Recipes health protection, the rainy season to enjoy the summer days, vibrant -

Recipes health protection, the rainy season to enjoy the summer days, vibrant

Do well the protection of health, the rainy season will help you not to be bothered by the feel classifieds obnoxious as well as affect the activities each day.

The rainy season is a weather change to be welcomed to get rid of the stifling hot day, but they also bring a number of nuisance for health, which you should avoid. So, let Hello Doctor learn some tips to help protect yourself in this time, okay.

1. Using nets and mosquito repellent

Malaria and dengue are mosquito-borne are the most common disease during the rainy season. If infected, young children will have to enter hospital for treatment, as well as risk of suffering complications other bad. Therefore to protect the health of the rainy season, use mosquito nets, mosquito repellent or incense, mosquito aims to help all members in the family room, anti-mosquito effect.

In addition, you should check and clean up puddles of stagnant water because this is where mosquitoes breed. Pay attention to change the water vase, plants often capsized the pots, containers and other items not in use to mosquitoes don’t have a place to reproduce. For children wear light-colored clothing, long sleeve early in the morning and evening, for kids to play in where airy to limit mosquito bites. Finally, always apply mosquito repellent before coming to corruption where there are many mosquitoes to prevent insect this unexpected attack.

2. Supplement enough water

We often tend to cooling by the ice cream cone, cold drink on a hot day, and sometimes gradually reduce the amount of drinking water when the sky rain by didn’t feel too thirsty. But this is quite harmful for health too. The body need to water to ensure the activity goes smoothly. If no additional adequate water, you will easy to feel tired, languid.

Added to that, ice and the drinks cold also affect tooth enamel if you enjoy regular. So, please encourage the family members to drink warm water or boiled water to cool you.

3. Limit undercooked food, street food

Should avoid undercooked food or street food because these foods may not have germs and the risk of causing food poisoning, diarrhea seemed also higher in the rainy season. One more important thing is maintaining diet healthy. So to protect the health of the rainy season, though the busy to where you please limit dine at the restaurants and instead it is the meals are prepared at home.

4. Avoid going into puddles of dirty water

Walking in the rain makes you susceptible to some viral diseases such as infection with spiral bacteria Leptospira and can also cause a multitude of status fungal infections of the feet and nails. Also, if your feet get wet, please wash and dry immediately instead of to the current status in socks or wet shoes. Added to that, should not sit in the air conditioned environment when clothing has to be dry to avoid colds.

Finally, patients with diabetes mellitus as in particular to be careful. Avoid going barefoot because the ground at this time is contains many types of bacteria, thereby easily causing you the infection when accidentally injured.

5. Shower immediately when you get home

Freshen up after coming home in the evening will protect the body from infections due to sweat and dirt buildup. Currently, there are many types of soap with the function of antibacterial that you can buy and use.

On the other hand, hand hygiene into the time to the office or when just about to the house to remove germs is also a quite useful measures. You should also add more vitamin C to boost health for the immune system with foods rich in nutrients such as citrus fruit, fresh vegetable…

6. Avoid contact with the wall moisture

Damp walls are breeding of mold, moss green… They can become the cause of allergies as well as trigger asthma if you have asthma or other problems of the respiratory tract. So, should limit close contact with these areas to protect the health buy rain.

7. Avoid touching the eye

Eye infections such as conjunctivitis, stye eye, dry eye and more serious is the corneal ulcer is on the list of common disease as the rainy season visit. This condition can lead to blindness if the disease is ignored. To protect the health of the rainy season, the absolute do not touch the eyes when the hand has not be cleaned thoroughly.

If you spend a lot of time before the electronic devices, the eyes will also be prone to redness, itching or irritation. So, let’s learn the exercises help relax your eyes after every 45 – 60 minutes of intense concentration, okay.

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