Reading habits: tips to help you healthy and successful -

Reading habits: tips to help you healthy and successful

The book not only is treasure of knowledge but also who is your soulmate help you relieve stress in an effective way. If you want to improve your health and reap success, you can start the reading habit right from now!

In the era of e-book increasingly frantic, with form reading online, many people still feel more excited than when holding a book, really. You will not have to worry because you lost your Internet connection or run out of battery. Not only is a healthy hobby, reading habit is also very good for health and help you be more successful in life.

Good reading habits for health how?

When growing age, memory function of you will increasingly decline to go. According to study results published in Neurology, the habit of reading will help you slow down the aging process, the brain to maintain sanity longer.

Just like physical exercise helps you improve your physical health, reading habits will help to improve the memory function of the brain and enhance mental health.

Report on The Huffington Post also said that brain activity can often prevent the ability to decline mental health to 32%. Many studies have proved that reading habits are natural therapies to help you relax, prevent Alzheimer’s disease and sleep better.

1. The habit of reading helps you relax

You can feel more comfortable while reading a book after a tiring day of work or a week of stress. Research shows the habit of reading is a relaxation therapy which reduces stress.

2009 study of the University of Sussex (Uk) showed the habit of reading can reduce stress up to 68%.

“You read books it doesn’t matter what, just work you into the world that the author created was enough to escape all our worries and stress”, according to the expert psychological – neurological David Lewis share on The Telegraph.

2. The habit of reading prevents Alzheimer’s

Reading is a way to help you mobilize your brain to improve memory. The brain activity like reading will be very good for older people because can prevent the risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease.

Many people have the habit to read books, play chess or solve crossword puzzles can reduce 2.5 times the risk of Alzheimer’s disease than those who rarely motor brain.

3. Reading habits help you sleep

According to the Mayo Clinic, the habit of reading in the dark can be a sign for the body know it was time to go to sleep.

Instead of glued to the phone screen or the laptop just harm your eyes causing you to have trouble sleeping, you should read a book would be better for health.

You can teach children the habit of reading before sleep. According to the study published in Pediatrics, 54% of children sleep near equipment technology, on average, took almost 20 minutes to go to sleep. So, you get quarantined with all electronic devices such as phone, iPad or laptop and get in the habit of reading before turning off the lights for children to have more restful sleep.

Reading habits make you more successful

Want more success, you need to get in the habit of reading many types of books have value to help upgrade yourself. This is one of the habits of rich people that you can train from now on to improve the quality of life and empowerment in society.

1. The habit of reading books make you smarter

Oprah Winfrey, the famous protagonist of the television talk show in America selected the favorite book to discuss in book club Oprah’s Book Club each month. Queen of media share: “Books allow me to see the outside world, beyond the familiar home”.

Well-known author who writes for children Theodor Seuss Geisel (American) also said that: “the more You read, knowledge will expand. The more you learned the more I will proceed further”. A book can open a new horizon now from when you were a child.

Research results from the University of California (Usa) found that children’s books contain 50% more vocabulary than the television. The accumulation of new vocabulary words not only helps children achieve higher scores in school, which also contributes to increased iqs.

If you want to strengthen reading skills, you should choose a book of traditional paper books instead of e-book. Research shows the habit of reading online through the screen will slow more than 20 – 30% in comparison with reading.

2. Reading habits help you communicate well

King of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg taking the time to read 1 book/week. He said: “Books help you discover the fulness of a problem and help you more deeply understand the media today”.

The good book will help you connect with people around through the media and daily communication. According to research published on Science, category books fiction literature can help you understand the emotional complexity of humans.

Ability to understand others can be viewed as survival skills to develop social relationships. Even, many people have had success based on the ability to communicate conquer people’s hearts more than the professional competence of themselves.

3. The habit of reading books helps your children’s education

Former CEO of Microsoft, Bill Gates set a goal to read 50 books per year, on average read 1 book/week. This billionaire insisted: “Of course the children will be using the computer, but the first thing that we get is still the book”.

About 75% of the parent desired his children to read books not only to entertain but also expand their knowledge should have taught the child the habit of reading by reading to your child at home.

The parents said that she could stop reading activities books for young when the child can read it alone. However, a study from Scholastic back to that maintaining the habit of reading books for children throughout the primary school years will help children become lovers of reading. There are up to 40% of the people who love reading books have been read books for listening in the age of 6 – 10.

Recipes to help you build the habit of reading

If you want to build the habit of reading, let’s start from the discovery of yourself see if you really like something, want something, and what it takes to become a better version.

1. Theme options under preferences

Simple recipes to choose books is to prioritize your interests: beauty, cooking, shopping, playing sports, business… When starting with the topic according to your interests, you will feel the habit of reading as a leisure should have a relaxing effect very well.

2. Weigh the proper categories personality

Each personality will fit with a few genre books certain. The following are some suggestions for when you get in the habit of reading books according to category:

♥ Prose: If you belong form the romantic and emotional prose would be an ideal choice to relieve your mood.

♥ Short stories: Here’s a hint for those who are extroverts like to follow a story simply to entertain.

♥ Novels: Template introverts will be able to experience his heart into the novel to find empathy from the characters.

♥ Living skills: For those who demand progress and ambition, the book of life skills will help you navigate your career path more explicitly.

♥ Specialized: choose the most appropriate model for the main fact is the book specialized to help you to expand knowledge to support the work.

3. Create a reading space quiet


You will not be able to focus or relax with reading habits when the lack of a quiet space. If there is no reading room, you can arrange for a small corner near a window or the garden behind the house. Please always ensure you have a seat it’s comfortable and well-lit space to read books for hours, okay!

4. Prepare eye reading glasses

When building the habit of reading books, you need to pay attention to check the health of the eyes. The following are some signs that your eyes need eyes glasses support:

– You headaches or sore eyes when reading.

– You have trouble seeing small print over in the dim light.

– You will need to use eye glasses, granny, if you see the words go blurry when seen up close or eye glasses if the letters go blurry when looking far.

5. Notes on the diary

Do you want to the habit of reading becomes more meaningful? Please prepare a notebook and pen next to notes in the diary. It can be the useful information you need to save or simply feelings suddenly… You will improve expressive skills, writing and remembering information in a pronounced way, you know.

If you have the habit of reading right from the start, life can become easier because you’ve learned much to experience meaning from the author. It should only take about 30 minutes per day to reading, you will see this is a simple start to good health and career success more in the future!

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