The effect of feeling slightly good? -

The effect of feeling slightly good?

Many people believe that the effect of cupping helps to reduce pain, inflammation, support blood circulation, relax… So cupping what is cupping any good?

Not only to the base therapy, many people also find buy cupping set to perform at home. You let Hello Doctor learn cupping, what is the effect of cupping, and cupping are good not to consider whether you should apply this therapy not okay!

Cupping is what?

Cupping is a therapeutic method that originated from China is done by placing the cup dedicated on the skin to create suction. This work aims to use the flow of blood to recover health. Cupping is first performed by an alchemist and herbal medicine famous named Ge Hong, he lived from the year 281 to 341 bc.

The suction from the cups help create the conditions for the flow of “Qi” in the body. Qi is a Chinese word meaning life force. Many followers of taoism believe that this therapy will help balance yin and yang, the negative and positive side in the body. The restoration of balance between these two extremes is said that can help the body against pathogens, as well as the ability to increase blood flow and reduce pain.

Cupping helps to increase blood circulation to the area to put cups, support reduces muscle strain, improves blood flow overall and promote recovery of cells. At the same time, cupping can also help form the connective tissue new and create new blood vessels in tissue.

The process made sense somewhat

Cupping therapy was originally made using the cupping horns of animals, which are then fabricated from bamboo and next to the ceramic. The suction from the cup is mainly created through the use of heat. Cupping is now often made using the glass cup has a hole, openings above can be opened and a gun has the rubber tip to draw air inside.

Currently there are 2 methods of cupping include:

  • Feeling slightly dried: Just use the cup dedicated to smoking.
  • Feeling slightly wet: combination of the suction and needle prick to the skin to take blood.

In the implementation process, feeling slightly by heat, these cups will often be heated inside the can by que fire or burning alcohol, herbs, paper. When the ignition is turned off, the execution will use the openings of the cup placed directly on the skin quickly. When the hot cup is placed on the skin, the air inside the cup cools will create a vacuum suction skin and muscle upward on the cup. Your skin may turn red when the blood vessels react to the pressure changes.

Cupping therapy modern have switched to using the slingshot to withdraw air to create suction, instead of using the heat method traditional in order to avoid the risk of burns. With regard to feeling slightly dry, the cup is properly positioned in a predefined time, usually from 5 – 10 minutes.

Also with respect to feeling slightly wet, the cup usually only be set for a few minutes then take out, use needle and then use suction to draw the blood. Next, the patient will be apply ointment and use bandages to help prevent infection can occur. If there are any bruises or mild other signs such as aches will usually disappear within 10 days.

Cupping sometimes also can be taken along with treatments acupuncture. For best results, you should be fasting or eat only light meals in 2 – 3 hours before done.

The effects of cupping

Cupping has long been used to treat many health problems, especially the effect of the steam also soothes the muscle pain. This method is also applied to the reflexology point, the main should be able to bring effective in treating digestive problems, skin and other conditions should be treated with reflexology.

The following is the effect of cupping that many people choose traditional therapies this every time to feel unwell.

1. The effect of cupping helps to relieve pain

Research journal of Medicine complementary and alternative showed some evidence that the effect of the cupping has the ability to help reduce muscle pain effective. A general analysis appears in the journal Revista Latin-Americano De Enfermagem said this method is effective in the treatment of back pain. Research in the journal BMJ Open has launched a similar conclusion about the effect of cupping in treatment of neck pain.

Most of the studies are not yet have the depth and proven in an adequate way. Thanks to the effect of cupping therapy has been applied quite a lot in helping to reduce pain, muscle fatigue, such as pictures of athletes, Olympics Rio 2016.

2. The effect of cupping helps treat dermatology problems

A research paper in the journal PLoS One has discovered that there is some evidence that the effects of cupping can effectively help treat herpes and acne. However course need to have the research more rigorous to verification on this.

3. The effect of cupping helps to improve the respiratory

The effects of cupping can help treat some mild problems of the respiratory tract, such as removing congestion due to common cold or help to control asthma of patients.

4. The effect of cupping to help detoxify

The effect of cupping has the ability to help detoxify the skin and the circulatory system by removing toxins and improve blood flow through the veins and arteries. This brings many benefits for athletes in reducing muscle spasms.

How to use the cupping at home

The cupping set is sold today can be made from high quality materials, glass, bamboo, ceramic…

• The cupping glass: This is the cupping easy to find and quite common. Thanks to the transparent materials, you can see the level of blood stasis of the skin on the inside, thanks to that get to know the status to up, time to remove or handle when having problems. However, glass is usually easily broken when dropped, this can cause injury to the user.

