Tell you how to take care of children after organ transplant -

Tell you how to take care of children after organ transplant

Child care has never been easy work, especially when the child just went through a surgery, organ transplant.

If your child has just undergone a surgery, organ transplant, after a few months or longer, it can become your nightmare and everyone in the family.

However, you keep thinking positive that things are still going in the right direction. Most children have normal lives and healthy after organ transplant.

Even so, many parents in this position still feel overwhelmed by their new responsibilities. They will have to memorize all the next appointment with the doctor, learn about drug used after organ transplant, as well as the side effects or other problems of them.

Besides, they also have to understand the large number of medications that your child and help you use them strictly according to complex schedules. This is not easy! However, remember that you are not alone. In addition to the doctor, you can even get help from our team of professional health care with experience as well as loved ones in the family.

Everyone will support every effort to bring life normal, healthy, back to young.

Through this article, Hello, Doctor will suggest some tips for parents who have children organ transplant.

Be open and honest

The key point here is that you need to honestly reassure child about the issue of organ transplantation. At this time, the child may feel fear if not explained about what is happening with his body. Let’s talk about why you need an organ and explain the use of these drugs that the child will drink. When you’re old enough, you can chat in more detail.

Live positive in this difficult period

Your child can encounter a number of complications in postoperative organ transplants. This case is pretty common, so you always showed optimism for the sake of the child as well as your own. You should remember that children are very sensitive. We easily recognize you are feeling like. So, if you seem scared or anxious, your child will also fall into a similar situation and make things worse.

Construction timetable reasonable

If children have to perform surgery, organ transplant, you really need to monitor everything. Please use the alarm on your phone to remind when I need drugs. Prescription of the child must always be enough dosage. Schedule drug use as well as the progress of recovery should be checked regularly.

Medical intervention timely

You will have to learn how to understand when for children admitted to the hospital. You should teach your child the side effects of the drug, as well as accents appearance the process of transplant rejection from the body. However, this is relatively difficult for the young even at this age, especially not talking. In infants, signs only to get to know the child is crying constantly and change in the diet.

If you have any doubts, don’t hesitate to take the child to the hospital to check. The safety of the child must be placed on top.

Considering studying at home temporary

Most children receive organ transplant can go to school normally like other kids. However, during the beginning of the period after surgery, organ transplant, they are very sensitive to pathogens and easy to infection than ever. So, you may need to keep child away from other children. In cases like this, learning at home is a reasonable option. Some children may also have to leave school in the flu epidemic.

Create favorable conditions for the return of environmental education

Back to school after an organ transplant can be difficult for children. Your child has to leave school for a long time, so will be difficult to mingle back with friends. Therefore, your presence at this time will cheer for the young, very much. Consult with experts in advance to find out appropriate measures. Chatting with the teacher about the child’s condition. Encourage your child to play together with you.

Help me to see you perform surgery organ transplant other

Case of organ transplantation has been increasingly more popular, but your child can still feel lonely and strange because the child is too young to understand about these things. Please help your child meet some other children with similar circumstances. For example, you can contact a doctor to sign up to participate in a group for children undergoing surgery, organ transplant.

Encourage young athletes

When the child expressed a wish out in the yard playing basketball with friends, can original you will not agree. After all what young went through, as a parent, you certainly would not let her children take any risks any more. However, in this case, you should think again.

The worry is inevitable, but you need to know, when the transplanted organ is not too weak. Playing sports will improve and maintain the health of the children very much. In addition, participation in a group, whether large or small, will help children build the good relationship as well as learn some soft skills.

Maintain healthy weight for children

Similar to adults, children have the ability to gain weight after surgery organ transplantation. You are not ignoring points of this note because overweight have high risk of causing serious risks for young. Please consultation from the specialist health care about the design of a menu full of nutrition as well as workout plan, sport.

Teaching children responsible more

When the child grows up, you need to let them control health issues of themselves. At this time, like it or not, the child will still have to be responsible about taking his pills. Fact, any parent would also feel fear when starting to teach our kids.

You should try to solve this problem by chatting openly with children. Please share with young people experience as well as methods of health control. Manifesting the trust with respect to a child is a word of encouragement precious, can encourage children to act more responsibly.

Talk with adolescents about dangerous behavior

Although young in age, adolescents tend to rebel with their parents, they are still required to comply with rules at school. However, this can cause so many problems. Drinking alcohol or using stimulants such as drugs are a serious danger for the young has undergone surgery, organ transplant. The form other rebel also has the potential to threaten the health of children, for example as piercing or tattooing are at risk, big risk of infection for those who own compromised immune system.

So, before every bad situation possible to happen, let’s talk openly with your child about these risks. Frankly chatting as two friends can cause children to behave more aggressive than what you expect.

Take care of yourself

Take care of a sick child is never easy job. It will make you tired, it becomes frustrating and irritability. So, you should take the time to rest as well as take care of themselves. If not, you can hardly support for the child in the recovery process. Let the family members together to help you in this.

The article of Hello Health Group and Hello Doctor only for reference, not a substitute for the diagnosis or treatment of medical.

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