Stop “oral sex” is how to prevent throat cancer the best? -

Stop “oral sex” is how to prevent throat cancer the best?

Sex, oral (oral sex) is how to use the lips or tongue kissing on the genital organs of the wife/husband to find new feelings in the life blanket and pillow.

There were many comments that this behavior increases the risk of cancer of the nasopharynx. Stop having sex oral is throat cancer best, this concept is right or wrong? Invite you to find out!

The relationship between laryngeal cancer and sex, blowjob

Papillomavirus (HPV) in humans can be spread when having sex oral. This spread increases the likelihood of getting cancer.

However, sex, oral isn’t the direct cause of cancer of the nasopharynx. Despite this, HPV can speed rapid spread in sexual contact, oral. This can cause the precancerous changes in the cells. This is considered a premise leads to throat cancer after this.

According to data of the world health organization, there are up to 35% of patients with throat cancer infected with HPV. This virus is transmitted the sex, oral and has been proven to be risk factors leading cause of cancer of the nasopharynx. But according to the mechanism of natural rejection, the human body has the ability to remove about 90% of the virus HPV within 2 years. This explains why not everyone who regular sex, oral, will also suffer from throat cancer.

Those who regularly smoke cigarettes, then the process of self-elimination is almost never active or active weak. The cause for the toxic substances in tobacco damage the immune cells. Meanwhile, these cells are “guards” that help the body against the entry of the virus causing the disease, in which virus HPV.

In the study of a medical journal, British made in 2007 pointed out that people have sex, oral with at least 6 different partners have a risk of throat cancer higher than normal to 3.4 times. Another proof is given in installments this study is to have up to 15% of patients with laryngeal cancer are men, smokers and frequent sex with 6 different people.

Stop oral sex is how to prevent throat cancer the best?

Although science has given the link between throat cancer and sex, oral, but whether the cease-oral sex is how to prevent throat cancer best?

As analyzed, the proportion of patients with laryngeal cancer in people who regularly smoke cigarettes and have sex with many people is always higher than normal. That means that although there are related, but oral sex isn’t the direct cause of cancer of the nasopharynx. This disease is the consequence of many negative factors in the total of in long time such as smoking, sex, unhealthy (many), mode of living, nutritional imbalance…

The idea increases the pleasure and new sex life to keep the happy family is always encouraged in both men and women. Oral sex is how bold, but it is only effective if you maintain a relationship faithful to 1 wife, 1 husband. If you ensure this, you not only how to prevent throat cancer, but also can protect yourself and your partner from diseases other social. Moreover, relationship infidelity does not require you to stop oral sex.

Thus, prevention of cancer of the nasopharynx most effective not stop oral sex if you have sex life healthy. Stop smoking, eat science, regular gym workouts, sports, periodic health examination for early detection of the risk of causing the disease (if any) is the way the total efficiency help you get how to prevent throat cancer.

The link between oral sex, the virus HPV and throat cancer has been proven specific. Oral sex increases the risk of transmission of the virus HPV. HPV can make cells in the body abnormal development – creating preconditions for the type of cancer, in which cancer of the nasopharynx.

However, the relationship is very weak. Practice shows that not patients with throat cancer also have a habit of sex oral. Moreover, not everyone casual sex, oral also become a victim of throat cancer. This suggests the disease is also due to many other causes.

After all, the most necessary thing you have to do to have how to prevent throat cancer, maintaining a healthy body is to healthy living, science, and fidelity with your mate. If possible, you make periodic health examination or screening for cancer according to your doctor’s instructions in order to timely detect the signs of abnormal in the body. From there, you will have a way to prevent or treatment when the disease outbreaks in the early stages.

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