• Cupping set made of bamboo: The cupping is usually seen at the spa or therapy center which is made from the bamboo circle. This type is quite compact, lightweight and durable. However, because the material is bamboo so it will not be observed the level of blood stasis of the skin in the tube.

• Set cupping no fire: This type is used quite popular due to easy to use at home with high durability. Cupping set is made of transparent plastic, the top has mounting holes to suck air. You can easily adjust the pressure in the tube, compact structure, convenient to carry and no need to burn it with fire.

The method of cupping uses heat and alcohol can cause a number of unwanted issues such as skin burns at the location of cupping. Besides, since the implementation used many tools should be accidentally spilled alcohol dangerous for users.

To be safe, you should buy cupping set not to use fire to limit the status of skin burns. The cupping this includes the cup set with many different size and a gun to create suction.

You can find buy on the market the cupping with prices ranging on average around 200,000 – 300,000. The cupping set material ceramic, the price could be higher, games 6.000.000 – 7.000.000 vnd.

You can use a cupping at home follow the instructions below:

1. Prepare perform cupping: You should choose where the room airtight, the air circulation evenly. Then the toilet cupping set clean with medical alcohol.

2. Choice of posture cupping: You can choose posture, feeling slightly that I feel the most comfortable and convenient for the implementation.

  • Sitting posture: proper in the neck, arms, shoulders, back waist.
  • Posture in the prone position: To perform the back, the waist, the back of the legs.
  • Supine position: To perform in the chest, abdomen, front of the legs.
  • Posture is tilted to one side: To carry in the back, shoulders, buttocks and the outside of the legs.

3. Start making sense steam: You select the cups feeling slightly in size in accordance with the acupuncture points should be treated. If made in the top face then use the cups feeling slightly small in the hand, then use the cup of cupping recently, other areas on the body using a cup of cupping, medium or big. Duration place 1 cup cupping ranges from 5 – 10 minutes, avoid using the suction too strong.

4. After performing cupping: After removing the cups feeling slightly off, you can massage the oil winds up on the area just treated. And note hygiene instruments with medical alcohol before putting on the cupping.

You note should only use cupping set when there was enough knowledge about the acupuncture points on the body. Once done, you need to rest, keep the body warm, do not drink beer, not water bath too hot or too cold, not heavy activity.

Feeling somewhat good?

Cupping therapy may well not, depending on whether you have applied it properly, the time and place of execution or not. This therapy normally can bring many benefits and few side effects. The side effects you may experience will usually occur during treatment or soon after includes:

  • Scars on the skin
  • Hematoma (bruising)
  • Sweating or nausea
  • Infection, this risk is small and preventable
  • Feel lightheadedness or dizziness in the implementation process

To avoid the risk of side effects cupping, the best way is that you come to the health center, clinic traditional medicine, reputed to be check the health status and perform the cleaning method full avoid infection.

If you want to use cupping therapy as part of treatment plan, please discuss this along with your doctor for advice more clearly. A number of cases need to avoid the use of this therapy include:

• Children under 4 years of age: For children older than 4 years old should only cupping in very short time.

• Are taking medication: Avoid using cupping therapy if you are taking blood thinning medication.

• Older people: your Skin will become more fragile when old. Any medical methods which can also cause a strong impact.

• Pregnant women: Avoid placing cups cupping the abdomen and lower back. Women who are menstruating should also avoid performing this method.

• Health condition: You should not perform cupping in the skin sunburn, wounds, skin ulcers or undergone recent trauma, disorders of internal organs.

Cupping is a therapy long term can help ease the symptoms of a health condition, temporary and chronic. As well as many treatments other alternative, cupping there is no good, there is no in-depth research to fully appreciate the real effect.

If you want to use cupping therapy to treatment, you consider using as an additional way for treatment regimens of doctor rather than a complete replacement.

Cupping has good no longer depends on the quality of the base treatment. Here are some things to consider before you choose the base treatment:

  • Facility is clean?
  • Who made using the method of cupping, how?
  • People done have any practice certificate does not?
  • Who made have applied the methods of safe, sterile, no?

The effects of cupping can help you improve your health if you choose the cupping quality, properly applied or implemented in the base treatment the prestigious. Cupping may well not also very much depends on the workmanship of the made. Therefore, you should discuss with the doctor to find out learn feeling slightly what is and choose the health center or clinic traditional medicine to ensure safety, okay!

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