Signs of throat cancer are easily confused with normal sore throat -

Signs of throat cancer are easily confused with normal sore throat

Throat cancer is one of the types of common cancer occurring in adults. Signs throat cancer early stages is often not clear why we easily confused with the symptoms of sore throat usually.

For this reason, people with throat cancer difficult to detect the disease at an early stage, causing them to encounter more difficulties when treating throat cancer.

How to differentiate the exact symptoms of sore throat usually and signs of throat cancer? Let’s find out with Hello Doctor, okay!

Signs of throat cancer

Throat cancer is a disease that has the appearance of a (or multiple) tumors in the throat, larynx or tonsils.

The signs of laryngeal cancer can change depending on the region of the pharynx is affected. First signs of throat cancer include sore throat, long days, appearance lump in the throat or neck and ear pain.

Sore throat and change in voice (hoarse voice to go or voice not clear) is signs of throat cancer the most recognizable. In the early stages of disease, signs throat cancer cause you difficulty swallowing, ear pain, fast weight loss or appearance, tumors, or ulcers difficult to heal on the body.

If you have these symptoms lasted from 2 weeks and above, please come to the hospital for health check. Because the signs throat cancer early stages are typically the same with a few other diseases, in which there is inflammation of the throat should can doctor will check if it is real symptoms of what disease.

Normal sore throat

Pharyngitis is infection cause burning pain in the throat, especially when patients swallow saliva, water or food. The disease occurs usually popular in the cold rain and the majority of cases will go away after 5-7 days.

Symptoms sore throat, most common is a sore throat. The expression comes with sore throat like fever, headache, muscle and joint pain, skin rash or swollen lymph nodes in the neck… usually depending on different causes. The majority of these causes which is often due to the flu, due to fever or due to disease mononucleosis.

In more severe cases, the sore throat still feeling a shortness of breath, difficulty swallowing food or blood in saliva. At this time, the patient should be examined methodically at the medical facility to get cure a sore throat fit.

Why we easy to confuse signs of throat cancer sore throat?

If not, is screening for throat cancer, you very easy to confuse the signs of throat cancer with the symptoms of sore throat usually. Initially, both of these diseases have manifestations almost the same.

Some people will rely on the weight to distinguish between sore throat and throat cancer. However, this expression is also very faint, hard for us to get know exactly.

The biggest difference between signs of throat cancer and symptoms of pharyngitis is the duration of the abnormal manifestations on the body. If the symptoms persist for 10-14 days without signs of remission, then it is best that you should go to see a doctor.

Important things you need to note in particular is in the early stages, the signs of throat cancer very difficult to detect. Only symptoms outbreaks when the disease has turned severe stage. At this time, the quality of life of patients was greatly reduced. Patients weight loss very fast due to difficulty eating. Added to that, people immunodeficiency disease gradually should body always in a state of fatigue.

How to prevent throat cancer?

Want the room to throat cancer, you have to know the exact cause of the disease evil monster what is this.

Men in the age from 30-50 is subject predisposed to throat cancer than others due to the living habits and diet science. Behaviors such as smoking, excessive alcohol consumption, lifestyle teen, healthy are the leading factors increase the risk of throat cancer in men.

When is Epstein-Barr virus (EBV) attack, the squamous cells located on the palate mutated gene lead to the development loss of control, invasive to the surrounding structures, throat cancer may appear.

Although virus EBV is the main cause of throat cancer but not everyone who is infected with this virus are of cancer patients. There have been many cases that a person have all the risk factors but no disease. While there are also those who do not have any causative factors which penetrate into the body, but becomes a victim of throat cancer.

That means it is very difficult for us to control this disease. The only thing we can do is build and maintain healthy lifestyle. Workout regularly, eat science, not smoke, do not regularly eat the canned food such as salted fish, salted meat, avoid smoke, dust… is the best way for us to maintain healthy body.

A other tips that Hello Doctor would like to send to you is take regular health check periodically to control all the risk factors for throat cancer and those pathologies other dangers. The periodic health examination is your chance to look back at the lifestyle and habits of living through the symptoms, manifestations of the body. From there, you have to add base information to help you adjust proper lifestyle with health conditions current.

As such, although the pathology dangerous and very difficult to detect in its early stages, but we absolutely can prevent cancer by living healthy, scientific, and spend the proper attention to the expression of health of yourself today.


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