Reducing uric acid blood thanks to herbal products Royal System PhongĐây is a sponsored posts. For more information about Advertising policies and our funding, please read more here. -

Reducing uric acid blood thanks to herbal products Royal System PhongĐây is a sponsored posts. For more information about Advertising policies and our funding, please read more here.

The accumulation of too much uric acid in the blood is not only the main cause of gout which also contributes to lead to many dangerous complications for health. Today, people tend to use the productm derived from the draft dược as te, the products protect the health Imperial System to reduce uric acid the blood, from which stop pain gout recurrence.

In this article, Hello, Doctor invites you to learn about the causes that led to tras increased uric acid the blood and secret to reducing uric acid with herbal products.

Gout is a disease what?

Gout (gout, system, style) is a form of arthritis causes swelling, redness and pain in the joints. The disease occurs when the concentration of uric acid accumulates in the blood causing inflammation in the joints. Characteristic of the disease is the pain accompanying symptoms swelling in joints, especially the khe toe ccharity. The disease usually appears suddenly middle of the night. Condition pain and swelling can also affect other joints in the leg such as knee joints, ankle joints, the joints of the feet. In addition, condition pain and swelling can also occur in joints of hands, wrist joint, elbow joint, but is less common.

Gout is a chronic disease that patients have to bear the pain persistent. If there is no good method of control, the disease will recur, causing pain, seriously affected the health and daily activities of sufferers. At present, no cure gout but the disease can prevent the risk of disease relapse easily.

Uric acid is what?

Uric acid is a product of metabolism naturally in the body. When cells die, it will be destroyed and transformed into uric acid. This is considered the source of uric acid endogenous. In addition, the food derived from animals such as offal, red meat, seafood… also contains the nucleus of the cell, when introduced into the body will converted into uric acid. About 80% of the uric acid in the body is excreted from the body through the excretion of urine and 20% cs re dig thanswer through the skin thanks to the process of sweating.

In the metabolism of the body, if the source produces uric acid too much but the amount of are dug , waste less will make them be ger back in the blood, accumulation in the tissues. Condition uric acid deposition in the tissues will cause you to join phai the problem as:

  • Deposition at joints will lead to the characteristic pain of gout
  • Deposition in the heart causes nod, problems of the cardiovascular
  • Accumulates in the kidney causing renal failure
  • Deposition in the urinary tract cause urinary stones.

Only of uric acid in the blood is considered high when exceeding 420µmol/l for men and 360µmol/l ve women world. If your index exceeds this number, meaning that you are suffering from increased uric acid blood. Therefore, you need to work closely with the treating physician to have the plan to control the concentration of uric acid in an efficient manner.

Cause uric acid concentration in blood increased high

Acid uric the blood increase the high can lead to more dangerous pathology. There are many causes of uric acid mboth increase. Nneglect cause main can be mentioned as:

  • Kidney problems: When kidney inefficient operation will lead to the concentration of high uric acid. Condition kidney operation is not effective could be due to kidney function is disordered. This is why doctors often ask people with increased uric acid blood to check kidney recurring.
  • Diet rich in purines: eating too many foods contains purines such as red Meat, seafood, animal organs… can cause increased axit uric blood.
Consume more of foods rich in purines will make the concentration of uric acid the blood increase
  • Consumption of soda contain fructose: Fructose, high in food and beverage will increase the amount of purines produced in the body. In addition, the kidneys can be overloaded while at the same time have to excrete uric acid and fructose. Therefore, drinking too much fresh water bottled is also the reason why the concentration of uric acid your blood tantenna high.
  • Overweight and obesity: people With overweight, obesity, body will produce more uric acid than. This makes the kidneys have to work harder to remove them.
  • Hereditary: In some people, gout does not come from eating habits or daily activities that do gen genetic. This causes their bodies production of uric acid higher than normal.
  • Gender: Men from ages 30 – 50 are objects susceptible to increase uric acid most. Women are less prone to increase uric acid more blood, because the hormone estrogen of the body that tht help quof excretion of uric acid from the body out better. One thing to note is that at the stage of menopause, the risk of gout of women is also quite high.

How to reduce uric acid the blood?

