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Is there a way to remove keratin from hair fast? How long does it take?

not satisfied with the results

Did you go for keratin treatment and you feel it is not really what you expected?

Do you want to remove it quickly?

I have bad news for you, but please, don’t kill the messenger.

There is no quick way to remove keratin from hair. And quickly, I mean, you can’t get rid of it for a few hours, not even days. With a lot of luck, you can finally say goodbye to it after four weeks.

But despite all the bad things, I have a few good things to tell. After all, in life hitting hands and then blooming again.

I can tell you a few tricks to speed up the process of product removal from hair faster.

Do you want me to tell you?

I will do it.

But first, let me tell you how I learned these little tricks.

Two months ago, my sister, Mariana, and I decided to get a keratosis treatment.

My intention, more than anything, is to return to my hair the natural shine and moisture that, with too many times being flat, has left.

My sister follows the lifelong dream of a straight-haired girl happy forever, that is, she wants to get rid of her beautiful curls.

Of course, I think they are very beautiful, but to her, they are a curse to her existence.

When I left the salon, I was a completely happy person. My hair doesn’t curl, and when I touch it, it barely leaves a mark, it feels as smooth as a baby’s skin.

 However, the bell of glory did not ring for my sister. As soon as we got home, she cried like a Magdalena, it seems she was being beaten.  

I couldn’t believe what I was seeing or what I was hearing, but between tears, blowing my nose and sniffing, I could get a grasp of what’s going on.

She doesn’t look good with straight hairstyles. She feels that her nature is gone, and wants to return to her curls. Can you believe it?

I couldn’t believe what my ears were hearing, but I couldn’t bear to see my sister in that state of depression.

After all, the calmest person also turned tigers when her sister had problems. And there I was, all tired of claws ready to be removed, even when it had broken chunks, the horns from my heartbreaking sister’s hair.

Would you like to know our secret plan to banish that cursed protein from my sister’s hair?

So keep reading, as today I’m going to tell you:

  • Why can’t you get rid of keratin from your hair quickly
  • 4 tips to get rid of keratin from your hair in less than a month

Are you ready to get a smile back on your face?

I can assure you that despite taking a month, nee-san is getting better.

Why can’t you get rid of keratin from your hair so quickly

Let’s start from scratch. Keratin is a protein that we naturally have in our bodies and hair, and for various reasons, such as climatic conditions, it fades away bit by bit.

This treatment is applied to the hair to restore the protein lost in the hair, in addition, it has the ability to remove frizz and soften every strand of your hair.

Traditional keratin treatments are aimed at straightening the hair and often imply a formaldehyde release solution.

That’s why, the stylist incubated my sister’s hair with this product for 20 minutes. During that time, the horny substance covered the cuticles in nee-san’s hair like an armor which then methodically flattened it.

 This process is designed to keep the product in your hair for at least three months. It’s that simple. It is not an intensive mask that you can apply and remove whenever you want.  

We are talking about chemical products that in some way are supposed to modify, even if it’s on the outside, the structure of the hair.

As I explained all this to my sister, I once again burst into a sea of ​​tears. Oh man, I never thought a woman could cry so much!

But she calmed down when I told her we could do a couple of things to get rid of the keratin completely in a month.

The good thing about our plan was that as the days went by, with each procedure we used, my sister was gradually getting her curls to her liking.

Right now, I will tell you exactly what we did.

4 tips to remove keratin from hair in less than 1 month

Have you ever heard the saying, “keeping your friend closer and your enemy closer?”

That’s exactly what we, my sister, Mariana and I, did, we got close to keratin to beat it.

What am I trying to say with this?

We did the exact opposite of what the stylist asked us to do to prolong the effect of the product on her hair.

Let the war begin!

  • Do not avoid water getting into hair.

Furthermore, if you can, turn into The Little Mermaid Ariel as soon as you finish your treatment.

Wet it, wetting it, and wetting it, because by doing so, you stop the keratin from working in the inner part of the epidermis.

If it rains, go outside without an umbrella. Sign up for swimming classes.

Do you have a chance to enjoy a few days at the beach? Go ahead, enjoy sinking your head in the waves as much as you can.

In addition to jokes, wash your hair as much as possible .

  • Physical activity.

Personally, I signed up for my sister for a speed spinning class. Every day, one hour, ride a bike. Her scalp was definitely sweaty.

And with each evaporation drop, the keratin is markedly affected.

Of course, after a month, my sister started to develop a strange phobia with stationary bikes. You can imagine why.

  • Try out different hairstyles from day one after treatment.

You can braid it, pull it up into a ponytail, use different types of bows and even clips . The more you process your hair, the more you prevent the keratin from entering and being in it.

  • Loves sulfate-containing shampoos.

I never thought I’d say anything like that, but to get rid of a shampoo containing keratin sulfate is your new best friend.

Because sulfates are no less no less than hair removal products. Of course, don’t overdo it, because if you do, in addition to removing the keratin, you will strip your hair, making it drier than a straw broom.

My sister washed her hair with these shampoos at least three times a week.

She replaces it with products with a high alcohol content, like curling mousse and high-salt shampoos, as they have abrasives that dissolve and remove keratin from your hair.

After a month of following all these steps, my sister was finally gone.

And she has regained her happiness, curls and nature.

What did I get from all of this?

First, before doing any treatment, evaluate if it’s really what you want.

Accept your spontaneity, wild like curls or straight like a serene sea.

And finally, when it comes to helping a sister, don’t you think?

Do you know other ways to remove keratin from your hair?


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