Sleep lunch: Recipes to help you energized all day long! -

Sleep lunch: Recipes to help you energized all day long!

Nap increasingly become luxuries because you are too busy, the break is too short or you feel difficult to sleep. But, if you can arrange a nap for about 15 – 30 minutes, not only help increase productivity but also improve mood very good!

Naps sometimes said to be time-consuming, boring or is a sign of laziness. However, there are many famous and successful as Albert Einstein, Thomas Edison or Winston Churchill are napping. So naps are really good for health and effective work?

Benefits of afternoon nap you may not know

Naps, however short-lived, but can bring a lot of benefits for the following health.

1. Naps help you improve your memory

Studies have shown that sleep plays an important role in the storage of information. You don’t need to sleep to improve memory because naps can also help you to remember the things we accumulate is during the day as nighttime sleep. This is the key to help you don’t forget fine motor skills, sensory, speech I’ve ever received…

2. Naps help you solve task

Siesta supports not only memorize knowledge and information that can help the brain to link the information to handle the problem. When the link is the discrete information, you will tackle the job quickly and more efficiently.

3. Naps help you maintain

When you do a job repeated throughout the day, performance will gradually go down. Even, you can get superior reviews low if yawning, short yawning, during working hours. The research suggests a siesta can help you maintain more stable.

4. Naps help you improve your mood

When you feel upset or stress, try to take a nap to improve mood. Siesta can help you relax and have more fun. If you can’t get to sleep, you just need suspension work to sit back, rest a slice also has the effect of relieve stress very well.

5. Naps help you be more alert

Feeling of sluggishness heavy and sleepy right after lunch is the situation that many people encounter. This feeling makes you hard that sober work. Here are the main signs that you need a nap to be able to work more efficiently in the afternoon.

6. Siesta compensate for sleep in the evening

If you know you will lack of sleep in a night or two due to too much work or travel shall be prepared time to take a nap. Siesta will help you more awake at night without caffeine.

7. Siesta is good for cardiovascular health

A siesta is not only good for mental health but also useful for physical health. One study showed that people who nap for 45 to 60 minutes can lower blood pressure after stress. So you arrange a time for sleep lunch to cardiovascular recovery after a tiring work out.

8. Naps help you more creative

Have you noticed I usually have more ideas after some sleep real good? REM sleep begins about 70 – 90 minutes after you sleep activate parts of the brain related to image and dream. So put yourself in REM sleep will help you have more breakthrough ideas, you know.

9. Naps help you sleep better

Naps during the day can help the elderly improve sleep at night. The study showed a nap of 30 minutes in the range 1 – 3 p.m. in conjunction with the post moderate exercise such as walking and muscle relaxation in the evening will help improve sleep. The habit of living in moderation and this also helps mental health and physical you better.

The kind of nap you have ever experienced

According to the Organization of sleep (National Sleep Foundation), naps is divided in 3 categories.

1. Siesta under the plan

Napping under the plan or also known as siesta scheduled in advance is when you actively take the time for the sleep of his. This is sleep suitable for those who know in advance I will be staying up late to spend time sleeping, clearing at noon.

2. Nap emergency

You usually nap when emergency feel overwhelmed and have to break everything down to take a nap. Naps is for those who suddenly feel tired till can’t continue the normal operation. You may also need to nap emergency to rest if you have to drive long distances.

3. Siesta habit

Siesta habit is sleep the same time every day. This is sleep familiar for children or office people. Other than napping under the plan due to the body need to catch up on my sleep, sleep lunch by habits repeated daily.

Recipes to help you have siesta quality

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Naps have many benefits for mental and physical. To avail the maximum benefits of the siesta, you can apply the recipes below:

• Make a habit of napping: You keep the habit of napping every day. Nap time usually falls on the middle day in the range 1 – 3 pm.

• Short nap for 30 minutes: let’s You set an alarm to nap for 30 minutes or shorter. If sleeping too this time around, you will feel tired when wake up.

• Adjust lighting of the room: You please pull the blinds, turn off the lights or wear an eye patch to keep the sleeping environment of his evening. The room dark or have soft lighting will help you fall asleep faster.

• Keep the body warm: You be ready with your blanket and pillow to compensate when taking a nap because body temperature will drop during sleep and cause you to be cold.

A nap can help you stay awake and maintain performance after a morning tired. Instead of drinking too much coffee has many side effects, you should take the time sleep will help you awake in a natural way, you know!

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