The risk of incalculable from banned drugs phenformin “impersonate” East yes a post is sponsored. For more information about Advertising policies and our funding, please read more here. -

The risk of incalculable from banned drugs phenformin “impersonate” East yes a post is sponsored. For more information about Advertising policies and our funding, please read more here.

Many people with diabetes look to Eastern medicine to treat diseases because think herbal healing properties and fewer side effects. Taking advantage of this, many individuals have benefit by mixing with banned drugs phenformin on products, the impersonation of Oriental medicine his.

By “impersonating” herbal medicine, phenformin is the culprit cause of death for many people with diabetes in recent times. Whether the diabetes should continue trust Eastern medicine? How to know a product from herbal is safe? Let Hello Doctor looking for answers in the article below.

Risks when taking phenformin cure diabetes

Although there are effects lower blood sugar very fast, but phenformin also cause these side effects, especially dangerous. Therefore, this drug was officially withdrawn and banned in most of the drug market in the world, including Vietnam. But for profit, some manufacturing facilities have despite the dangers of this drug to for phenformin come back with new casing is the “Oriental medicine” or “herbal medicine”.

The drug containing phenformin rampant all over the market and cause many deaths for people with type 2 diabetes. PGS–TS. Peach Spring The – Head of the nutrition department of Bach Mai hospital, said most patients use phenformin long has the expression, vomiting, abdominal pain, multiple loose stools, shock, lactic acid increase. Severe cases can suffer from multi-organ failure and fell into a coma.

Because the level of danger to health, the functional food has phenformin has been the Ministry of health asked to stop production, circulation and use. According to news medical day 19.3.2019 of the Ministry of health, Department of food Safety notification has revoked certification of food safety of certain functional foods containing phenformin.

Images blue pill red have been checked for containing banned substance phenformin.

People with diabetes should trust medicine?

The banned drugs phenformin tea mixed into the types of medicine emerged in recent times made consumers worry, shyness with functional foods. However, experts on diabetes to know both Western medicine and Eastern medicine are advantages with separate integral role in the healing process.

Oriental medicine use the herb to support cure chronic diseases such as diabetes. These herbs help the body self regulate and balance the metabolic disorders, from which help support reduce and stabilize blood sugar naturally.

So, you need to raise awareness about diabetes as well as understand the role of the product support. Decided to choose to be a product support cure diabetes will securely help you cure the disease effectively and avoid many risks.

How to choose products that support reduce blood sugar

Although the food health protection, when bought without prescription, but according to experts endocrine diabetes mellitus, you should still learn about a number of criteria before buying to ensure safety:

  • Origin products
  • Manufacturers must meet GMP standard – food supplements.
  • Company marketing, distribution with long-term credibility in the market.
  • There are votes for quality test product coupon and test the product does not contain banned substances or phenformin.
Product support reduce blood sugar have full featured test does not contain a prohibited substance phenformin.

If read carefully, diabetic people can choose for themselves a product appropriate support. Today, many people look to a number of manufacturers of functional foods for diabetes such as company, red Eagle, IMC, Male, Pharmacy, English, German,… In it, TPBVSK Glutex of the company, IMC is one of the support products are many people diabetes care.

Food health protection (TPBVSK) Glutex (*) support work to lower and stabilize blood sugar with ingredients such as Mango leaves, Neem leaves, Hoang ba, Que chi, bitter Melon. This is the product safe support can help people with diabetes live improve disease and live healthier.

Glutex suitable for people with type 2 diabetes, people with prediabetes and especially effective with those new questions.

Glutex also the product support mr. Dao Xuan Hanh (Hung Yen) stable fasting blood glucose and HbA1c in the permitted level. He felt the fatigue and decreased entire night after using the product a few months according to the suggestions of experts.

You can see more of his share of Misfortune in the following article: Breathe a sigh, because a stable blood glucose, HbA1c, high back to normal after 4 months

The drug containing phenformin in addition to hypoglycemic effect fast, it just brings many dangerous side effects such as harm the liver, kidneys or even death. Therefore, you should observe indicated for the treatment of a doctor, build a healthy lifestyle and awake when choosing food supplements to control diabetes more effectively.

(*) This product is not a medicine and not alternative medicine.

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