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Rabies is spread by the way?

Rabies is the fear on the global stage, is the hidden threat right in your home when you are in frequent contact with pets. If you know the specific rabies spread by the way, as well as how to prevent rabies, you will reduce the maximum risk of disease for themselves and relatives.

Rabies does not spread from one person to another, which is usually spread through bites from infected animals. It can also be spread if saliva of the animal in direct contact with the eyes, nose, mouth, or open wounds of the person (such as scrapes or scratches).

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Rabies is spread by the way?

Virus rabies is transmitted through direct contact (such as through the skin, open wounds or mucous membranes in eyes, nose, mouth) with saliva or brain tissue, nervous system from infected animals.

People usually contract rabies from the bite of animals. There are also cases (but rarely happens) the person is rabies due to exposure without being bitten, such as scratches, or open wound exposure to saliva or materials capable of transmitting infection from wild animals.

Inhalation of the virus of rabies in the form of gas content is one of the ways potential exposure, but except for laboratory staff, most people are not inhaling this virus.

Rabies transmitted by corneal transplantation and organ transplantation have been recorded, but they are also very rare.

Bite from an infected person theoretically could transmit rabies, but no cases have been recorded. Casual contact, such as touching people is rabies, contact with fluid or tissue (urine, blood, feces) through normal skin, then there will be no risk of virus-infected weed.

Virus rabies will not be contagious when in dry form and under the sunlight. The conditions of different environments also affect the rate of virus activity.

Common misconceptions about rabies

  1. Rabies is only transmitted by the bite of animals

Rabies is transmitted through contact with saliva of infected animals. Bite is the mode of transmission of rabies most common but the virus can be transmitted when saliva to penetrate into any open wounds or mucous membranes (such as mouth, nose or eyes). Therefore, action, licking, or scratch of wild animals can also transmit the virus.

  1. Bites of wild animals will be very aware

In Canada and the United States, most cases of rabies in humans are related to bats. Due to the small size of them, should bites or scratches by bats cause will not be noticeable, or not to leave the wound clear.

Even the victims don’t even know they have been exposed to a bat. Bats are most active at night, they bite or scratch a person while they sleep. You need to seek medical care immediately if you wake up and find in his room has bats.

  1. Animals when suffering from rabies will have the expression unwell

Most of the animals will have a number of signs such as aggressive or bite humans, his eyes bloodshot when they’re infected with rabies. However, there are also those animals infected with rabies not have any symptoms particularly clear.

If you or a loved one is animal bite or scratch, wash the wound thoroughly with soap and water, at the same time seek medical care whether it is the wound caused by pets belonging in the cause.

  1. The symptoms of rabies will appear right after the bite

After suffering an infected animal bite, the rabies symptoms can take weeks, months or many years new appear in person (this is called the incubation period).

Period before the symptoms appear will be different depending on where you are bitten (arms, legs, face…), type of animal bite (bats, dogs, cats…).

  1. You can only inject vaccine of rabies after being bitten

Vaccine rabies can be vaccinated before being bitten as a preventive measure for people at high risk for rabies, such as contact with animals, wild animal infected with rabies or travelling to the region are rabies.

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When should vaccination to prevent rabies?

Vaccination rabies vaccine

Those who are at high risk of exposure to rabies, such as veterinarians, animal caretakers, laboratory staff, rabies… should be vaccinated vaccine rabies vaccine.

Vaccine rabies should also be considered for the object:

  • Those who are active in regular contact with virus, weeds, or animals can get rabies.
  • International tourists have the possibility of contact with animals in parts of the world, especially those regions are outbreak of rabies.

History vaccination rabies vaccine is divided into 3 doses at the following times:

Dose 1: start Date vaccination against rabies

Dose 2: 7 days after dose 1

Dose 3: 21 days or 28 days after dose 1

With respect to laboratory staff and others who may be exposed several times with virus rabies should be tested periodically and use more injection enhanced when necessary.

Injection vaccine treatment of rabies

Anyone suffering from animal bite are to clean the wound and see a doctor immediately. The doctor will determine the see if they have been vaccinated to cure rabies or not.

  • If exposed to the virus rabies, you should inject 4 doses of vaccine rabies, a dose immediately and the additional doses on days 3, 7 and 14 after injection of the dose firstly. You will also be injected to add a nose Globulin at the same time with the first dose.
  • If had rabies vaccination before that, you only need to inject 2 additional doses of vaccine, one dose immediately, a dose of the dose first 3 days and do not need additional injections of Globulin.

When should I talk to doctor?

Talk to your doctor before vaccination rabies vaccine if you:

– Each is allergies severe (life-threatening) vaccine rabies earlier or with any component of the vaccine.

– There are immune system is weakened because:

  • HIV/AIDS or another disease affecting the immune system.
  • Use the drug affects the immune system, such as steroids, cancer medicine…

If is have mild illness, such as colds, you can still rabies vaccination. But if you suffer from moderate or severe illness should wait until recovery before administration of the vaccine. In cases were exposed to the virus rabies, you should injection vaccine treatment regardless are sick what.

Precautions rabies

What you should do to prevent rabies:

  • Awareness, advocacy for people bringing pet its rabies vaccination.
  • Report stray animals to the local health department or staff control animals.
  • Remind children not to touch or dogs, stray cats.
  • Teach children to stay away from the wild animals, such as cats, bats, raccoons, skunks, monkeys and foxes.

If you have suffered animal bites, especially it is a dog of unknown origin or wild animals:

  • Wash the area bitten with soap and water and bandage the bite with a clean bandage.
  • To right nearest hospital.
  • Call the local animal control to help find the animal had bitten her.

If you know the owner of the animal had bitten her, take all of its information, including status of vaccination, the name and address of the owner.

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