Surgery herniated disc how much money? Read now to know -

Surgery herniated disc how much money? Read now to know

Surgery herniated disc how much is the fret of not less patient when doctor indicated treatment by surgical methods. The reason is the treatment of a herniated disc is often protracted and costly, so this fret of the patient is easy to understand.

Condition herniated disc can cause a great influence to health, work and quality of life of patients. The majority of patients to know his disease are very worried. No less who have to spend quite a lot of money to run cure this disease.

Disc herniation is what?

A herniated disc occurs when the intervertebral discs located between the vertebrae move out of position inside the vertebrae, causing pain on the nerve. Disc herniation can occur in any segment of the spine, but most common in the lumbar position (the vertebrae L4, L5, S1) called a herniated disc of the lumbar spine. When a herniated disc there presses on the nerve root sciatica will cause pain and lumbar pain spreading down the leg, called sciatica.

Condition herniated disc can irritate the surrounding nerves causing the disease is pain, numbness or weak of limbs. Many people suffer from disc herniation but no symptoms of the disease. The good news is, most patients with disc herniation usually does not need surgery to fix the problem. People suffering from a herniated disc cause seriously affect life, living new need surgery.

When the patient herniated disc need surgery?

In fact, the surgery related to the spine usually is not the doctor given if the patient has not applied all of the other treatments. Simple as the surgery can cause a number of risks, including infection, bleeding, nerve damage, stiff vertebrae… in Addition, the disease herniated disc though was surgery, then the disc can still be broken or slipped disc in another location may be a hernia.

The alternative treatment surgery may include:

  • Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs
  • Painkillers
  • Exercise or physical therapy
  • Steroid injections
  • Rest

So if have applied the measures above, but not effective, the pain persistent obstruct the quality of life, the new must surgery.

Typically, patients will be recommended surgery in the two following cases:

  • Patients suffer paralysis and loss of sensation in the legs, incontinence
  • Patients were treated according to the method of conservation on two months without giving any effect on how or when the legs loss of sensation, muscle atrophy, loss of motor skills.

The type of surgery herniated disc

If you have surgery to treat a herniated disc, your doctor may suggest you a in the form of surgery following, or a combination of two or more forms of surgery in the same surgery.

1. Open leaf burning life/Open vertebrae

In open surgery leaves the vertebrae, the surgeon creates a hole opening in the vertebral arch (lamina) to relieve pressure on the nerve roots of the disease. Type of surgery this is done through a small incisions, sometimes with the aid of a microscope. If necessary, a small portion of vertebral bone will be removed. This is called open surgery the spinal canal (laminectomy).

2. Surgical removal of the intervertebral disc inserted into the nerve roots/micro, anatomy, cutting disc

Surgical removal of the intervertebral disc is the most common surgery is used for herniated disc in the lumbar region. In form this surgery, the intervertebral disc causes pressure on the nerve roots will be removed. In some rare cases, the entire disc can be removed.

The surgeon will approach disc degeneration through an incision in the back (or neck) of you. Sometimes, doctors will conduct surgery treatment for a herniated disc through an incision smaller and the special tools. Form of minimally invasive surgery, this is known as micro surgery cutting disc (microdiscectomy).

3. Surgery to replace the intervertebral disc, artificial

When conducting surgery to replace the intervertebral disc artificial, the patient will be given general anesthesia. This surgery is usually applied to an intervertebral disc when degenerative disc happens in the lower back. For the form of this surgery, the doctor will through an incision in the abdomen of the patient. Disc degeneration will be eliminated, replaced by disc artificial one made from plastic and metal.

After surgery, patients often have to stay in hospital for a few days. The actual form of this surgery is not good option if the disease is arthritis, osteoporosis or disc degeneration.

4. Tricks connect vertebrae

To conduct the procedure connected vertebrae in the treatment of herniated disc, the patient should be given general anesthesia. In form of this surgery, two or more vertebrae have intervertebral disc degeneration will be fused permanently together. This procedure can be done by grafting bone from another part of the body or from a donor. Once there, the doctor can resort to screws, metal rods or plastic that is specifically designed to support the spine is connected.

Procedure connect the vertebrae will be fixed permanently a part of your spine. After surgery, you have to stay in hospital a few days to be care and follow-up.

Surgery herniated disc how much money?

