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How to Make Nail Polish at Home?

As nail art is becoming more and more popular in the market, there are more and more nail art shops on the street. But still many people think that going out to a nail salon for a while is too expensive.

Especially if you want to be beautiful, the higher the price. So how can we draw our own nails and draw beautiful nails at home? It is not difficult to do the nail yourself; let’s edit and learn below.

Preparation tools: nail files, steel push pads, rubbing sponge, dusting brush, colored glue, reinforcement glue, disposable glue, projector lamp. Then you can get started.

1, Manicure

Use nail clippers to cut nails to your favorite nail style, then use a file to fix uneven nails around the nail.

2, Exfoliate your skin

After removing the surrounding dead skin, first push the dead skin on the nail surface from the outside in, then lift the dead skin upwards, and then use scissors to remove the dead skin. If the dead skin is still present, you can use a fork to remove the dead skin from the nail.

3, Polish Armor

Use a sponge to polish the surface of the nail and the edges of the nail. One side of the sponge is thicker, and the other side is thinner. First, clean the surface of the nail with the rough side and use the more elegant side for polishing.

4, Remove dust

After sanding the surface of the nail, use a dusting brush to clean the fillings left by sanding. By this step, the manicuring preparation work has been completed, the following work can officially be started.

5, first

Before applying nail polish, apply a coat of polish to the nails. This is to prevent the harmful substances in the nail polish from harming our nails. Note drying with a projector.

6, color glue

Then, apply glue of the corresponding color to the nail polish brush according to the style you want to do. Normally, for a fuller nail color, I would apply 2-3 coats. Please pay attention to dry separately.

7, The top layer is not washable

After all the styles have been dried, and all the nails have been done.

Finally, a non-stick nail adhesive is applied to the nail polish. The purpose of this patch is to make your own nail styles more durable and shiny.

How To Remove Gel Nail Polish With Toothpaste?

Nail art designs are a popular and must-have item for women’s beauty. Do you want to remove nail polish and change it to a new color? Can you use nail polish remover toothpaste to do that? At first, we thought that only nail polish remover could remove nail polish, but I’ve heard some people say that toothpaste can also remove nail polish.

Please answer questions for everyone and see how to remove gel nail polish with toothpaste.

Can toothpaste remove the GEL Nail Polish?

For women, nail care is not only for beauty but also to enhance their aesthetics instead of their standard of living. Nowadays, more and more women are interested in manicure or nail polish.

However, the nail polish you paint should come off after a few days. Flaky nail polish looks very ugly. So, can the toothpaste I use often remove nail polish? Toothpaste has many functions. Toothpaste can be used to wash shoes and reduce inflammation.

In short, the benefits are numerous. So toothpaste can also be used to remove nail polish . As long as a small amount of regular toothpaste is used together with a toothbrush or a paper towel, nail polish can be removed. The most effective special white toothpaste. There are also other ways to remove nail polish:

1, White Vinegar & Lemon 

White vinegar and lemon juice can also be used to remove nails. White vinegar can be said to be a natural household cleaner. Prepare half lemon juice and white vinegar or add some orange juice for better cleaning results. Soak your fingers in the mixture for about 10 minutes, then wipe them off with a paper towel to remove the nail. Do not use your nails to avoid scratching the nail plate.

2, Hydrogen peroxide 

Nail remover can also be done easily by mixing hydrogen peroxide with hot water. Using 2: 1. Place your fingers for about ten minutes. Use hot water. After removing your finger, gently rub and wipe with a paper towel to remove nail polish.

Can nail polish be removed?

In fact, sometimes nail polish remover is difficult to remove. There is still a lot of nail polish left over, and during the manicuring process, having to wipe the hand hard will hurt the finger and damage the nail. There are rumors online that makeup remover can remove the nails but damage them, so I won’t recommend it to everyone.

How to remove nail polish without hurting your nails?

Material: Tin paper, nail polish remover, nail polish (nail nutrition oil)

Method: Using nail polish remover directly can damage your nails, but it will be different if you use foil together. 

First, apply nail polish remover, then cover with tin foil. Other fingers do the same.

Second, remove the foil after 3 minutes and you will notice that the nail polish has been absorbed on the foil.

Finally, applying the oil of your armor is done! This nail remover will not hurt your nails, girls, quickly try it.