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Pillowcases silk: Recipes to help you sleep soundly and beauty

Pillowcases silk not only makes your bedroom more luxurious, but also brings many benefits for health and beauty. You know, pillow cover, silk can help you sleep, prevent acne and reduce matted hair?

Everyone knows that a good night’s sleep will help improve your health. But, you know, the pillow cover also can as recipes to help the skin radiant, smooth and hair bobbing the next morning or not?

A number of studies suggest that pillowcases silk is beauty secrets that any woman also must own. Let’s explore viewing material this fabric can bring difference to your skin and your hair not me!

Shell silk pillows help you sleep

In addition to a mattress, well then you should also invest for a pillow has good elasticity and shell material pillow ventilated. Silk fabric soft, airy, will bring you a deep sleep and comfortable. Pillow cover in silk has elegant colors will make your bedroom become more fresh, bring feeling of relaxation, helping you to fall asleep more.

The outstanding advantage of pillowcases silk is not faded in color, less wrinkles, easy to wash, so you can clean the pillows regularly to help pillow stay clean. Then, you will be feeling more comfortable on the bed with his sleeping.

Pillow cover silk material, cool, soft help you to fall asleep and sleep more deeply every night.

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Shell silk pillows help you prevent acne

Texture smooth of the silk fabric really has a good effect for your skin, especially for those who suffer from acne. A clinical trial recently showed that those who sleep on pillowcases silk will reduce pimples significantly compared with those who sleep on pillow cases cotton usually.

Shell silk pillows have great benefits for the treatment of acne for smooth surfaces smooth and clean. When exposed to your skin, high quality silk fabric will minimize the rubbing on the cheeks of people with acne and sensitive skin, instead of pillow cover, cotton rough and grainy over.

The friction from cotton material with skin, causing you to pimples or make acne condition worse. Not only that, cotton was sucked away lot of the natural oil of the skin, and dirt accumulation, easy to cause the inflammation.

Pillowcases silk absorbs less moisture and dirt so will be a great choice for those who suffer from acne, especially if you or recumbent or prone position.

Shell silk pillows help you reduce matted hair

Other types of pillows often fiber fabric, when you put his head on the pillow will create friction causing hair hurt. So, after waking up in the morning, you will have the feeling of the hair no longer is slick, easy to bent and fraying visibly. This will be the time you need to the shell silk pillows.

Pillowcases gụa will at least cause the rubbing for hair to avoid matted hair and hold fine hair is longer. Pillowcases silk the silk fibers with similar structure as the fiber hair is very soft smooth will help keep the hair shiny and silky soft.

Pillowcases silk does not irritate the hair, helps keep hair is shiny, soft, smooth even when you have pillow head all night.

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When choosing pillow cases made of silk, you should also see the reviews or comments from former clients. Because several companies can advertise silk brand, but the product is not the true silk or high quality guarantee.

Shell material pillow not only helps you sleep but also reduce acne, help the skin look young and hair full of life than. You invest yourself to a pillow cover, silk not to miss the benefits very good for sleep and the beauty of it!

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