Super brain yoga: exercise for the brain that you should implement -

Super brain yoga: exercise for the brain that you should implement

Everyone desires to have the ability to think sharper and a memory it’s good. The fact is, desire that far-fetched this can completely turn into reality. The super brain yoga, an exercise for simple brain, can help your brain healthy over time, and can enhance the mental health of yourself.

So exercise super brain yoga for the brain? Exercises for the brain this brings what are the benefits for your health? Let Hello Doctor learn more in this article offline!

Super brain yoga for the brain is exercise how?

Understand in a simple way, they have gone super brain yoga is an exercise that stimulates the acupuncture points located at the earlobes of you. When stimulated, the acupuncture points, this will send signals to the brain, enhances the activity of the brain, which helps bring you acumen and the ability to keep calm better.

Exercises for the brain this also reduce the status deficit hyperactivity disorder attention (ADHD) in children, help children absorb and remember the lessons better.

Yoga exercises for brain that are really useful?

Super brain yoga is an exercise suitable for both children and adults, help to strengthen the ability to unleash “biological currents” of the brain, which helps them operate and work better. The human brain is like the muscle, the need to mobilize to become “toned” than.

Basically, this exercise has a stimulating effect and helps the brain exercise. Exercises for the brain, this relatively gentle, easy to implement and also does not take much time. Super brain yoga will help to push the energy source is confined in the lower extremities to the upper of the body and go straight into the brain, which helps enhance the function of the brain.

Benefits of yoga exercises for the brain

The yoga exercises for the brain per day will bring many benefits for the health of your spirit, including:

1. Increase creative possibilities

Than before, if yoga for the brain, your child will progress a lot more in activities which require creative abilities such as drawing or coloring. Added to that, your child will also receptive to the new skill and less effort than before to complete the work.

2. Help stabilize mood

Have your child can not sit still, and difficulty concentrating when in class? If yes, the baby super brain yoga will be the “savior” of you. They will help stabilize the mood of the baby, reduce stress and anxiety in your baby.

3. Improve cognitive ability

Yoga exercises for the brain this significantly improves your memory, helps you remember more and more. Your brain will become sharp, more from it help you can “improvise” in any given situation.

4. Reduce stress

One of the greatest benefits of practicing yoga for the brain is to reduce stress. When amounts of the hormone cortisol in the body too much will negatively affect the quality of your life, but with exercises for the brain this, you don’t have to worry about that anymore. Less stress also means the ability to focus will be improved, you will relax and let loose themselves from that help you be more confident when learning or performing activities that require thinking ability acumen.

5. Anti-depression

If lately you often feel depressed, this is a warning sign you are at risk for depression. Perform yoga exercises for the brain per day are useful in repelling disease of this spirit. This exercise also helps to improve some other status, for example, change your mood swings, hyperactivity attention (ADHD) disorder, obsessive-compulsive (OCD), and reduce the likelihood of recurrent problems related to mental.

6. Purification of the soul

The pent-up emotions and negative energy will cause health of your spirit become worse and can lead to the onset of the external manifestations. If you try to hide the negative emotions in life, we sooner or later will also develop into pathologies or lesions. When you properly perform exercises for the brain, they will release the emotional buildup, help positive energies can circulate throughout your body. This aids very much in improving mood, and also improve productivity carry out the work in life.

7. Exercises for the brain also helps enhance fitness

In addition to the mental benefits, yoga exercises for brain also help bring many benefits physically. The metabolic process of your child will be strengthened, your baby will feel energetic and less tired or exhausted.

8. Improve your ability to balance

One advantage other of the super brain yoga is to help improve your ability to balance. This means that your feet can ground better when walking or running, help you avoid the risk of slipping when moving.

9. Increased libido in “her”

Sexual needs rising is one of the best benefits that super brain yoga brings. Everyone wanted to quality every time to do “it” better and better, right? Exercises for the brain this also helps improve the condition of the kidneys and prevent the risk of work overload of the adrenal glands.

10. Change your viewpoint on life

Types of yoga this help people think more positively, thus helping to improve the health of your spirit in a significant way. Sometimes, exercise for the brain, this also changes the perception and conception of your day to day life.

The step practice super brain yoga for the brain?

How to perform exercises for the brain not as hard as you think. Here’s how to exercise this yoga:

  • Step 1: You start by standing straight on the floor, head towards the east. If you don’t know which way is east, don’t worry; just make sure that you stand properly posture the mountain (posture Tadasana) is.
  • Step 2: Lift your right arm up and bend elbow. Put your index finger and thumb up earlobes left of you, ensure the thumb direction in the same direction with your face.
  • Step 3: Lift the left arm up, bend elbow and do the same for earlobes must.
  • Step 4: You should put the tongue up touching the roof of his mouth, tongue gently up there throughout the process made this pose.
  • Step 5: To 2 feet away from each other and began to sit down. Inhale and hold this position for a moment
  • Step 6: Stand up and exhale slowly
  • Step 7: Repeat this process about 15 to 20 times to obtain the benefits that you desire.

A number of things should consider while performing super brain yoga

If the new performing exercises for the brain for the first time, here are some things that you need to note:

  • Posture plays an important role deciding the efficiency of exercises-super brain yoga. Make sure that your back and shoulders should be straight, the spine and neck must also stretch. Besides that, you also have to keep feet on the ground and extended shoulders. If your posture is not correct, this exercise will not bring you maximum benefit.
  • Use the tongue to the palate will trigger the relaxation response in the body. This makes you more comfortable when performing the posture.
  • Please ensure that you perform this exercise in a room with adequate lighting and no noise to disturb. This is because you need to focus to get the right posture, external noise can disturb you. You can also exercise in the garden or on the lawn space closer to nature will help you feel more relaxed.
  • Avoid wearing jewelry, fashion accessories or wearing tight clothes. These things will make you lose focus and hinder your operation. Please wear loose clothing, comfortable and adequate water intake before carrying out this exercise.
  • There is no study which confirms that the super brain yoga that will take effect immediately. Benefits of exercises for this brain need time to expression out. If performing this exercise regularly, you will notice the ability to remember and concentrate is significantly improved.

Super brain yoga is an exercise for the brain simple, easy to implement and not time-consuming, but provide many benefits for your health, both physically and mentally. Keep practicing regularly each day to notice the benefits of this exercise you!

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