Shower head: shelter of the bacteria that you almost never toilet! -

Shower head: shelter of the bacteria that you almost never toilet!

Shower head in your bathroom is the shelter of the bacteria and can spread germs to the body when you shower. This harmful how to health?

After work tired all day, you will usually take a shower to relax and cleanse the body. However, research shows bath with shower head likely infected by the bacteria sheltering there. So, you let Hello Doctor find out pathogenic bacteria in shower head what is and how to avoid it!

Bacteria hiding in the shower head that you don’t know

According to study results published recently in the journal microbiology, Usa, bacteria, mycobacteria are found in many pattern shower head is collected at the family when researching the micro-organism shelter here. Scientists have found close correlation between the presence of mycobacteria and infection of the lungs not tuberculosis (NTM).

When analyzing samples taken from shower head of the 656 households in the United States and Europe, the scientists noticed:

• Shower head metal contains many bacteria, mycobacteria more type of shower head made of plastic.

• Water source and use chlorine for disinfection may affect the composition of the types of common bacteria in the shower head.

• Geographic regions also has a major influence on the prevalence of bacteria mycobacteria in the shower head. In the United States, California, Florida, Hawaii and New York are the regions where the incidence of lung infection, not tuberculosis (NTM) is very high.

According to the research results, the development of bacteria mycobacteria shelter shower head depends on many factors such as habitat, water resources, geography…

The risk of disease due to bacteria shelter shower head

Shower head can be shelter of mycobateria, bacteria are likely to cause harm to your health. Mycobacteria can be the cause infection of the lungs not tuberculosis (NTM). The majority of infections of the lungs due to tuberculosis bacteria causes however disease NTM is a form of lung infection, atypical, non-bacterial tb.

In nature, mycobacteria live in soil environment and water. However, the way this bacteria infects through the respiratory tract, the shower head is the residence of this bacterium can spread this bacteria to people.

The doctor, dr. Barbara Keber said bacteria mycobacteria in the top of the shower can infect into the human body because in the shower, we breathe and totally risk inhalation of this bacteria. According to the respiratory tract, the bacteria travel into the lungs. At the same time, conditions of hot and humid and the pressure is relatively ideal for bacteria released into the air.

Symptoms of infection of the lungs not tuberculosis (NTM) include:

  • Fever
  • Weight loss
  • Prolonged cough
  • Chronic cough
  • Loss of energy

Results this study aims to emphasize on the need of the sanitary shower head in the bathroom of your family often and properly. However, you also should not stress excessive about bacteria every shower.

Bacteria mycobacteria do not easily cause disease for the majority of us, only those who belong to groups at higher risk for lung infections, not tuberculosis (NTM) of mycobacteria as:

  • Who suffer from diseases of the lungs or infection
  • People with impaired immune systems due to disease chronic obstructive pulmonary (COPD) or HIV/AIDS

Bacteria mycobacteria shelter shower head has the ability to cause infection of the lungs not tuberculosis (NTM). You can prevent bacteria by cleaning the shower head.

Infection of the lungs not tuberculosis (NTM) of mycobacteria is also quite possible treatment and effective prevention. To prevent the danger caused by mycobacteria that cause, you need only toilet shower head regularly, properly or replace new one if necessary. You can clean your shower head by dipping in a solution of vinegar white. Vinegar white acidic environment, so acts as a high bactericidal efficiency.

In addition to the top of the shower, the place has hot and humid environment to another is also the place of residence of bacteria. So, you should note the toilet elsewhere in the house such as towels, coffee maker, kitchen, toilet, sink, control your television, computer keyboard, telephone… to remove bacteria, okay!

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The article of Hello Health Group and Hello Doctor only for reference, not a substitute for the diagnosis or treatment of medical.

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