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Rabies can it be fixed?

Have you ever, or your relatives, is rabid dogs to bite yet? At that time you handle bite how to avoid the risk of rabies? Whether rabies be cured?

There are many questions are posed when the patient is infected with the virus rabies. To answer those issues, let Hello Doctor follow experts to learn what is rabies, how to prevent rabies and how to cure rabies.

The status of rabies today

Every 15 minutes there is one person died of rabies. This is the sad reality of the situation of rabies in the world today. Every year, rabies kills nearly 60,000 people, mostly children in developing countries.

In Vietnam, statistics from the beginning of 2019 to date, the country has 16 deaths because of rabies and on 170.765 the exposure must take vaccine for rabies. Earlier, in the year 2018, the country also has to 103 deaths because of rabies (an increase of 29 cases compared with the year 2017). The majority of rabies in Viet Nam is because dogs infected with rabies to bite, the majority of people is still subjective, as are pets in the home should not fully vaccinated.

More than 95% of cases infected with rabies in humans is caused by bites of rabid dogs. However, the disease can be removed if vaccinated promptly before the disease progresses to deteriorate. Whenever human being wild animals, or wild animals to bite, must immediately to the medical center closest to timely vaccination, cure, prevent death occurs. Best, need vaccinations for your pets to avoid infection from the latent stage in pet.

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Way aid right after animals suspected of rabies bite

After being rabies dog attack, the victim need to follow the following steps:

  • Hemostasis: Use gauze or a clean cloth, tie tightly or use hand pressed on the wound for several minutes to stop the bleeding out.
  • Clean the wound: Rinse the wound with clean water, mild soap, detergent, iodine Pididone or substances that kill viruses rabies in 15 minutes.
  • Collect information about animals: notify the local health department or agency or animal control about the whereabouts of the animals just attack people. If the animal is pet, please get contact information of the owner, bring animals that take the test now to see if it has virus infection rabies or not.
  • To the medical center, the hospital immediately: Don’t wait until symptoms appear new to see the doctor. If possible, please bring the animal has attacked you along to check out. You also need to check often if you’re in the area outbreaks, because so many likely you are bitten or scratched by animals infected with rabies without knowing it.

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Rabies can it be fixed?

To reply to the question: “rabies can it be fixed?”, let’s find out by way of treatment for patients with rabies out why.

If there is any risk of infection with rabies, the doctor will recommend treatment with a series of injections and different preventive treatment after exposure (PEP). Doctors will also ask patients injected with more globulin to increase the effect of vaccine against rabies. Therefore, the need to monitor health continuously for the duration of the treatment disease, don’t take the health of yourself. If you are pregnant, vaccination against rabies is safe for both mother and baby.

To prepare for the visits to the doctor and help the treatment to achieve the best results, you need to prepare information for a variety following questions:

  • Which animal bit you?
  • It is wild animal or pet?
  • If it is a pet, you know that animal belongs to anyone? It has been vaccinated yet?
  • You can describe the behavior of the animal before it bites you? Is it an animal was provoked before they bite people?

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Rabies vaccination in humans

Injectable vaccine for the prevention of rabies in humans

Vaccine rabies in humans are used to prevent before exposure. They are recommended for people who work in industry at high risk, such as laboratory staff handling rabies and the virus rabies, employees, control animal diseases and rangers, wild animals, people in direct contact with bats, carnivores or mammals.

Vaccination also is recommended for travelers to areas affected by rabies, the person intends to spend more time outdoors engaged in activities such as caving or mountain climbing.

Finally, vaccination should also be considered for children living in or visiting those areas at high risk. When playing with animals, they can bite.

Administration of the vaccine to treat rabies

If rabies symptoms start, there is no effective treatment. This is why the doctor focuses on the prevention and try to prevent the disease immediately after a person is exposed to.

Anyone who thinks they have been exposed to the virus of rabies must get medical care immediately. When infected with rabies, needs an injection of 2 types of this drug as soon as possible:

  • Globulin immune rabies: Provides immediate protection while the vaccine against rabies began operations.
  • Vaccine rabies: The infection will be administered 4 doses on days 0, 3, 7 and 14 (day 0 is the day of the first dose). Those who have a weakened immune system, an additional dose on day 28.

Injection vaccine for pet

In addition to the injectable vaccine for people infected with rabies, the eradication of rabies no infection on pets is the only way to terminate the transmission to person. As if all dogs are vaccinated with rabies, it will no longer virus rabies from dogs spread to more people.

Vaccination for dogs is unpopular method to control and eliminate rabies in the world. To this method being effective, must have up to 70% of dogs in the area have rabies to be fully vaccinated. So people need to raise awareness for each other, as well as participate in propaganda for people to understand and conduct vaccination dogs all over the place.

Prophylactic post-exposure (PEP)

Prophylactic post-exposure (PEP) is the method of immediate treatment for victims bitten after exposure to rabies. This method prevents the virus enters the system, central nervous system, causing death. PEP include:

  • Wash and topical treatment of wounds as soon as possible after the bite
  • Vaccine for rabies, strong and effective according to WHO criteria
  • Use immunoglobulin rabies (RIG) if indicated.

Immediate treatment after exposure to rabies can prevent the appearance of symptoms and mortality.

Rules of implementation PEP when is weeds

Depending on the severity of exposure to animal suspected of rabies, should use PEP as follows:

  • When the animal touches, licks on the skin does not cause abrasions: don’t need to take PEP
  • When the animal bites cause small scratches or abrasions without bleeding: Injection room immediately and treat the wound topically
  • Bites or scratches or many scratches: Vaccination immediately and use immunoglobulin rabies, attached is first aid wounds.

Need isolation animals just bite people to observe and check. The observation period is 10 days or while waiting for the test results. If you can’t catch and examine animals, then should complete a course of treatment, fully redundant.

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