The bad habits for good health that you should not abandon -

The bad habits for good health that you should not abandon

Eat in a mess, chewing gum, sitting for hours at the computer to play the game, swearing, sleeping, baking… are those bad habits or get people to critique. Fact, these bad habits have a positive impact on mood, brain and mental health of us.

We often assume someone living unhealthy and irresponsible if they eat in the mess, occasionally let out the swear words or “sitting” to sit for hours just to play the game… but scientists have shown that the habit of thought is bad this brings the positive effects extremely, huge for us. The most important thing you need to remember is everything will be fine if they at some extent.

Try to do these things, you can will obtained these results not surprise you.

1. Chewing gum: Relieve stress and enhance memory

You know the habit of chewing gum while reading there are many positive effects to our body? This habit helps to improve memory, ability to concentrate, alertness, and decision making.
Studies have shown that those who chewed gum before the test will do better than 24% in the post test of short term memory and do better than 36% in the post test long-term memory. Another study demonstrated that chewing gum also reduces the feeling of tension, because this habit helps to reduce the concentration of the stress hormone cortisol, an important hormone that cause stress.

2. Play electronic games: enhanced ability to learn and make a decision

The action game with fast-paced, and the image appears blizzard will help players to gather data and give accurate decisions more quickly. A few research also prove, playing video games also help improve your reflexes. Moreover, the strategy games help in enhancing the ability to learn and develop our brains. They also help you take out the strategy and align everything better. However, the fast action game new really effective, also the game slows down, it usually does not bring these benefits.

3. Swearing: Helps reduce stress and increase pain tolerance

Most people would agree that swearing is a bad habit that we need to remove. However, various studies have shown that swearing can reduce stress and help release the frustration in the body. Moreover, according to a study done by the Department of psychology, University of Keele, United kingdom, this habit can also increase pain tolerance. Swearing can help you relieve your feelings and stabilize mood. However, if you overdo it, swearing can lose cohesion with emotions and turn into a bad habit is not necessary.

4. Eat in a mess: Increased creative ability

You have to remember is, mom, what did you say when see you eat in the mess no? For the mother, the children eat in a mess is demonstrating the disorganized, undisciplined, and bad attitude. But, the habit of a mess to help express the creativity hidden within you. Kathleen Vohs and her colleagues at the University of Minnesota, United States, has made an experiment to prove this assertion. The researchers found the volunteers and divided them into 2 groups: “tidy” and “untidy”. Then they asked both groups to put out as much as how to use table tennis as well. The results showed, those who belong to the group “mess” put out is much more creative ideas than the group of “Neat”.

5. Forget bath: Helps to soften the skin and retain the beneficial bacteria

We are not saying that no bath will be beneficial for you, but sometimes don’t shower a day also has a positive impact on your health. Taking a bath every day, especially hot water bath can make your skin dry and wrinkles appear. The hot water bath will make dilated pores. This has the effect of cleansing the pores but also at the same time wash away the layer of natural oil on the skin, causing skin to become drier.

Bathing every other day can help the skin recovery is the amount of natural oil, helps the skin become soft and more radiant. Added to that, the bath every day with soap will destroy good bacteria that your body produces as a natural antibiotic to protect the body. The occasionally forget the bath will help these bacteria stay on our skin for longer, keeping us healthy.

6. Gossip: Help make friends and relieve stress

People like to gossip other people see as bad or not reliable. But in fact, the gossip also has a positive impact on our health, especially mental health. Psychological research shows that gossip helps improve relationships with others and help develop our friendship. In addition, gossip also reduce the level of stress and anxiety. People love to gossip often cooperate better with those around them, gossip also helps prevent selfishness and help us exchange the information in a better way.

7. Burp: Helps to reduce stomach pain

People often think burp is not polite, but actually it is just a normal part of the digestive process of us. Burping helps remove air generated in the stomach and helps the stomach work better. You have to burp in order to push the air out of the stomach, this helps you avoid the risk of bloating, indigestion and heartburn.

8. Sleep: Reduce the risk of heart attack and stroke

People have a habit of waking up early often accuse those who sleep in are lazy and lack positive. But this is not true because the waking up too early can be harmful for your health. According to this study, people who wake too early may be at risk of suffering from high blood pressure, arteriosclerosis, heart attack and stroke. Those who sleep in on weekends may reduce the risk of stroke. However, too much sleep can also affect our health. So sleep in a certain extent will help you be healthier than that!

9. Use social networks: to Provide the support mentally and help connect with the community

Systematic use of social networks can cause loss of time and reduce the work performance of us. But that’s only true when you spend too much time for the use of social networks. Actually, using social networks also bring the positive impact psychology and your life. The media helps us feel more sociable, less feel isolated and connected to society is more. They help relieve emotional help you easily find these things in common with the people around and help us connect more with the outside world.

10. Cold showers: to Improve blood circulation and lose weight

Do you believe that the cold shower there’s nothing good that just make you prone to disease? Maybe you were wrong. Cold water improves blood circulation, reduces the concentration of uric acid and increased concentrations of glutathione. Glutathione is an antioxidant, we keep all other antioxidants to function at its optimum. It also reduces blood pressure, clean the blocked arteries and improve immune system of us. In addition, the cold bath can promote weight loss and activity fat burning.

Sometimes, you should change the way you look at her to see that things may not be as you had thought. Just you don’t overdo the habit this not good then sometimes it is these habits bring many benefits for health and spirit too!

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