidence of diseases such as diabetes mellitus, high blood pressure can make your kidneys hurt. Our objective is you need to ensure good control of this disease. Let’s maintain the periodic health examination, talk to your doctor about what you can do to good management of this disease (if available) or to prevent disease. The treating physician may ask you to perform the following:

  • Medication: the Doctor may specify that you use the drug inhibits the angiotensin-converting enzyme angiotensin-converting enzyme, or inhibitors receptors, angiotensin (ARB). Studies have shown that these medicines help to protect kidney function of the disease. In addition, you may also need to use more other drugs to control blood pressure.
  • Weight loss: done strict weight loss if you are overweight

  • Reduce salt intake: Cut down the amount of salt in the diet to control blood pressure
  • Track blood sugar: If you have diabetes, monitor blood sugar, compliance with diet and medication as directed by your doctor.

Kidney failure level 4 can cause health problems such as:

  • Heart problems and blood vessels
  • Anemia (erythrocyte count is low)
  • The problem of mineral and bone
  • High blood pressure
  • Health poor nutrition

If kidney failure level 4, high risk is you are experiencing the health problems mentioned above. The treating physician will be based on health status, your specific and set out a treatment regimen very specific details to help you manage these issues and keep your status does not turn for the worse. The treatment may include:

  • Construction and implementation of diet fit
  • Maintain the exercise, physical activity often
  • Medication.

Please adhere to the treatment plan as this can help to significantly improve the quality of life and prolong life for you. In addition, it also can help slow or even stop kidney disease become worse, can even prevent or delay the disease state transfer to kidney failure.

2. Management or prevention of cardiovascular disease

People with kidney failure level 4-risk of heart disease high. In fact, most causes of death in patients with renal insufficiency is the diseases related to cardiovascular. You don’t believe this? Cause is patients with kidney failure frequently have one or more risk factors on health the following:

  • High blood pressure: this condition makes the arteries thicken, making the blood circulation difficult. This leads to the formation of blood clots more easily, which can cause heart attack or stroke. High blood pressure also causes heart condition can lead to heart failure or death. Therefore, your doctor may prescribe medication for you to use to help control blood pressure. In addition, you may also need to reduce the amount of salt in the diet.
  • Diabetes: If your diabetes is not controlled may lead to status more fat accumulation in arteries. This can create blood clots, leading to heart attack or stroke. If suffering from diabetes mellitus, you have to be careful to control the amount of sugar in the blood, follow the diet and take prescribed medication.
  • Anemia: anemia reduces oxygen flow throughout the body, causing your heart to work harder. As a result, your heart begin to swell and can lead to heart failure or death. To treat anemia you may need iron supplements, and drugs that stimulate erythropoiesis helps your body create red blood cells, increase oxygen flow.
  • Cholesterol abnormalities: cholesterol levels to abnormal fat accumulation in arteries, increased risk of forming blood clots. This can lead to heart attack or stroke. If your cholesterol levels are too high, the doctor will ask you to change diet, exercise regularly and may use special medicines to reduce cholesterol.
  • Diseases of bone and mineral substances: The arteries of patients with kidney failure can harden and narrow due to absorb more calcium and phosphorus are discharged from the bone. This reduces blood flow to the heart can lead to heart attack and death. To help control the diseases of bone and minerals, you may need to limit the consumption of foods that contain a lot of phosphorus, used a drug called phosphate binders with meals and drink a type of vitamin D.
  • Smoking: smoking Habit often makes the blood vessels become inflamed, causing the accumulation of more fat in the arteries. In addition, smoking increases the risk of clot formation increase the risk of heart attack or stroke. If you smoke, smoke less or consider quitting smoking.

The fact that patients with kidney failure can completely slow down or prevent heart problems by following the treatment plan that your doctor proposes. Discuss with your doctor, be specific about what you can do to keep the heart healthy.

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