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Surgery herniated disc how much money is the concern of not less patient

Surgery herniated disc how much is question of no less patient when doctor indicated treatment by surgical methods. Fact, in Vietnam, a surgery, a herniated disk, but no spinal stenosis, only caesarean section, artificial hernia, the cost ranges between 15 – 20 million. If the patient suffers from a herniated disc can be severe and is herniated in multiple locations (hernia, multi-tier) or herniation accompanied by spinal stenosis, then, in addition to caesarean section, artificial hernia longer have to open provides the following solution, squeezing the spinal canal and put the splint to immobilize the spine, then free for the brace screw on between 30 million and above. Other expenses for the surgery includes pre-anesthesia, materials, surgery…, located in about 10 – 12 million.

In addition, after surgery, patients need to take pain medication, antibiotics to combat infection of the incisions in at least in 14 days… charges after caesarean section, including pre-medication treatment, money, hospital beds, cost of food, drink, care… depends on the services that patients choose.

In fact, the cost of disease treatment herniated disc more or less depends on factors such as:

  • Medical condition: For patients with disc herniation in the lumbar spine or neck… depending on the degree or severity of the patient that treatment costs vary. If a herniated disc heavy, then treatment costs will be higher than with disc herniation at the level of light.
  • Treatments: Currently, there are many methods of treating disc herniation as Western medicine, acupuncture, acupressure, projecting infrared rays, laser therapy, spine stretching, physical therapy, laparoscopic surgery, caesarean section, change the intervertebral discs, artificial… Depending on measures of patient selection for treatment, the cost will be different. If the patient suffers from herniated disc, multi-tier choose laparoscopy, the cost ranges in about 60 million.
  • Duration of treatment: Duration of treatment is also a determinant to the cost of treating a herniated disc, if patients assigned to surgery, then the cost is higher than using remedies, medication and physical therapy. In addition, the patient will have to lie stay at the hospital longer, so the cost will be greater.
  • Treatment facilities: treatment facilities, prestigious quality, team medical doctor with rich experience, high qualification, facilities modern, then the cost of treatment will be different compared with the base inferior.
  • Mode health insurance: If have health insurance, the cost of treatment of the disease will be significantly reduced.
  • The health status of the patient: Details of cost for a surgery treatment for disc herniation depends on the health status of the patient. If the patient has the disease comes such as heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes mellitus, raised liver enzymes… the cost of treatment will be higher than people who don’t have these diseases.

Disease disc herniation in the initial stage can cause the pain reduces the quality of life of patients. Condition this stretching can cause muscle atrophy, weakness, paralysis. So, if you see the soreness in the neck area or lumbar pain in a long time without remission, you should go to the medical facility to visit.

Reducing the disc herniation from natural

Fact, the disease herniated disc use pharmacy too much is often tired and experiencing these unwanted effects. Therefore, many patients look to these herbal products from natural. Pioneer is food health protection, The Recession United (*).

The Recession United is extracted from the main ingredient is oil, blue mussels, have high biological activity, antioxidant, increases resistance. The product has analgesic effect, improves movement for patients suffering from diseases of the spine such as degenerative spine, herniated disc, nerve pain is…

The Recession United – products have the herbal ingredients help improve the condition of herniated disc

Many people each suffering from a herniated disc abuse and has found solutions support the treatment of disease. Typical as in the case of Dao Duy tu (born in 1964, residing at block 1, Saddle, Armor, Tien Thinh, me Linh, Ha Noi – phone number: 097 939 2860) to go to the clinic though it is bulging disc, numbness, fatigue legs pain to the “rushed” tears. Thought ability to go back by yourself will not be able to recover, but luckily he known products The Recession of the United kingdom and after only 20 days of use he as found his feet.

According to experts, a herniated disc is a frequent pathology in older people, overwork, wrong sitting posture… Disease will cause complications unpredictable if not treated early. So, complications disc herniation is what? Listen to dr. Phan Huy Nguyen, Medical acupuncture, Nursing student, hospital of traditional Medicine, Da Nang, analysis on this issue.

If you have any questions about the disease, herniated disc, or need more advice information about the product The Recession Uk, you can contact switchboard: 1800 6104 (toll-free) or the you Zalo/Viber: 090 220 7112 to be consultants specific.

(*) This product is not a medicine and no effective alternative medicines.

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