Tell you 10, tips take a flight to have travel as Italian -

Tell you 10, tips take a flight to have travel as Italian

If at first you travel by plane, you can will meet not less difficult. Therefore, to travel as you will need to use the tips flying extremely useful.

Summer is the season of the trip and many people choose to fly by the convenience as well as save quite a bit of time compared to the other means of transport. But aircraft again there are particular completely different compared to the remaining vehicles. Even with those who have experienced flying, it sometimes can still fall in status to the airport and realized that I should not bring too much luggage or should I pack up, prepare everything more carefully…

In this article, Hello Doctor will give you a few tips on how to travel and go exciting aircraft that certainly will make your journey becomes smooth and easier.

10 tips for plane travel exciting to help you “survive” through the long flight

In life, sometimes you will see things become easier if you have these tips to help solve problems in an effective way. Here are 10 tips for plane travel that you should apply for his trip:

1. Please delete cache and cookies of browser

At first hearing, this seems not related to the theme of travel by plane a bit. However, the truth is that this is very closely related, you know!

To take flight, you need to have a ticket. Usually to save most people often chose to purchase tickets online. Of course when this happens, there will be a comparison given between the web and agent ticket sales. When you suddenly realize that after the reference to the ticket prices of the different agents and have the final choice, the price of “the cheapest”, he increased.

When you surf the web in general as well as book tickets online in particular then make sure your browser history you’ve recorded, which means that these website sell tickets that can compare the prices with what you previously viewed, and rise in price when see fit. So that the delete cache and browser history before booking flights will help you get the best deals with the cheapest rates.

Note that when buying tickets, you should buy tickets of the flight in the evening or after 3 pm. Simple cause because of the night flights are usually less cheap prices back to soft and you also have time to rest on the plane. If not really necessary, you should not book tickets to fly on the weekends as well as holidays because tickets will be more expensive than a lot. In addition, you also don’t should placed too far from the day to fly if you don’t want his schedule can be changed due to issues arising.

2. Should bring a water bottle empty

Typically the security department at the airport won’t let you bring more than 100ml of liquid onto a plane. Regulations here do not allow any liquid from the outside, including is the mineral water away.

However, water purchased in the lobby waiting back be brought on a plane though you easily recognize it the same brand with bottles of water you’ve been retaining in addition to door security. This may seem slightly unfair but all well, just to ensure the safety for your flight.

You can read more: What not to do when on a plane here!

So tips go a small plane that should bring an empty bottle. When crossed through the security check and then you can fill water into it to use on the flight. Similarly, you can also bring along a few food containers small if you intend to buy snacks at the airport to nibble on during the trip.

3. Charging the room – and a real separation of people

Battery used for phones, laptop never is enough for you to use in a long day, so charging the main room is the cure-all for problems this. Let’s figure this thing out, you’ll see how difficult it is if the items that run out of battery while travelling and finding a plug is not simple, not to mention what you have to “rot” at the place where the charger plug.

Backup charger is very convenient in the point you don’t have to “rot” in place to charge the battery which can move any where in the battery when the phone is still loaded continuously. A few modern types can also get energy from the sun during the day and you can use it at night.

A little tip for you is if charger backup still does not fully meet the needs of your use, then be prepared to add a battery, okay!

4. Wear more clothing on the person

A tip take a flight interesting the other is that you should wear many layers of clothes on people instead of leaving them in the suitcase or purse. This will help reduce the weight of luggage carry a lot. Once through the security door, you can take less clothes out and pack back into his luggage.

5. Bring snacks

Sometimes the food on the plane didn’t suit your taste with you or you yourself are a sensitive person and prone to allergic reactions to unfamiliar food. So the best way is to carry some snacks for the trip.

Please ensure you have read through all the rules of airport to know is you can what to bring and not to bring what. This helps you can eat all the things I have spend to bring on a plane.

6. A neck scarf and a pair of stockings will help you not be cold

Sometimes the temperature at the airport or in the aircraft will be very low. An easy way to keep warm that does not necessarily have to carry a bulky blankets is to be equipped with a pair of the same scarf.

Remember that keeping feet warm then the whole body will also be warm. The scarf will cover the neck, chest, hands or the body of you from the cold from the air conditioning, or bad weather.

7. Exercise before the flight

The exercise pre-flight is a tip take a flight useful when can help you to sleep better throughout the flight, you know. Frankly, sitting in a seat on the plane is something incredibly boring. For that reason, a flight in the evening is best because you can sleep during the journey and wake up at the destination.

In addition, you will feel less discomfort than having to wait a lot because research shows exercise in a short period of time helps to release endorphin, a hormone that is known as the “happiness hormone”. However, you don’t set too high if don’t want to tiring, just a cardio exercise light is enough.

8. Should not wear contact lens if you don’t want to be dry eye

Your skin and eyes may dry out during the flight. Therefore, a good idea is if you regularly wear contact lenses, skip this routine. Tips for you during the flight that you just need glasses, moisturize your eyes with eye drops before sitting on the chair and enjoy the flight.

9. Don’t hesitate to ask anything

The interesting thing is that some airlines can make suggestions free upgrade your flight to business class. If you are having a honeymoon or having an event something special, please refer this issue offline!

In addition, a number of flights serve free wine, it would be a pity if skipping it if you don’t ask.

In addition, there is also nothing wrong when you ask about the details, destinations or anything else related to your flight that you’re not sure. This will help make your flight much more comfortable.

10. Track the status of your flight

Tip away the ultimate flying machine Hello, Doctor tell you is to regularly update the status of the flight you will go. Sometimes you rush to the airport at the last minute only to find that your flight has been delayed and you have to wait until the next day.

You can completely avoid this by download the app that the airline offers and check ago. This will save you both time and effort.

What to do to not get drunk in a plane?

Say also is that without the little people are concerned, and especially with those who first experience this transport.

The hydrated few slices of ginger or sip a cup of ginger tea before a flight is the way in which many people have done and obtained effective. Ginger is also very good for the digestive system and reduce the discomfort for the stomach.

You absolutely should not read books in flight, though that to bring along a favorite book is your habit. Reading books is considered a good way of relaxation, but for those who are showing signs of drunk planes then the status will be worse than that. Instead, you should listen to music for entertainment will be much better.

As if the way above doesn’t work, then medication against motion sickness is the ultimate way. You can use Nautamine®, Dimenhydrinate, Vomina®… However, you should note that motion sickness will cause drowsiness. If you want to awake on the flight, then avoid drinking anti-drunk.

The purpose of the travel is so fun that so don’t let any barrier in the way to interrupt joy. Hope you can see that these tips will help experience your flight truly enjoyable.

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