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Right bundle branch Block: Causes, signs and ways to stabilize heart rhythm

Right bundle branch Block, however, is not a disease too severe but can also lead to shortness of breath, palpitations or chest pain. So what should you do to stabilize heart rate and prevent severe progressive disease?

Symptoms heart beats slow, stunned, tired sometimes can do stock right bundle branch block makes the heart beat slow and does not provide enough blood to the organs. Let Hello Doctor find out whether right bundle branch block there is no danger and keeping a stable heart rhythm to ensure the health.

Right bundle branch Block what is it?

Electrical impulse is interrupted when through the branch right side of the heart is called right bundle branch block.

Right bundle branch Block is a condition electrical impulse transmission through the right side of the heart is interrupted while the left side remains normal, causing the two to the left and right of the heart contractility is not at the same time.

Right bundle branch Block is divided into two types is the block completely and not completely. Which, right bundle branch block is not complete (incomplete right bundle branch block) is a can of mild right bundle branch block complete (complete right bundle branch block).

Causes of right bundle branch block

The conduction system electrical heart in the right ventricle (heart chamber bottom-right) is not enclosed in sure as the left ventricle should be very easy to sever, to relax and cause heart block branch right. In addition, the cardiovascular diseases damage the heart or increases the pressure of the chronic chamber, the right ventricle can also cause right bundle branch block. The disease can mention is:

• Diseases that cause lesions in the heart: coronary artery Disease, myocarditis, congenital heart (more interior, more Turkish), heart valve disease, myocardial infarction.

• Diseases and risk factors increase pulmonary artery pressure: pulmonary Disease, chronic obstructive (COPD), pulmonary embolism due to thrombosis or due to respiratory disorders (sleep apnea), heart failure to.

In addition, the sinus node due to old age or increased potassium in the blood excessive can also cause right bundle branch block.

Symptoms right bundle branch block

Signs of right bundle branch block rarely appear in humans only is bundle branch block merely, but often are in people with additional cardiovascular disease other potentially. When that stock right bundle branch block can cause symptoms:

  • Palpitations
  • Dizziness, lightheadedness
  • Chest pain, heavy chest
  • Shortness of breath, easy fatigue during exercise

If the block is completely right, the heart rate dropped to 40 beats/min will significantly reduce the pumping function of the heart in those suffering with heart disease, lung or impairment of the sinus node. Heart beats slow leads to a lack of blood to the organs, especially the brain, causing symptoms of fatigue, fainting and cardiac arrest temporary.

You can easily detected right bundle branch block by ecg thanks to the morphological changes wave electrical heart characteristic. However, for accurate diagnosis, the doctor will also must be based on medical history, symptoms, echocardiography, blood tests or X-rays, pulmonary heart to sift the causes of heart block.

Treatments right bundle branch block

Depending on the situation of your health that syndrome, right bundle branch block be treated differently.

• In a healthy person: If you do not suffer from heart disease, lung, right bundle branch block is not considered a disease because this syndrome rarely affects pumping function of the heart and not in need of treatment. However, patients need periodic 1 – 2 times a year and do an electrocardiogram ECG to monitor the progression of the disease if detection is right bundle branch block.

• In people with cardiovascular disease or pulmonary disease, chronic obstructive: When right bundle branch block in the light (not block completely) the disease to progress to severe (right bundle branch block completely). Meanwhile, the process of treatment should focus on control the cause of the disease.

Some cases of right bundle branch block heavy (such as sick sinus syndrome, after myocardial infarction…) causing slow heart rate, have a high risk of dying should be put pacemakers permanent.

What should you do when right bundle branch block?

In addition to the use of the drug according to your doctor’s instructions, if any, you need to check the regular health and lifestyle changes to reduce risk of the heart disease, lung potential. You can refer to a number of things need to do the following:

– Monitor patient symptoms regularly and re-examination as soon as signs of chest pain, difficulty breathing, fainting, or other abnormalities affecting health.

– Quit smoking and lose weight if you are overweight.

– Eat good food for the heart, such as vegetables, fruits because of these foods contain more fiber helps to reduce cholesterol, reduce blood fat and reduce cardiovascular risk.

– Advocacy to enhance the contractile ability of the heart by walking instead of taking the elevator, yoga, cycling, tai chi…

– Use products for heart rhythm disorders contains gentian (Sophora Flavescens Ait) to support, stabilize heart rate, reduce palpitations, palpitations, shortness of breath. Gentian has been scientists proven to have a stabilizing effect conduction of electricity in the heart, helps the heart pump blood more efficiently.

Food protection health Security Center United support reduce palpitations, palpitations in people suffering from cardiac arrhythmia.

Although right bundle branch block compared with bundle branch block left is less dangerous but you still need to periodically check 3 – 6 months 1 times, make healthy lifestyle combined with Oriental medicine. Thanks to it, you can prevent the disease progresses into block completely, help the heart beat steady, to avoid the influence of disease on quality of life as well as reduce the burden of treatment.

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