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How to Make Nail Polish Last Longer

Nail polish is one thing, and long-lasting nails is another. Because of this and in an effort to make your nails become gorgeous as it looks, we bring you some tips on how to paint the nails of you long-lasting than.

Put on gloves

Make sure you wear gloves when doing various tasks at home to avoid damaging the nail polish.

Moisturize your nails regularly

Once your nail polish is lost too much, it tends to flake off, which is why you have to moisturize your nails with things like shea butter and hand lotion at least three times. a day.

Use hand soap

To maintain constant freshness of hands, a great option would be to use soap and water rather than hand sanitizers that act as a drying agent.

Buff chip

Even if all the tips are applied to make your nail polish last longer, there may still be small crumbs. To solve this, you can file the tip of the nail.

Avoid shaking the paint before using it

Before using nail polish, avoid shaking as this can lead to air bubbles and eventually chipping of the nail. Instead, roll the bottle slowly to let the nail polish evenly.

Avoid cuticles

Avoid getting the varnish you apply to the cuticles as this can cause the polish to peel off compared to when you applied it directly to your nails.

Make sure you polish the edges

Drag the brushes along the edges of the nails to cover them. This makes it last longer when it covers the edges.

Thin coating

Make sure you prefer to use thin layers rather than a thick layer. This causes multiple layers to come together, and that is not easily broken.

Cover the nail base with glitter

Sometimes your nails will elongate after the varnish; Instead of thinking of repainting, a better option is a sparkling base of the nail – this is beautiful.

Add French tips for chipped nails

If the nail is chipped, you can apply a thin French haircut that is very eye catching.

Use reinforcement between polishes

This is one of the best ways to make sure your nails aren’t broken or flaky.

Apply a detergent

Even if there is no nail polish available, applying the nail polish remover will remove the oil from the nail and help the nail polish last longer.

Do not soak your nails before painting

Applying water to the letters before showering will cause your nails to expand and contract, causing the polish to move along the nail lines, causing the nail to peel off. So avoid bathing or soaking your nails before painting.

Make use of the right facilities

Not all paints are the same, so make sure your polish and foundation work well together.

Wait between your layers

When applying multiple coats, try to wait between coats to make sure it is dry enough to apply the next coat and sticky enough to apply the next one.

Use UV lamps

Once the nail is coated, you can shine under the UV light to increase the strength.