Sleep tilted to the left is the best, and here are 7 reasons! -

Sleep tilted to the left is the best, and here are 7 reasons!

You ever heard sleeping posture, decision to quality of sleep but you know sleeping posture also greatly affect health? So, why would sleep leaning to the left-back’s posture is advised lying the most?

Every morning you find yourself waking up with any posture: supine, side-lying or curled up like the fetus? When you feel shoulder pain, headaches, fatigue, neck pain, back… right then? Perhaps you did not notice, but the way you lay to sleep throughout the night will contribute to the decision health condition of you the next day.

The home sleep study give advice lie on your left side is the sleeping posture, the best. And here’s 7 reasons to convince you to believe this is true:

1. Improve digestion

“It’s bad to eat before sleeping, because the digestive organs need long process to rest, if energy intake would do the body work grease”. You see this advice also seems right? Actually, not quite so! After eating, the digestive process will still continue, whether you sleep or awake. That is why there are many tips such as: “Should eat light before sleeping”, by the stomach of you need a little fuel to make maximum use of the digestive process that.

So how to support the stomach in this moment? Main is lie on your left side when sleeping. Stomach located on the left side and on the pancreas. If you lie on this side, the food goes into the large intestine more easily. In addition, digestive enzymes (secreted from the pancreas) are also supported to promote smooth this process.

2. Reduce the pressure for the heart

The heart must work constantly to sustain life. This burden is too large, and it is subject to the impact of a variety of factors from diet to the quality of life. No wonder heart disease is the top killer. To reduce the pressure for the heart, you need to start from the simplest things, such as sleeping on the left.

The aorta pumps blood from the heart to the rest of the body, so if you lie on your left side, the aorta and the heart “less effort” than when performing this task.

3. Lower back pain

The patient back pain chronic usually recommended lying on your back to the spine always straight. However, the posture lie on your left side when sleeping is also very helpful in reducing the back pain. The cause is sleeping on the left side will help improve blood circulation, at the same time keep the back, abdomen, neck is straight.

The best posture you should lie is co foot a little towards your chest, keeping your back naturally curved (avoid bending the spine, leg too high will make the pain recurrence).

4. Support the lymphatic system

Lymph is the transparent covering of the tissues of the body, keeping fluid balance, and removes bacteria from tissues. Lymph responsible for immune function for the body should be able to excrete toxins and other waste. Therefore, a blockage anywhere in the lymphatic system will also cause bad influence to health.

When you sleep tilted to the left, the lymph system will be supported to filter waste effectively.

5. Reduce heartburn

Sleeping position tilted to the left especially suitable for those suffering from heartburn. Because when that point of connection between the stomach and esophagus to be kept higher than the gastric acidity, thereby reducing the amount of acid leaks out of the stomach into the esophagus – the cause of the pain related to heartburn. While if you are sleeping right, connection point is located lower, causing acid reflux and heartburn are at increased risk.

6. Good posture for pregnant women

Body women during pregnancy to duties, circulation of blood for two bodies – a job that requires more blood flow the normal. Not only that, the growing baby in the womb also causes pressure on the spine and other organs.

Sleeping on the left helps blood circulation, relieve pressure from the fetus on the spine of the mother, at the same time protect the liver as well as other organs from being pinched too much.

7. Reducing snoring when sleeping

If you died, your regular snoring, or you yourself suffer from this symptom, try sleeping inclined to snoring no longer threatens the happiness of the two spouses. During sleep, the mouth, throat and tongue relax completely. Sleeping on your back is the worst because then these parts can cause a partial blockage of the airway is the cause of snoring. But if you lie on your left side, the tongue will be in neutral position in order not to affect the church. Thus, snoring is minimized somewhat.

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