Physical weakness: Cure soon for you to enjoy life! -

Physical weakness: Cure soon for you to enjoy life!

Work stress can make you often tired, or sick, classifieds and languid all day? It can be the alarming sign that you are falling into a state of physical weakness and know.

Debilitating condition body will make you feel disease-ridden and almost no little energy for any activity other. Don’t let weakness, heavy body, because you will encounter many dangerous complications unexpected. You learn body breakdown what is and how to treat this disease how to soon return to a normal life routine, okay.

Body weakness is what?

Body weakness is the condition prolonged fatigue often makes you feel exhausted, no energy for any activity whatsoever. Fatigue makes physical health and your mental exhaustion and whatever was resting but you’ll also not feel better.

Some people are prone to physical weakness than you, belonging to the group as below:

• People or sick classifieds: If sick often, you will see his body depleted gradually over time. His condition is weak, will make you feel anorexia, no appetite, cannot absorb the nutrition from food…

• People who work too much: People who work too much will cause the energy in the body expend more. Condition diet lack of physical and rest time is not reasonable will lead to body breakdown.

• Frail elderly: older people often have psychological dieting to the prevention of disease. However, the fasting excessive will cause high and lead to physical weakness in the elderly weak.

• The new surgery: During surgery, the body susceptible to anemia and consume more energy. Then, the patient will fall into a state of weakness if the body is not provided adequate nutrition to recover.

Signs of physical weakness

You need to get clear the alarm indication indicates the body are now in dangerous condition in need of attention from an early age as:

Body aches often: the state of stress will increase the pain throughout her whole body, causing you to lazily all day. Whether resting after that you still feel aches and pains quickly back to his prompting more and more tired.

• Disease: If you find yourself frequently suffering from the disease such as flu or cold then this can be signs of decreased immunity. Debilitating condition body also easy to cause the inflammation, making the body become weaker.

• Appearance of skin problems: Body is debilitated will make the skin not provided enough minerals and vitamins from the inside. The consequence is that the skin will rapidly aging, appears more wrinkles or become pale pale.

• Persistent insomnia: tired Body will sleep is interrupted or that you suffer from insomnia frequently. When her energy levels in the body will decline significantly because there is no time to recover.

• Having more digestive problems: The coordination of activities between the parts of the digestive system is up will cause food not to be absorbed properly. Then, you will encounter a number of problems related to digestion such as constipation, diarrhea, abdominal distention, bloating…

• Weight loss no control over: When to see the body lose weight too quickly, this will be the sign of debilitating body serious. You will feel tired, loss of appetite, lack of appetite, or even do not want to see food. Nutrition in the body when not enough will cause you to become pale and lifeless.

• Feelings of exhaustion: the Body needs energy to maintain activity, muscles need energy to grow and brain need energy to operate thinking. Debilitating condition body stretching will leave you feeling exhausted, shortness of breath, dizziness, vertigo, numb limbs…

Causes physical weakness

You should soon get to know the causes of physical weakness to find a way to cure disease from the root, avoid to condition cause prolonged fatigue. Some frequent causes are usually:

1. Type 2 diabetes

Type 2 diabetes or diabetes non insulin dependent diabetes is the most common form of diabetes. When your body does not produce enough amount of insulin or use insulin properly. 90% to 95% of diabetics are suffering from type 2 diabetes. People with type 2 diabetes will feel tired, listless, or thirsty, hunger, increased urination, weight loss suddenly…

2. Anemia

Anemia manifested through a series of symptoms such as fatigue, headache, irritability, chills… Especially in women, anemia is common cause cause fatigue, physical weakness after birth. Not only that, women have menstrual cycle prolonged, suffering from uterine fibroids or uterine polyps will cause anemia becomes more severe.

3. Depression

Depression or anxiety disorder can the risk cause the body to become tired, aggravated. Women after having a baby often have a higher risk of postpartum depression. Depression will make you depressed, listless all day, eat more or less than usual, sleep disorder, the same debilitating symptoms as he box, worry, heart beats quick, sweating more…

4. Muscle pain, fibrosis

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Muscle pain, fibrosis is one of the more common causes that cause chronic fatigue and musculoskeletal pain joints, especially in women. Those who suffer from muscle pain, fibrosis often encounter problems such as fatigue, influence sleep, memory and mood. A number of factors can be potential causes of fibromyalgia chemical such as genetics, infections, physical trauma, or psychological…

5. Rheumatoid arthritis

Rheumatoid arthritis can affect daily routine such as write, open bottles, wear clothes or carry items. Inflammation of the ankle joint, knee joint or joints of the feet may cause difficulty for you when standing and crouching. Arthritis in a long time will make the body like no strength.

6. Sleep disorders

You will meet a number of common signs such as difficulty falling asleep, sleep less, sleep not sleep, or wake up middle of the night… These symptoms will make the body tired in the daytime and leads to movement disorders such as drops or falls.

The sleep disorder which has sleep apnea will lead to a decrease in the amount of oxygen available in the blood. This causes severe impact on cardiovascular function and the brain, gradually causing the body weak, heavy.

How to cure body weakness

Debilitating condition will cause you many difficulties in living, affecting work and life. So, you find a way to adjust the lifestyle or thanks to the intervention from the therapist to choose the cure for the debilitating fit body.

1. Physical activity

The motor body when the person is no longer any strength that does not sound reasonable. But, the movements gentle relaxation will help to improve cardiovascular health, lungs, muscles… Though maybe you didn’t want to step foot out of the room, but try to sit up, move the limbs gently to the blood is circulated.

Pay attention breathe to relieve stress and unleash the thoughts from the pressures everyday. You can also gently massage the limbs, back or the knee joints to loosen up the whole body.

2. Nutritional supplements

Dishes for people who suffer from debilitating the body is very necessary to the body to quickly regain energy. You please try to reference some dish suggestions as below to quickly regain energy:

  • Porridge, red bean
  • Porridge black bean with lotus seeds
  • Quail porridge, black sesame
  • Goat meat stewed with ginger
  • Carp, steamed
  • Stewed chicken soup with huang qi
  • Up, lotus seeds, pig’s heart
  • Up corn stewed pork leg
  • Clam chowder carrot and red beans

3. Disease treatment

As soon as feel the first signs that the body is debilitating, you need to soon to see a specialist to diagnose the cause of the disease. Your doctor is the one who will help you to determine the exact cause of your body fatigue, weakness and bring out the treatment plan best suited.

When the body is weakened, you spend a lot more time to rest and nourish the body with delicious food and don’t forget the motor gently to the blood circulation. However, if the condition is not better than you go early to the hospitals to diagnose the disease.

Physical weakness will not be so worrying if you have the timely change in lifestyle as well as find a way to treat the cause disease. You get early attention to these abnormalities are warning signs the body is debilitating to cure soon and enjoy the new day full of energy, okay.

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