Condition uric acid the blood high not only causes gout, but also pulled in many diseases the risk of other insurance. Ve better control the concentration of uric acid is considered the only way to reduce the pain of gout and prevent dangerous complications. The changes in nutrition and daily activities in a positive direction, although is small, can also help you. These changes include:

  • Limit foods rich in purines: You can limit the source of purine intake by eating selective foods in the daily diet. Foods rich in purines include some type of meat (beef, pork, lamb,…), animal organs, seafood, and vegetables. All the products will be decomposed into uric acid when they enter the body.
  • Avoid food and drinks high in sugar: foods high in sugar like cake, ice cream, cakes or sugary drinks such as soda, fruit juice, fresh sugar cane juice… So you consider this type of drink is best for themselves, always carefully read the labels of each food type to see if they contain sugar fructose or not before use.
Who suffer from increased uric acid blood should limit the use of fresh water bottled
  • Drink more water: drinking many water helps the kidneys excrete uric acid more quickly. Be sure to drink enough 2 liters of water every day to control the concentration of uric acid in the body and prevention of gout better.
  • Eat more green vegetables, fiber: consumption of fiber rich foods not only help the body remove uric acid but also helps to balance the amount of sugar in the cheeksand insulin levels. So you add more vegetables into the diet daily in order to control the concentration of uric acid the blood and prevent the risk of gout effective.

Secret to reducing uric acid the blood from herbal food health protection, Royal, Traditional Style

As you already know, to lower the concentration of uric acid mstation and put only sstain this about safe levels, stop the pain gout effective, patients need done with the dưỡng student homassively reasonable. Parallel to that, today, many people tend to use herbal products Imperial Traditional Style to control the disease condition is better.

Food health protection, Royal, Traditional Style

Royal Traditional Style product is combined from many natural herbs have the effect of reducing uric acid, improve pains, gout effectively. The herbs are in the Traditional Style, including:

  • Trach description: This is an herb used in many prescriptions of traditional medicine. Trach description that will be used to help strengthen the function of the excretory system, excrete most of the harmful substances out of the body in which uric acid – the main cause of gout triggers.
  • Soot (grass ink): Grass ink is the herb that uses the heat, detoxifies, very well in the case of swelling, pain due to the pain gout levels.
  • Three size: Is the medication you have kidney effects, strengthen kidney function, help the kidneys excrete uric acid effectively over.
  • Lower dry herb: Is the drug clearing heat, detoxify, cool the liver, to be effective well with the case, the inflammation, swelling, pain due to gout.
  • Rhizoma smilacis glabrae: Help except rheumatism, helps to relieve swelling, pain, effective in cases of pain acute gouty attack.
  • Blubber: Have the ability to regulate renal function, diuretic, sedative, strengthens blood circulation.
  • Hoang ba: Helps to regulate qi and blood, eliminate heat, anti-inflammatory, antipyretic.

Thanks to the combination of the herbal ingredients, this Royal, Traditional Style brought to the role in reducing the uric acid concentration in blood, reduce swelling pain of gout stop the pain gout recurrence, safe and effective.

Product suitable use for the subjects at risk of gout such as:

  • Obese people
  • Sedentary people
  • The problems of metabolic disorders…
  • Middle aged men often drink beer, wine

In particular, the product is very effective in supporting treatment gout acute, and chronic, whose uric acid concentration, high blood…

Share of people with gout in reducing uric acid blood, stop pain gout efficient thanks to the Royal System Style

After more than 10 years available on the market, Royal wind have accompanied a lot of people suffer from increased uric acid the blood people with gout. Below is the share of mr. Pham Ngoc Hien (TEL: 034 608 6107) in village 11, commune, Hoang Hai, Hoang hoa district, Thanh Hoa province..

Mr. Hien is pain, gout, just eat lots of protein-rich foods such as beef, seafood and then the patient relapses. Every time the pain attacked, he Gentle feel can not tolerate. Luckily, thanks to know about and use the product Royal Traditional Style, which pain, gout no longer relapse. He is eating and drinking more comfortable, sleep better and body stay healthy. Invite you to view more of his share Sage in the following video:

Expert reviews about the products Royal System Style

Not only won the trust of many patients suffering from gout, the Royal wind are also experts appreciated. You can see the analysis of PGS. TS. Union Office Filed about the effect of the drug trach description, the main component of the product Royal Traditional Style IN HERE.

Any questions related to the pain condition, gout as well as product Royal Traditional Style, invite you to contact switchboard for free freight: 1800 6103 or hotline number (ZALO/VIBER): 090 220 7582 to be the best support!

(*) This product is not a medicine, no side effect alternative medicine healing!

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