Placebo effect: You can “fool” with placebo -

Placebo effect: You can “fool” with placebo

You can’t be prescribed by a doctor or pharmacist selling drugs to placebo but not noticing. This is a treatment solution according to the placebo effect relies on faith cure the disease that you can feel like you’re being… fool!

Placebo effect, also called the placebo effect which is very popular in the medical field. This is a term known as “things have no effect but to be effective, because you think it works”.

In theory, the placebo effect is applied by giving the patient the drugs, solvent infusion, or even surgeries… are “fake”. This means that the medical methods on does not have active activities or what impact to the physical nature of the disease.

May sound “vain” but this effect has been widely used in medical. So why the placebo effect can impact be so? You let Hello Doctor find out!

Placebo effect is what?

Placebo effect is a method of medical treatment designed to “fool” participants, clinical laboratory. This method does not contain any active ingredient but often still create physical effects for the individual. Placebo effect is a phenomenon hit on the psychological users according to the motto “the power of nonsense”.

Placebo has become an essential part of all clinical trials. Typically, to perform clinical trials need 2 group of people taking the drug and non-drug to compare the results. However, since discovered that just the simple act of taking a pill empty can create placebo effect, so now the test should have the participation of group 3rd. The participants in this group taking a pill with no active substances, for example sugar pill, such.

A drug in the accreditation process on the quality of only be approved when created effectively greater than placebo effect from the placebo pills.

Placebo effect has been proven to be create these physiological changes can be measured, such as increased heart rate or blood pressure. Some chronic diseases have shown a strong impact from the placebo effect such as depression, anxiety, irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), Parkinson’s disease and chronic pain.

The effect of “placebo”, depending on many factors, for example:

Are the capsules more potent effect than tablets

– Two pills works better a

– Pills are large in size to create greater effect

– Injections cause effects stronger than the tablets

– Drugs belonging to the major carriers or carriers from abroad will cause more potent effect

– Red pills, yellow and orange, cause effect, stimulating more powerful, while blue and green have an impact sedation better

Placebo effect is also different between cultures, for example in the treatment of gastric ulcers, this effect has low impact in Brazil, higher in Northern Europe and particularly in Germany.

Ways the impact of placebo effect

Placebo effect can impact on the psychology and physiology of the body. Research on the placebo effect focuses on the relationship of mind and body. One of the most popular of the placebo effect is due to the expectations of a person. If a person expect a pill have any effect, then the ability to the body’s chemistry can cause effects similar to what a drug can create.

In one study, participants were given a placebo and told that it is stimulant. After taking the drug, the result is heart rate and their blood pressure increases and the response speed is improved. Similarly, when the other object is for a drink with a pill and say that this is a drug that helps sleep, the result is that they easily sleep more.

Explain the science of placebo effect

The research has find out the results why many people drink only placebo pills which have such effect. Explain in a scientific way, the use of placebo was excited for the release of endorphins – natural painkiller of the body. Endorphins are structurally identical to morphine and the painkiller opiate to another.

This has been proven by scientists have tried for naloxone into the inside the placebo. Naloxone is a substance for shipping as a key impact of endorphins and opiates. The result is the effective impact of the placebo effect in placebo pill other has almost lost.

Placebo effect will have a more powerful effect for people with motivation and belief in treatment regimens or patient has ever been treated effectively ago.

Thus it can be seen, the effect placebo effect when in patients who have 2 factors that are expectations and conditions:

• Calculate the expectation: This is the expectations, hoping that the drug actually has good effects on the health and condition of them, the result is the body self respond to that and showed the positive effect from the placebo pills.

However, there is a condition can happen conversely, that is when the sick person does not expect the drug effect, or a fear of side effects that this can backfire and lead to the unwanted symptoms other. This is known as the nocebo. If the placebo effect increase in activity of the receptors for dopamine and opioids have a positive impact on physical illness and health, the effect nocebo reduces the activity of these receptors and backfire.

• Conditional: This element is the same as “conditioned reflexes”. If the last person who treated patients in environmental medicine good, including doctors, drug treatment good help from the patient, the next time the disease will have impact effect of treatment, this disease help. Besides, sick people think that is to use “real drugs”, neurology brain will function by creating endorphin to reduce pain symptoms and improve the disease.

Placebo effect no effect treatment end point disease, which can only improve symptoms or health status at the specific level.

Placebo effect can breach ethics?

When applying this method, which means doctors are “fool” patients, whether the drug has a positive effect on matter. Besides, the prescription drugs placebo to appease the symptoms, the patient can make the correct diagnosis about a serious illness may be delayed, for the disease has time progresses more severe. Doctors and pharmacists also have the ability to fraud in the cost of drug treatment.

Placebo effect if applied to the right situation, the right way and have the desired effect is still considered the treatments effective.

Currently still much debate about the application of this effect, although actual results that it has brought how more. For example, in the treatment of some patients with minor burns, opioid analgesics are not always can be used because it can cause respiratory failure. In this case, an injection of salt water is given under the guise strong painkillers are already can do improve pain symptoms of the patient.

Robert Buckman (English), doctor in clinical oncology and professor of medicine, has concluded that: “placebo Effect is the method of special treatment seems to have effect on almost every symptom that human know to and operate in at least 30% of patients, and sometimes up to 60%. Drug-placebo does not cause serious side effects as well as overdose. This is considered to be effective drugs, safe and most inexpensive in the pharmacopoeia of the world“.

Placebo effect has been proven through many clinical trials fact, this is considered the method of treatment of positive psychological change that somewhat to the way orthodox treatment. However, you also need to awake when arbitrarily buy drugs for can delay the time to cure the disease without knowing so used to placebo, you know!

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