Seizures half face: Know how to handle, just small talk!This is a sponsored posts. For more information about Advertising policies and our funding, please read more here. -

Seizures half face: Know how to handle, just small talk!This is a sponsored posts. For more information about Advertising policies and our funding, please read more here.

The seizures in half of the face in the eyes or mouth not only affects daily activities but also make you feel inferiority in communication. If there’s a way to handle effectively help you to reduce the seizures to regain confidence?

Not too difficult to improve the symptoms of seizures in half of the face and regain the confidence in communicating if you know how. Let Hello Doctor find out the information about this disease in the article below for how to efficiently handle it.

Learn about seizures half face

Before considering a cure, you need to equipped with the basic understanding of seizures in half of the face.

1. Symptoms seizures half face

Initial symptoms may be only bouts of jerking mild in around one eye. Gradually, the convulsions take place constantly, and spread to the eyebrows, the cheeks, the palate making the corners of his eyes, angle of mouth being pulled obliquely upward, and two side become out of balance.

The seizures in half of the face causing the disease closed not closed his eyes, propped do not fit the mouth, difficult to describe the natural emotion and difficulty eating.

2. Causes of seizures in half of the face

The muscles in each side face are controlled by facial nerve, also called nerve number 7 is located in the face. This nerve originates from deep within the brain and responsible for controlling the movement and expressiveness of the face such as laugh, talk, blink…

The doctor will determine the cause of seizures in half of the face through the diagnostic imaging

The majority of people with seizures in half of the face is due to the wire 7 is pinched by the blood vessels when there are tumors, infection or injury due to surgery, trauma or stroke brain. Upon this, the nerves will emit the signal, not control cause jerking muscles, tinnitus, ear pain in one side of the face which it governs.

Some patients do not identify the cause of the disease, called seizures half face unsubstantiated.

You should go see a specialist at medical facilities reputed to be the correct diagnosis what causes twitching half face and take measures for proper treatment.

3. Seizures in half of the face there is no danger?

As on later stages, seizures in half of the face becomes more dangerous and cause direct influence to the dining and speaking skills. Patients difficult your mouth shut should or drooling, difficulty chewing and swallowing food. In addition, the human eye disease also being pulled obliquely upward, so vision is restricted and eye inflammation.

The seizures in half of the face also affects the aesthetics of the face should be able to make people to guilt, inferiority, especially when standing in front of people.

If affected by tumor, trauma or stroke brain then convulsive status half will progress rapidly and can cause headache pain in the the shock.

How to handle seizures in half of the face

To handle the seizures half the face effectively you need to know how to coordinate treatment methods of Western medicine, herbal medicine same healthy lifestyle.

The goal of treatment of patients with seizures in half of the face is to reduce the pinched wire 7, reducing the nerve signals and helps the facial muscles are relaxed to reduce the frequency of the shocks. You can accomplish this by drugs or surgery but the most effective is still the harmonious combination between modern medicine, lifestyle science with solutions from natural herbal.

1. Treatment of seizures half face drug

Prescribed medicines the doctor is a way to reduce seizures in half of the face

If the seizures of the facial muscles is due to a bacterial infection, you absolutely can be cured if antibiotics reasonable. However, the majority of the causes of seizures in half of the face is yet to be cured completely.

To limit the neural signals spontaneous of the wire 7, and relaxes the facial muscles, the doctor may specify neuroleptics, drug soften the muscle, botox injections or surgery that deals with forced circuit.

Indications for use drugs long days can cause tolerance drug and makes people tired, dry mouth, constipation… so you need to maintain a good mood to be able to take pharmacy long.

2. Cure seizures half face by healthy lifestyle

You should be healthy lifestyle to improve health health

You can make healthy lifestyle according to the principle of “three is enough” following to improve health and limit the side effects of the drug treatment.

• Full quality: You need to use a lot of vegetables, fresh berries, nuts (walnuts, almonds…), cereals and marine fish to supplement vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. This helps to process and transmit neural signals more precisely.

• Enough sleep: You should sleep enough 7 to 8 hours/day, not too late at night and limit the stress by yoga or meditation… This is the natural way to help you improve the condition of seizures.

• Full health: Every day, you can help the muscles of the face and neck muscles more flexible by spending 30 minutes walking, jogging, tai chi, qigong or physical therapy.

3. Reduce seizures half face by traditional medicine

Many herbs in traditional medicine to help reduce stock run shock

Professor – dr. Le Duc Hinh, former chairman of neurology Vietnam, emphasized: “In traditional medicine, there are many herbal you helps to regulate the function of nerve cells, reduce stock run, jerking, typical is the Ghost, The Behind”. The combination of drug therapy and herbal medicine will have an impact synergies, limiting the seizures on the long-term and effective.

In fact, many modern research has proven the bioactive substances naturally within two herbal Tian Ma, The Big have the same role as money nutrients of the nerve cells. These substances help to stabilize the conductivity, transmittance, thereby blocking the nerve signals and spontaneous support to improve symptoms seizures half face effective. Currently, two types of this herb have been combined in a product whose name is Lao Kingdom Event (*).

Food health protection Lao Kingdom Event with the main ingredient is the Ghost, The behind 6 months on the market has received a lot of positive feedback. Products can be combined with Western medicine to help you improve your seizures in half of the face and regain confidence in life.

Thien Ma and The Fat in the Aging Conditions, help reduce vibration, shock

Although there are many causes of seizures in half of the face, but you can completely control this situation effectively if you know lifestyle changes and using herbal support. Thus, the symptoms on face will quickly be improved and you will realize everything, the only difficulty is to find out how to handle properly!

(*) This product is not a medicine and no effective alternative medicines.

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